Lebanon Emergency Response Plan 2021


Total incoming funding: US$2,460,090
Filtered original requirements: US$115,391,829
Filtered current requirements: US$115,391,829
Coverage: 2.1%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
OLBN2122-FSC-183188-1 Food and basic needs assistance to vulnerable Lebanese across the country World Food Programme Food Security 80,000,000 1,776,068 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183333-1 Food Assistance for Vulnerable Lebanese Households in Beirut and South Lebanon Mennonite Central Committee Food Security 232,253 684,022 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183251-1 Alleviate Food Insecurity through provision of Emergency Assistance to Affected Communities in Lebanon International Orthodox Christian Charities Food Security 2,000,000 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183190-1 Basic Assistance through Cash Support for Lebanese and Migrant Communities in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and North Relief International Food Security 831,951 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183258-1 Basic Needs Assistance to vulnerable families with children Save the Children Food Security 3,974,100 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183224-1 Beirut Community Kitchen Borderless NGO Food Security 965,600 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183325-1 Cash Assistance for the Farmers & Agro Food Processors in Shouf Area Al Shouf Cedar Society Food Security 200,000 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183256-1 Cash Assistance to address the immediate food and basic needs of Lebanese and Migrants most severely impacted by the economic crisis Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Food Security 2,583,338 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183228-1 Emergency Food Assistance in Aley, Batroun, Achrafieh, and Chouf ONG Tabitha Food Security 1,261,313 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183206-1 Food and basic assistance for Lebanese and migrants in the Bekaa and North Lebanon Danish Refugee Council Food Security 1,001,857 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183319-1 Food and Basic Assistance for Lebanese in Mount of Lebanon Nusaned Food Security 300,000 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183322-1 Food Assistance for Lebanese in South and Nabatieh areas Development for People and Nature Association Food Security 351,630 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183310-1 Food Assistance through Hot Meals for Vulnerable Segments in Batroun, Koura, Bsharri, and Zgharta (North-Lebanon) René Moawad Foundation Food Security 899,715 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183267-1 Food distribution for the vulnerable families affected by the crises. Plan International Food Security 67,000 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183198-1 Improving the access of vulnerable Lebanese and migrant populations to food and non-food needs across the country Action Contre la Faim Food Security 3,302,490 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183331-1 In support of COVID-19 mitigation, 700 vulnerable Lebanese households and 200 migrant households shall be provided with food parcels supplemented with fruit and vegetable vouchers in Tripoli and Tripoli T5 catchment area. CARE Lebanon Food Security 956,836 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183276-1 Provide access to food and multipurpose cash to vulnerable Lebanese and migrants Caritas Lebanon Migrants Center Food Security 767,074 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183335-1 Providing food parcels for 400 Lebanese households households with at least one person with disability and one older person living in North Lebanon and Akkar. Forum of the Handicapped Association Food Security 225,368 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183337-1 Providing immediate life-saving food assistance to 621 vulnerable households in the Unions of Municipalities of Jabaal Akroum, Joumeh, and Wadi Khaled, Akkar. WeWorld - Gruppo Volontariato Civile Onlus Food Security 763,909 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183332-1 Provision of Basic Food Needs for 350 Lebanese Households and 130 migrant’s Sheltering in Gray areas Developmental Action Without Border (Nabaa) Food Security 146,474 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183171-1 Provision of critical dry food parcels (complemented with Fruits & Vegetables vouchers) to 644 vulnerable Lebanese HH in Greater Beirut, in response to the economic crisis. American Near East Refugee Aid Food Security 562,751 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183330-1 Provision of food assistance for 700 most vulnerable Lebanese and 50 migrant households affected by the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic in Jord Al Qayteh, Wasat and Sahel Al Qayteh, Sahel Akkar, Dreib Unions and Wadi Khaled PCPM - Polish Center for International Aid Food Security 760,747 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183295-1 Provision of food assistance for the most vulnerable 7000 Lebanese and migrants in North (Tripoli) and Akkar (Wadi Khaled) Mercy-USA for Aid and Development Food Security 803,623 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183225-1 PROVISION OF FOOD ASSISTANCE TO FOOD INSECURE MIGRANTS International Organization for Migration Food Security 8,200,000 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183180-1 Provision of food security services to vulnerable Lebanese and Migrant households in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Akkar and North Lebanon Concern Worldwide Food Security 1,714,609 0 0
OLBN2122-FSC-183280-1 World Vision in Lebanon's Provision of Food Security Needs in Relation to the Emergency Response Plan (2021-2022) World Vision International Food Security 2,519,191 0 0