Libya Humanitarian Response Plan 2022



Total incoming funding: US$5,405,289
Filtered original requirements: US$5,947,500
Filtered current requirements: US$9,484,954
Coverage: 57.0%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Original requirements US$ Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
HLBY22-CSS-183702-2 Provision of air transport service to support access for humanitarian and development organizations in Western, Eastern and Southern Libya World Food Programme Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 2,458,333 5,434,537 1,713,849 0
HLBY22-CSS-183703-2 Strengthening Humanitarian Coordination in Libya Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 625,000 900,000 1,112,605 0
HLBY22-CSS-183712-2 Sector Coordination - UNICEF Supported Sectors United Nations Children's Fund Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 354,167 354,167 470,001 0
HLBY22-CSS-183711-2 Enhancing Humanitarian Information Management by providing Information on Migration and Displacement in Libya and Capacity Building of National Counterparts International Organization for Migration Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 875,000 875,000 1,475,254 0
HLBY22-CSS-183715-2 Supporting evidence-based humanitarian assistance in Libya Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 437,500 437,500 633,580 0
HLBY22-CSS-183706-2 INGO support to the GBV sub-sector coordination in Libya International Medical Corps Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 41,667 41,667 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183714-2 Libya INGO coordination forum International Rescue Committee Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 145,833 204,166 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183709-2 Maintain and update the Common Operational Dataset for Population statistics in Libya United Nations Population Fund Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 160,000 160,000 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183704-2 NGO support to protection sector Danish Refugee Council Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 43,750 105,000 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183701-2 Strengthening Mine Action Area of Responsibility Coordination United Nations Mine Action Service Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 50,000 50,000 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183708-2 Strengthening sector coordination mechanism to support the humanitarian response in Libya United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 416,667 583,334 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183707-2 Strengthening the Food Security Sector coordination mechanism in Libya World Food Programme Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 145,833 145,833 0 0
HLBY22-CSS-183713-2 Strengthen Interagency Multi-sector GBV Coordination Mechanism United Nations Population Fund Common Services (Logistics, Coordination) 193,750 193,750 0 0