Madagascar's Grand Sud Flash Appeal 2021


Total incoming funding: US$230,000
Filtered original requirements: US$2,296,000
Filtered current requirements: US$6,002,209
Coverage: 3.8%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Original requirements US$ Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
FMDG2122-HEA-175198-1 Provide emergency response to reduce the risk of excess maternal and neonatal mortality United Nations Population Fund Health 1,021,000 1,021,000 230,000 0
FMDG2122-HEA-175201-1 Ensure the acquisition and delivery of 46 emergency IEHK kits for 230,000 people World Health Organization Health 460,000 460,000 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-183362-1 Health support and fight against GBV in the Ambovombe and Amboasary districts through the implementation of mobile clinics and CSB support Médecins du Monde Health 0 350,000 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-175199-1 Provide early warning through IDSR for 100% coverage and response to disease outbreaks World Health Organization Health 115,000 115,000 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-175203-1 Provide mobile clinic services for the population in need World Health Organization Health 250,000 250,000 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-183364-1 Provision of reproductive health and prevention services and treatment of GBV for the reduction of the high risk of maternal and neonatal mortality and of gender-based violence linked to food insecurity in nine health districts of the Grand Sud of Madagascar United Nations Population Fund Health 0 535,806 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-183365-1 Strengthening the supply and use of a quality integrated maternal and child health service package in the 9 districts in emergency situations in the Grand Sud United Nations Children's Fund Health 0 588,139 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-175204-1 Strengthening the supply of quality integrated maternal and child health services United Nations Children's Fund Health 450,000 450,000 0 0
FMDG2122-HEA-183363-1 Support to the early warning of epidemics and major public health events and access to essential and integrated health care for the most vulnerable people in health facilities World Health Organization Health 0 2,232,264 0 0