Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Joint Response Plan 2021


Total incoming funding: US$4,332,856
Filtered original requirements: US$9,999,679
Filtered current requirements: US$9,999,679
Coverage: 43.3%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
RBGD21-CSSCC-173451-1 Improving Community Engagement, Accountability, and Understanding through community-led approaches International Organization for Migration Communication with Communities 2,307,238 1,366,389 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173296-1 Enhanced and tailor-made community engagement and strengthened accountability to the affected people in Cox's Bazar including in the Rohingya camps. United Nations Children's Fund Communication with Communities 2,597,516 2,966,467 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173282-1 Addressing Covid-19 and social concerns through joint engagement of Rohingya and Host community stakeholders BRAC Communication with Communities 965,811 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173355-1 Communication with Communities (CwC) initiative as part of integrated Humanitarian Aid for Refugee and Host Communities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Action Against Hunger Communication with Communities 2,041,102 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173420-1 Comprehensive technical support for, and direct delivery of, community engagement and accountability services in Health, Nutrition and Livelihood, and Protection services for Rohingya Refugees and vulnerable host communites in Cox's Bazar. International Rescue Committee Communication with Communities 1,206,737 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173190-1 Effective Community engagement to enhance Programme quality and Accountability to the affected populations in Rohingya response ACT Alliance / Christian Aid Communication with Communities 148,000 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173299-1 Enhancing CWC for sustained community engagement in WASH & COVID-19 response in refugee camps and host communities OXFAM GB Communication with Communities 155,576 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173462-1 Ensuring improved information provision, community participation and accountability to affected population in camps and host community Association For Mass Advancement Network Communication with Communities 164,550 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173291-1 Improving Refugee and Host Community Resourcefulness, Resilience and Social Harmony Through Information HEKS - Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz Communication with Communities 306,359 0 0
RBGD21-CSSCC-173435-1 Response to COVID-19 and Other Key Humanitarian Concerns Increasing Access to Communication with Community in Camp and Host Community Rehabilitation Centre for Prostitutes And Rootless Children Communication with Communities 106,790 0 0