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Lebanon Crisis July 2006

Total Humanitarian Funding

A. List of all humanitarian pledges, commitments & contributions in 2006     
B. Total Humanitarian Funding per Donor in 2006     

Flash Appeal: Lebanon Crisis 2006
NOTE: Large reconstruction pledges have been made for Lebanon, principally at the Stockhom donor conference on August 31, 2006. These pledges are not counted in the FTS database, as they go beyond the humanitarian phase. However, a table of Stockholm pledges is attached here for reference.

C. Requirements and Funding per Appealing Organization     
D. Requirements and Funding per Sector     
E. List of Appeal Projects (grouped by sector), with funding status of each     
F. List of Commitments/Contributions and pledges to projects in the Appeal     
G. Total Funding per Donor (to projects listed in the Appeal)     
H. Other Humanitarian Funding (to projects not listed in the Appeal)     
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Stockholm report   

Total Funding to the Emergency:
Lebanon Crisis July 2006

Funding: 528 million USD
Pledges: 539 million USD
includes funding to the inter-agency plan
Lebanon Crisis 2006
(Flash appeal)


Requested: 97 million USD
Funding: 119 million USD
Coverage: 123.2%
Pledges: 30 million USD
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