Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Joint Response Plan 2021



Total incoming funding: US$158,477,091
Filtered original requirements: US$247,209,377
Filtered current requirements: US$247,209,377
Coverage: 64.1%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
RBGD21-FSC-173172-1 Enhance food security through the delivery of an integrated assistance package for refugee and host community populations in Cox's Bazar World Food Programme Food Security 192,662,961 149,519,655 0
RBGD21-FSC-173443-1 Enhancing conditions for economic inclusion, sustainable incomes and livelihoods and well-being for refugees and affected populations in Cox’s Bazar International Organization for Migration Food Security 5,200,000 4,951,572 0
RBGD21-FSC-172596-1 Strengthening Food Security and Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in Cox’s Bazar through Improved Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Food Security 7,205,427 832,342 0
RBGD21-FSC-173248-1 Self-reliance through ensuring food security and addressing vulnerability of the affected host and Rohingya community with emphasis on restoration of fragile environment BRAC Food Security 7,291,135 2,172,227 0
RBGD21-FSC-173342-1 Improvement of livelihoods of the crises affected vulnerable host communities through integrated livelihoods supports International Rescue Committee Food Security 1,185,868 434,861 0
RBGD21-FSC-173148-1 Humanitarian Assistance for Rohingya Refugees in Camps and Livelihood Recovery Support for Affected Host Community in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Action Against Hunger Food Security 4,945,506 566,434 0
RBGD21-FSC-173284-1 Building Disaster Resiliency and Social Cohesion through Inclusive, Innovative Livelihoods in Cox's Bazar Relief International Food Security 1,066,652 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173317-1 Building resilience and self-reliance of Rohingya refugee women and adolescent girls and livelihoods opportunities for host community women and adolescent girls UN Women Food Security 782,328 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173459-1 Creating access to livelihoods and self-reliance opportunities for the Rohingya refugees and host communities in Cox's Bazar Save the Children Food Security 1,678,854 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173287-1 Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihood (EFSVL) Rohingya Response Programme in Cox’s Bazar OXFAM GB Food Security 6,277,214 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173418-1 Enhance the food security and livelihood of the affected Rohingya refugees and affected host community in Cox's Bazar. Mukti Cox's Bazar Food Security 2,034,253 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-172904-1 Enhancing food security; Self-reliance & Livelihoods of the refugees and the host communities. Faith in Action Food Security 686,000 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173471-1 Enhancing livelihood skill & opportunities for vulnerable Men and Women in Refugee and Host community Friends in Village Development Bangladesh Food Security 1,535,877 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173154-1 Enhancing self-reliance and resilience of host communities and Rohingya refugees in Teknaf, Cox's Bazar Solidarités International Food Security 1,523,700 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173193-1 Humanitarian assistance and resilience building for the Rohingya and the host community ACT Alliance / DanChurchAid Food Security 670,938 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173283-1 Improving nutrition and environment in the Rohingya Camps with Vegetable Gardening HEKS - Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz Food Security 165,693 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173164-1 Improving self-reliance and livelihood opportunities of the host and refugee communities to promote peaceful coexistence United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Food Security 5,093,503 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173510-1 Improving Sustainable Food Security for Rohingya and Host Community COAST Trust Food Security 815,000 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173145-1 Improving the protective environment for self-reliance of affected population in Rohingya refugee camp and Host communities in Cox's Bazar. Danish Refugee Council Food Security 876,616 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-171909-1 Integrated Emergency Humanitarian Response to the Rohingya and Host Community Population in Cox’s Bazar ACT Alliance / Christian Aid Food Security 1,830,000 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173381-1 Lifesaving Support to Most Vulnerable Host Communities and Rohingya Refugees in Teknaf and Ukhiya Upozilla of Cox's Bazar District. World Vision Bangladesh Food Security 2,222,655 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173520-1 Multi-purpose cash grant to mitigate the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic Caritas Bangladesh Food Security 352,077 0 0
RBGD21-FSC-173478-1 Rohingya Crisis: Enhancing Food Security, Self Reliance and Livelihoods Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Food Security 1,107,120 0 0