Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Joint Response Plan 2021


Total incoming funding: US$9,660,485
Filtered original requirements: US$111,987,367
Filtered current requirements: US$111,987,367
Coverage: 8.6%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
RBGD21-SHL-173408-1 Comprehensive Shelter and NFI Support for Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Cox's Bazar International Organization for Migration Shelter/Non-Food Items 45,979,507 7,305,883 0
RBGD21-SHL-173246-1 Provision of safe, secure and dignified shelter and sustainable solar energy support to Rohingya refugees and crisis-affected host communities in Teknaf Upazilla, Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh. Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/Non-Food Items 2,000,000 358,466 0
RBGD21-SHL-173411-1 Shelter / NFI Support to Rohingya Refugees Association For Mass Advancement Network Shelter/Non-Food Items 888,248 398,136 0
RBGD21-SHL-173187-1 Improvement of living conditions, social cohesion, enhancement of resilience to new arrivals, refugees in the camps and host communities through provision of lifesaving shelter and NFIs United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Shelter/Non-Food Items 47,250,000 1,598,000 0
RBGD21-SHL-173279-1 Assistnace of shelter and non food items for the Rohingya refugess and surrounding host communities in Cox's Bazar District BRAC Shelter/Non-Food Items 7,609,163 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173301-1 Ensuring safe and dignified shelter for rohingya families in camp HEKS - Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz Shelter/Non-Food Items 495,465 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173383-1 Improve the living conditions for the Rohingya refugees and host community to ensure safety and dignity Caritas Bangladesh Shelter/Non-Food Items 5,009,441 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173389-1 LPG Distribution for Rohingya Refugees in Camp 8W Help The Needy Shelter/Non-Food Items 746,872 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173326-1 NFI: LPG assistance to Rohingya Refugees and HC under the multisectoral project “Humanitarian assistance in the sectors of Protection, WASH, Shelter/NFI as well as Site Management and Site Development for Rohingya and host communities in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh”. Nabolok Shelter/Non-Food Items 573,707 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173447-1 Providing transitional shelter assistance (TSA II) to the Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar Save the Children Shelter/Non-Food Items 286,530 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173262-1 Shelter and NFI assistance for Rohingya Refugees in Cox's Bazar Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh Shelter/Non-Food Items 160,775 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173330-1 Shelter Assistance for Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong/Balukhali Mega Camp (8E and 12) World Concern Development Organization Shelter/Non-Food Items 121,634 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173401-1 Shelter / NFI Support to the Rohingya Refugees living in the camps in the makeshifts shelters and Host Community living close to the camps in Cox's Bazar. Narkata Zheri Ekata Mohila Samiti Shelter/Non-Food Items 558,025 0 0
RBGD21-SHL-173286-1 Supporting Refugees in Rohingya camp 10 with regular and emergency shelter assisstance Reaching People in Need Shelter/Non-Food Items 308,000 0 0