Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2021



Total incoming funding: US$2,198,397
Filtered original requirements: US$7,215,521
Filtered current requirements: US$7,215,521
Coverage: 30.5%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
HUKR21-CSS-171952-1 Information management and pilot capacity building for evidence-based, sustainable response in Eastern Ukraine Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Coordination and common services 763,516 300,614 0
HUKR21-CSS-171944-1 Humanitarian Coordination and Common Services Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Coordination and common services 4,298,715 1,719,424 0
HUKR21-CSS-171861-1 Supporting the humanitarian community in Ukraine in fulfilling their own mandates through the provision of essential humanitarian access, security coordination and information services including flash reporting, periodic analysis and briefings, safety related statistics, immediate expertise, and crisis management assistance. International NGO Safety Organisation Coordination and common services 414,540 178,359 0
HUKR21-CSS-171954-1 Enhancing National Monitoring System (NMS) on Situation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ukraine International Organization for Migration Coordination and common services 1,738,750 0 0