Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan 2021



Total incoming funding: US$5,387,625
Filtered original requirements: US$73,251,706
Filtered current requirements: US$73,251,706
Coverage: 7.4%
Total pledges: US$0
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HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174982-1 Strengthening Provision of Integrated Prevention and Response Services to address SGBV related Prevention, Protection, Health care and Psychosocial Needs of Vulnerable Population in Emergencies and Humanitarian Crisis High Risk Areas of Pakistan World Health Organization Protection 2,000,000 2,300,000 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174007-1 Support for voluntary repatriation of Undocumented Afghans International Organization for Migration Protection 40,000,000 1,162,791 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-175046-1 Improvement of effectiveness of Sexual and Gender Based Violence prevention and response services and mechanisms in emergency affected areas of Pakistan United Nations Population Fund Protection 3,155,000 659,338 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174554-1 Children (girls and boys) and their families affected by disaster are protected against violence, abuse, exploitation, discrimination and other violations of their rights. United Nations Children's Fund Protection 9,887,364 1,265,496 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174515-1 Act to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (APVAW) International Rescue Committee Protection 1,113,694 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174397-1 Building resilient communities through women’s economic empowerment UN Women Protection 1,595,982 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174603-1 Community Based Child Protection Sustainable Peace and Development Organization Protection 331,410 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174948-1 Community based Mental and Psychosocial Support Services Khwendo Kor Protection 222,050 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174976-1 Creating Pathways for Employment and Business Start-up Khwendo Kor Protection 262,132 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173829-1 Enhance protection of vulnerable children (refugees, migrants, TDPs, people of concern, host population) and ensure their access to available services Pakistan Village Development Program Protection 41,983 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174889-1 Ensuring Social Protection to Street Children in District Dadu Sindh Nari Development Organization Protection 50,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174437-1 Establishment of GBV Early Warning System at Mirpurkhas Division Sindh Pakistan Civil Society Support Program Protection 134,735 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173851-1 GBV prevention & psychosocial support services for Women in district Charsadda & Mardan Sarhad Rural Support Programme Protection 448,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174492-1 GBV Prevention, Support to GBV Survivors and Strengthening Child Protection in District Dadu and Ghotki of Sindh Province in Pakistan Rural Education and Economic Development Society Protection 159,995 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173553-1 Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response services for women and girls in Sindh Sami Foundation Protection 493,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174376-1 Generating Resilience through Advocacy and Community Empowerment (GRACE) Development and Empowerment Society Protection 100,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173394-1 Humjolian (Peers)- Referral pathways of support for Gender Based Violence and Sexual Reproductive Health Shirkat Gah Protection 247,160 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174027-1 Identification and Redressal of GBV through Community-based Approaches and Providing Livelihood Opportunities to GBV Survivors in Balochistan Balochistan Rural Support Programme Protection 660,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173516-1 Improved protection, mental, well-being and resiliency of vulnerable children (boys and girls) Save the Children Protection 315,377 0 0
HPAK21-WSH;FSC;SHL;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174413-1 Integrated Multi-Sector Humanitarian Assistance for Flood Affectees in Sindh Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Protection | Shelter | Food Security | WASH 1,155,738 0 0
HPAK21-WSH;FSC;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174425-1 Livelihood Restoration, WASH and Protection Assistance for vulnerable communities in KP Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Protection | Food Security | WASH 815,266 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174535-1 Local Action for Inclusion and Non-violence Khwendo Kor Protection 251,647 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174074-1 Preventing the Women and Girls of GBV survivors in Covid -19 crises in District Khairpur Mirs, Sindh Pakistan Insan Dost Welfare Society Protection 95,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174494-1 Prevention and redressal of GBV through community based mechanisms Pak Women Protection 80,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174448-1 Prevention, Protection & provision of psychosocial support & Protective services for SGBV, Child Abuse, Violence, Exploitation& neglect survivors in focused districts of Balochistan Danesh Organization Protection 393,131 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174505-1 Prevent, protect and respond to sexual/GBV issues and cases in District Sajawal Sindh CARE International Protection 139,571 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174396-1 Prevent, protect and respond to sexual/GBV issues and cases in District Thatta Sindh CARE International Protection 139,498 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174450-1 Prevent, protect and respond to sexual/GBV issues and cases in District Umerkot Sindh CARE International Protection 139,571 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174506-1 Promote protective and stimulating environment for children and their families International Rescue Committee Protection 1,114,318 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174208-1 Protecting Children Against Negligence And Harmful Practices (PANAH) in North Waziristan Islamic Relief Pakistan Protection 300,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174428-1 Protecting Girls Against Child Marriage through Integrated Social Interventions in Sindh Sindh Community Foundation Protection 88,250 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173716-1 Protecting Rights of Vulnerable People in Emergencies through Integrated Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Interventions in High Risk Areas of Pakistan World Health Organization Protection 500,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173691-1 Protection of Children from Violence, Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect (PC-VEAN) Center of Excellence for Rural Development Protection 415,066 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173814-1 Protection of Children from Violence, Exploitation, Neglect and Abuse through Establishing Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms in target Jhang and Rajanpur Districts of Punjab OCHA NGO Funds Protection 300,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173801-1 Protection of children (girls and boys) through child protection services in District Peshawar Peace and Development Organization Protection 250,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174438-1 Protection of Vulnerable Population from Exploitation and Abuse during COVID-19 response in District Swat The Awakening Protection 44,139 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174956-1 Protection of vulnerable returnees of district South Waziristan Health Education and Development Society Protection 350,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174348-1 Protective Services for girls, boys and women affected by disasters Shifa Foundation Protection 265,901 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174445-1 Provision of specialized services for older people and persons with disabilities including Pysiotherapy, age assitive technology and inclusion in emergency response in FR Peshawar and FR Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Pakistan HelpAge International Protection 200,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174270-1 Psycho-social support to GBV survivors Women Health Action Agency Protection 90,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174453-1 Public Awareness, sensitization and Livelihood Support To Decrease Gender Based Violence In District (Washuk, Awaran &Kharan) Human Organization for Peaceful Environment Protection 60,000 0 0
HPAK21-WSH;FSC;PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174989-1 Resilient Action for Inclusive Rehabilitation (RAIR) Islamic Relief Pakistan Protection | Food Security | WASH 1,797,091 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174172-1 Safeguarding Children through Protection Mechanisms Sahil Protection 175,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174863-1 Strengthening of Child Protection Services in districts of Sindh. Indus Resource Centre Protection 174,621 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174911-1 Strengthening of Social Protection Mechanism for effected Children in Larkana The Aware Foundation Protection 80,000 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173335-1 Strengthening protectin mechanism for women,children, transgender and Persons with disability in district Jacobabad, Sindh Pakistan Community Development Foundation Protection 77,750 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-173861-1 Tahaffuz Project Aurat Foundation Protection 1,981,527 0 0
HPAK21-PRO-CPN|PRO-GBV|PRO-174966-1 To provide protection and Livelihood solutions to the vulnerable population in Sibbi ,Nasirabad and Jaffarabad Taraqee Foundation Protection 560,739 0 0

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