Lebanon Emergency Response Plan 2021


Total incoming funding: US$7,674,144
Filtered original requirements: US$129,976,392
Filtered current requirements: US$129,976,392
Coverage: 5.9%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
OLBN2122-HEA-183265-1 Ensure access to life-saving hospitalization (COVID and non-COVID) and life-sustaining medications to the most vulnerable populations living in Lebanon World Health Organization Health 87,100,000 6,493,506 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183170-1 Emergency Health support for vulnerable Lebanese and Migrants MEDAIR Health 2,220,352 1,180,638 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183420-1 Access to health for individuals in Lebanon AMEL - Lebanese Association for Popular Action Health 813,361 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183237-1 Access to lifesaving mental health services in Lebanon EMBRACE Lebanon Health 246,156 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183203-1 COVID-19 post rehabilitation Home Health care Center in Tripoli Tripoli Arteries Association Health 353,000 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183195-1 Emergency Healthcare to Vulnerable Lebanese and Migrants in Beirut, Mt Lebanon, Bekaa, Baalback, North and Akkar Relief International Health 783,021 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183299-1 Enhancing access to SRH services to vulnerable Lebanese and migrant women and adolescent girls across Lebanon United Nations Population Fund Health 7,000,000 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183259-1 Ensure access to life saving and life-sustaining health services and contributions to patients’ share of hospitalization fees across Lebanon Caritas Lebanon Migrants Center Health 611,494 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183229-1 Ensuring access to essential health services to vulnerable Lebanese and migrants communities Humanity & Inclusion - Handicap International Health 890,000 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183247-1 Improving access to essential health services among vulnerable migrants and host communities in Lebanon International Organization for Migration Health 14,000,000 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183271-1 Medical Donations, Assistance to Sustain the Operation of Public Hospitals and Clinics in Lebanon American Near East Refugee Aid Health 119,731 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183294-1 MNCAH Support to most vulnerable communities in Lebanon United Nations Children's Fund Health 7,486,300 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-182990-1 Provision of a Comprehensive Primary Health Care (PHC) and Mental Health (MH) Services for Vulnerable Population in Lebanon in the context of COVID-19 International Rescue Committee Health 1,352,688 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183326-1 Provision of Essential Medicine to Hospitals in Batroun, Koura, Minnieh-Dannieh, Bsharri and Zgharta Project HOPE | René Moawad Foundation Health 4,028,314 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183274-1 Provision of integrated and comprehensive primary healthcare services for vulnerable populations in Lebanon International Medical Corps Health 912,478 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183208-1 Provision of Medical Supplies for Hospitals and Expanded Coverage for Migrant In-Patient Hospital Care Syrian American Medical Society Foundation Health 279,912 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183221-1 Support to Saida Governmental Hospital in the COVID-19 response, engagement of local communities to improve preventive healthcare and support to outreach workers ARCS ARCI Cultura e Sviluppo Health 451,265 0 0
OLBN2122-HEA-183410-1 Treat Me Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon Health 1,328,320 0 0