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Filtered current requirements: US$38,402,849
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HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171066-1 Improved Child Protection and MHPSS service provision for Women, Children and families affected by conflict-related violence and GBV in Area C of the West Bank War Child Holland Protection 800,274 635,000 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171260-1 Integrated psychosocial support and child protection services for the most affected boys and girls in Gaza, especially those impacted by COVID-19 and its repercussions on families in Gaza United Nations Children's Fund Protection 1,568,777 1,011,023 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171304-1 Protection and prevention services to the most vulnerable children (boys and girls) in the West Bank, and documentation of protection incidents in Israel and the State of Palestine United Nations Children's Fund Protection 284,000 1,971,784 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171391-1 Increase preparedness and improve response for affected women and children from C19 at Quarantine Centers and home quarantine in the Gaza Strip. Save the Children Protection 547,753 1,100,110 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171116-1 Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence within COVID-19 impact on women and girls in Gaza Strip United Nations Population Fund Protection 860,000 2,017,968 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171609-1 Improved protection mechanisms for most vulnerable groups in the West Bank and Gaza through increased access and quality mental health and psychosocial services with comprehensive and gender sensitive approach Médicos del Mundo Spain Protection 490,000 155,958 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171139-1 Mitigation of Threat Posed by the Presence of Explosives in Palestine United Nations Mine Action Service Protection 1,281,697 483,909 0
HPSE21-SHL;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171127-1 Protection of Palestine Refugees Affected by Armed Conflict and Forced Displacement in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection | Shelter and NFI Cluster 2,659,113 1,287,348 0
HPSE21-EDU;FSC;WSH;SHL;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171308-1 Prevention of the forcible transfer of Palestinians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem through humanitarian assistance and evidence-based advocacy Norwegian Refugee Council Protection | Food Security | Education | WASH | Shelter and NFI Cluster 9,893,690 8,468,293 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171591-1 Strengthening Protection Interventions in Support of the Most Vulnerable in Gaza United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 188,173 99,856 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171006-1 Responding to Humanitarian Needs of GBV in East Jerusalem and Area C United Nations Population Fund Protection 723,600 165,730 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170929-1 Conflict Preparedness and Protection Risk Education for At-Risk Communities in the Gaza Strip Norwegian People's Aid Protection 315,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171587-1 Defending Human Rights Defenders and Organizations in the OPT ACT Alliance / Dan Church Aid - Norwegian Church Aid Joint office in Palestine Protection 316,677 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171596-1 Defending women’s rights in the Gaza Strip Palestinian Center for Human Rights Protection 100,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170980-1 Enable specialized Child Protection and GBV mechanisms at vulnerable communities in Jerusalem, H2 and Area C. Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Protection 396,800 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170949-1 Enhance the protection of vulnerable communities affected by conflict related violence and COVID-19 pandemic in the North-West Bank and Ramallah Governorate through MHPSS and advocacy actions. Médecins du Monde Protection 522,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171316-1 Enhancing access to protection services for vulnerable children and their families in the Gaza Strip Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Protection 350,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171493-1 Enhancing Protection Services Southern Gaza Strip Union of Health Work Committees Protection 259,092 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171545-1 Gender Responsive and multi-sectoral services for COVID-19 and conflict affected women and girls in the Gaza Strip UN Women Protection 1,175,472 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171124-1 Improved protection and psychosocial wellbeing for most vulnerable boys and girls in the Gaza Strip affected by conflict-related violence War Child Holland Protection 501,265 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171140-1 Improved protection response for GBV survivors in Gaza and West Bank Alianza por la Solidaridad Protection 843,848 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171577-1 Improving the Psychosocial Resilience of Children with and without Disabilities Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children Protection 364,940 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171575-1 Inclusion of Women & Girls with Disabilities in the field of GBV - Hemaya III Stars of Hope Society for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities Protection 341,350 0 0
HPSE21-FSC;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171022-1 Increased Food security and Protection for vulnerable households in the Gaza Strip through cash and protection assistance Action Against Hunger Protection | Food Security 1,384,216 0 0
HPSE21-HEA;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171475-1 Increase the access to Sexual Reproductive Health service and the reduction of gender inequalities in Palestine through effective access to SRH service Médecins du Monde Protection | Health 684,376 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170985-1 Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to protect the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 3,000,000 0 0
HPSE21-FSC;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170926-1 Integrated Protection Approach Addressing the Humanitarian Needs of GBV/SGBV survivors Norwegian People's Aid Protection | Food Security 895,616 0 0
HPSE21-WSH;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171423-1 Integrated WASH-GBV response in the Gaza Strip ACT Alliance / Dan Church Aid - Norwegian Church Aid Joint office in Palestine Protection | WASH 537,891 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171185-1 Mental Health Care and Psycho-social Support Services for the Most Vulnerable Women and Girls and their Families in Gaza Strip AISHA Association for Woman and Child Protection Protection 254,132 0 0
HPSE21-EDU;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170983-1 MHPSS, Child Protection and educational intervention to prevent and mitigate the impact of conflict related violence including PwDs in East Jerusalem, Areas B, C and H2 area of Hebron. Médecins du Monde Suisse Protection | Education 348,435 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171359-1 Multisectoral Responses to Women and Girls with Disabilities in all their Diversity in the Gaza Strip UN Women Protection 645,831 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170988-1 Multi-Sectoral Services for the Most Vulnerable Women and Girls GBV Survivors and GBV Survivors with Cancer Across Gaza Strip Women's Affairs Center Protection 390,051 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171212-1 Multi-sectoral services for vulnerable women and girls in COVID-19 response” Center for Women’s Legal Research and Consulting Protection 224,411 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171166-1 Organised Local Response Program - Protection Asamblea De Cooperacion Por La Paz Protection 616,372 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171155-1 Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence and Violence against Children among Palestine Refugees in the context of COVID-19 United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 361,322 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-159256-1 promotion of comprehensive and digital coordinated services for Vulnerable women and children from COVID-19 in Gaza Strip. Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care Protection 200,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-170898-1 Protection and promotion of the rights and durable solutions for Palestinians in Gaza Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 500,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171473-1 Protection and Support of FHHS With Disabilities and Survivors of Cancer Subjected to GBV through Multisectoral Responses AISHA Association for Woman and Child Protection Protection 409,798 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171318-1 Protection for Children Affected by Conflict-Related Violence in Area C Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Protection 65,125 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171517-1 Protection of human rights through monitoring and documentation, legal interventions, and legal awareness Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Protection 187,000 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171550-1 Protective presence and documentation of IHL & IHRL violations by EAPPI ACT Alliance / Dan Church Aid - Norwegian Church Aid Joint office in Palestine Protection 1,213,778 0 0
HPSE21-EDU;FSC;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171437-1 Provision of multi-sectorial protection services for children victims of child labour and school drop out in the Gaza Strip Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Protection | Food Security | Education 480,000 0 0
HPSE21-HEA;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171082-1 Provision of specialized mental health services to vulnerable girls, boys, women and men affected by the context of violence in the Gaza Strip Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Protection | Health 369,260 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171085-1 Psychosocial and Legal Support for Vulnerable Women in remote Areas in Hebron Governorate Union of Palestinian Women Committees Protection 147,600 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171408-1 Rehabilitation and reintegration within their families and communities of Palestinian child ex-detainees in the West Bank and East Jerusalem Save the Children Protection 547,753 0 0
HPSE21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-MIN|PRO-171431-1 Supported community-based awareness on settler violence and related military operations in Area C Première Urgence Internationale Protection 156,361 0 0

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