Humanitarian aid contributions

2018 Regional Refugee Response Plans:  Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan 2018, Democratic Republic of Congo Regional Refugee Response Plan 2018Nigeria Regional Refugee Response Plan 2018, South Sudan Regional Refugee Response Plan 2018

Please note that the above map does not feature regional response plans or regional emergencies.

Syria Crisis 2018: Syria crisis 2018 - funding overview

Funding for 2018 from top 10 donors globally

DonorFunding (US$m)% as a share of global funding
United States of America, Government of7,123.030.4%
European Commission2,352.310.1%
Germany, Government of2,042.08.7%
United Kingdom, Government of1,771.27.6%
United Arab Emirates, Government of1,652.07.1%
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of), Government of1,060.94.5%
European Commission - EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey806.23.4%
Canada, Government of648.52.8%
Sweden, Government of624.72.7%
Norway, Government of607.52.6%

Funding progress on 2018 appeals

US$24.93bn requested

US$14.66bn funded

US$10.27bn still needed

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Reporting on humanitarian aid

FTS is a centralized source of curated, continuously updated, fully downloadable data and information on humanitarian funding flows. Government donors, UN-administered funds, UN agencies, NGOs and other humanitarian actors and partners exchange data and information with FTS in order to provide:

  • visibility of their financial contributions to humanitarian activities
  • a timely and continuously updated picture of funding flows between donors (government and private) and operational humanitarian actors (UN agencies, the Red Cross Movement, NGOs and CSOs)
  • timely monitoring of funding progress against humanitarian response plan (HRP) and appeal requirements.

FTS is managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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