Libya Humanitarian Response Plan 2022



Total incoming funding: US$25,019,759
Filtered original requirements: US$27,193,857
Filtered current requirements: US$44,646,668
Coverage: 56.0%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Original requirements US$ Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
HLBY22-HEA-183645-2 Libya C-19: Strengthening Libyan authorities’ capacity to address C-19 related challenges and ensure protection of Libya’s population, including vulnerable groups World Health Organization Health 1,700,000 3,573,317 4,189,317 0
HLBY22-HEA-183640-2 Scaling up primary health care services including Expanded Program of Immunization allover Libya World Health Organization Health 1,800,000 3,420,000 6,337,918 0
HLBY22-HEA;PRO;SHL;MS-183619-2 UNHCR Multi-Sectoral Project in Libya United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) | Shelter/NFIs | Protection | Health 9,558,335 20,183,334 5,580,357 0
HLBY22-HEA-183644-2 Strengthening national disease surveillance with a focus on COVID19, TB and HIV World Health Organization Health 300,000 300,000 30,816 0
HLBY22-HEA-183948-2 Strengthening protection and resilience of vulnerable groups in COVID-19 emergency International Medical Corps Health 500,083 1,050,116 350,000 0
HLBY22-HEA-183863-2 Closing Gaps in Essential Health Services for the Most Vulnerable Migrants, IDPs, and Host Communities in Libya International Organization for Migration Health 1,500,000 3,761,928 4,722,089 0
HLBY22-HEA-183740-2 Syndromic and event based cross border surveillance and contact tracing of COVID patients International Organization for Migration Health 397,000 962,158 724,603 0
HLBY22-HEA-183862-2 Strengthening Core Capacity of Points of Entry for Emergencies International Organization for Migration Health 900,000 1,437,778 60,570 0
HLBY22-HEA-183643-2 Strengthening health sector coordination and information management in Libya World Health Organization Health 400,000 400,000 1,055,966 0
HLBY22-HEA-184093-2 Provision of Essential & Lifesaving Maternal and Child, Health & Nutrition and COVID-19 responsive services to vulnerable population in Libya United Nations Children's Fund Health 1,500,000 1,500,000 1,968,123 0
HLBY22-HEA-183954-2 Conflict affected population in Libya including migrant and refugees have improved access to lifesaving and comprehensive primary, reproductive and mental health care services International Rescue Committee Health 1,700,000 1,700,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183914-2 Emergency Health support for the vulnerable community groups in West and South Libya WeWorld - Gruppo Volontariato Civile Onlus Health 292,000 292,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183719-2 Enhance access to health and essential services for conflict affected communities in Southeast of Libya Première Urgence Internationale Health 625,000 625,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA;PRO-183855-2 Expanding access to essential primary healthcare, respiratory care for severe COVID-19 patients, and comprehensive and lifesaving GBV services for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and conflict-affected people in Libya International Medical Corps Protection | Health 1,366,837 1,181,837 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183641-2 Improve quality of global surgery and referral services across Libya to save lives World Health Organization Health 800,000 800,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183955-2 Increase access to lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services to vulnerable population affected by Conflict and COVID19 pandemic in Libya. United Nations Population Fund Health 1,031,000 1,031,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183718-2 Libya Equal Access and Development for Recovery Première Urgence Internationale Health 1,000,000 0 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183936-2 PEERS: Protection Enabling Environment and Resilience Services International Medical Corps Health 910,402 1,815,000 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183824-2 Provisioning of livesaving and primary reproductive health services to the most vulnerable population including IDPs, refugees, migrants and vulnerable non displaced, in southern Libya Helpcode Health 262,500 262,500 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183642-2 Strengthen noncommunicable disease and mental health disorder with focus on GBV across Libya during emergencies. World Health Organization Health 350,700 350,700 0 0
HLBY22-HEA-183682-2 Supporting health institutions and communities respond to COVID-19 in Aljabal Algharbi, Azzawya, Misurata, and Tripoli. Terre des Hommes - Italy Health 300,000 0 0 0