South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2022



Total incoming funding: US$4,949,144
Filtered original requirements: US$105,081,076
Filtered current requirements: US$105,081,076
Coverage: 4.7%
Total pledges: US$0
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HSSD22-PRO-189664-1 Enhancing IDP Protection Services in South Sudan to facilitate and scale up protection monitoring, targeted Protection Assistance (including GBV and CP), as well as HLP support to the most vulnerable IDPs and Returnees United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 17,903,000 1,990,497 0
HSSD22-PRO-189263-1 Protection of conflict affected women, girls, boys and men exposed to child protection risks and gender-based violence in South Sudan United Nations Children's Fund Protection 9,181,000 502,413 0
HSSD22-PRO-189437-1 Delivering critical life-saving GBV prevention and response Services for Crisis -affected women and girls in South Sudan. United Nations Population Fund Protection 5,471,955 500,007 0
HSSD22-PRO-189009-1 Gender-based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response for Conflict-Affected Population in South Sudan International Medical Corps UK Protection 1,100,000 1,566,273 0
HSSD22-PRO-189245-1 Addressing Protection Needs and Empowering Persons with Disability and vulnerable populations affected by the conflict and natural disaster crisis in South Sudan. Humanity & Inclusion Protection 1,250,000 389,954 0
HSSD22-PRO-189196-1 Addressing Housing, Land and property needs of vulnerable populations living in Jonglei,Upper Nile and Warrap States of South Sudan Community Initiative for Development Organization Protection 340,530 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189577-1 Building Resilience and Mitigating Protection Risks in Conflict-Affected Areas of South Sudan International Organization for Migration Protection 1,190,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189633-1 Child Protection Emergency Response and Gender Based Violence in Western Equatoria State (CPER-GBV) Catholic Medical Missons Board Protection 479,822 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189023-1 Child Protection response for the most vulnerable and at-risk children and their caregivers in South Sudan International Rescue Committee Protection 1,986,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189425-1 CP – Provision of Child Protection Emergency services to the conflict and flood affected children in Ayod and Canal/Pigi Counties in Jonglei State, Longochuk and Maiwut Counties in Upper Nile State Universal Network for Child Defence Rights Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189124-1 CP: Provision of Child protection services to the conflict and Flood affected Children in Juba IDPs camps, Fangak, Uror, Canal/Pigi, Nasir/Luakping, Maiwut and Ulang Counties in 2022. Community Action Organization Protection 480,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189318-1 Creating a Protective Environment for People of South Sudan through safeguarding, respecting their rights and finding solutions Danish Refugee Council Protection 4,203,842 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189071-1 Creating a Safe Environment for and Providing Life-Saving GBV Response Services as well as integrating child protection components to the Crisis-Affected Women, Girls and Children in South Sudan CARE International Protection 1,116,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189438-1 Emergency Child Protection, GBV & Mine Action: Prevention, Mitigation & Response to assist IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities in conflict-affected & high risk areas of Warrap, Upper Nile, Western Equatoria and Central Equatoria States, South Sudan World Vision International Protection 1,500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189476-1 Emergency Child Protection Services Provision Among Conflict and Floods Affected Vulnerable Girls and Boys in Aweil East, Pibor, Mayendit, Leer, Panyijiar and Koch Counties Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Suisse Protection 600,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189361-1 Emergency protection response to prevent and mitigate protection risks affecting vulnerable communities in Panyinjiar, Leer,Longechuk, Malakal, and Maiwut Counties. Alliance For Action Aid Protection 978,400 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189798-1 Empowering communities to break cycles of violence against women and Girls in Tonj North, Nyirol, Ayod and Uror Counties Hope Restoration South Sudan Protection 434,298 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189028-1 Enhance Community Protective environment through integrated General Protection services and HLP Legal Assistance in the most affected counties in Unity, Jonglei, Western and Central Equatoria states Dialogue and Research Institute Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189034-1 Enhancing the Protection of Civilians and Resilience of Communities in South Sudan Nonviolent Peaceforce Protection 2,200,650 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189204-1 EORE: Increasing awareness on explosive ordnance risk education to enhance safety and security to the population at risk in Fangak and Canal/Pigi county of Jonglei State 2022 Community Action Organization Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189001-1 Facilitating access to protection and justice services, and information services on protection and HLP for recovery of at-risk displacement and conflict-affected people in Mayendit, Panyijiar and Juba Rejaf in South Sudan International Rescue Committee Protection 700,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189665-1 Flexible Mine Action response supporting emergency, recovery and resilience needs in South Sudan Danish Refugee Council Protection 1,400,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189636-1 GBV Prevention, Response and Risk Mitigation Support in Tonj North, Tonj East, Gogrial East and Pibor ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid Protection 485,280 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189193-1 GBV: Protection of conflict-affected girls, women boys and men exposed to gender-based violence and protection risks in Ayod and Fangak 2022 Community Action Organization Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189593-1 GP/HLP – Provision of Protection Monitoring, Prevention, Mitigation and Assessment through static presence and mobile responses in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity States Universal Network for Child Defence Rights Protection 558,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189663-1 Hybrid mobile mine clearance in border regions in South Sudan Mines Advisory Group Protection 1,200,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189151-1 Improving access to Comprehensive Child Protection services to support children, adolescents and families affected by conflict and violence in Pibor, Rumbek Center and East, Rumbek North Cueibet, Wulu, Yei, Kajokeji, Lainya, Morobo, Magwi, Torit, Kapoeta north &South, Malakal, Counties in South Sudan Plan International Protection 2,410,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-188913-1 Inclusive GBV response and risks mitigation intervention to support vulnerable women and girls in Jonglei and Unity state Relief Agency Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189627-1 Increasing awareness on explosive ordnance risk education to enhance safety and security for at-risk populations of IDP, returnees and host communities in Morobo, Lainya and Mundri East Counties of South Sudan Support for Peace and Education Development Program Protection 545,455 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189465-1 Increasing safe, equitable and dignified access to essential basic protection services reducing exposure of affected vulnerable populations to protection risks, including GBV in Pibor (IPC 5), Nyirol (IPC 4) and Akobo (IPC 4) in Jonglei State OXFAM GB Protection 650,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189377-1 Integrated General Protection, Mine Action and HLP response to conflict and flood affected population in Kapoeta South, Akobo, Ayod, Mayendit, Tonj North, and Canal/Pigi counties. Health Action Africa (South Sudan) Protection 415,836 0 0
HSSD22-EDU;PRO-189036-1 Integrated Inclusive and Protective Education and Child Protection Services in Bentiu IDP Camp Mercy Corps Protection | Education 1,458,864 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189360-1 Integrated Mobile and Static Protection/GBV Response in Upper Nile, South Sudan Relief International Protection 800,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-188912-1 Integrated Protection and Legal assistance to vulnerable IDPs, Returnees and host communities in Jonglei and Unity states Relief Agency Protection 625,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189304-1 Life Saving Child Protection and MHPSS Assistance to Conflict Affected Children in Jonglei and Upper Nile states War Child Holland Protection 515,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189445-1 Life Saving Programme to Prevent, Mitigate and Respond to Abuse, Exploitation and Enhance the Critical Protection Needs of Vulnerable Children and Families in Juba (Central Equatoria), Renk, Melut (Upper Nile) and Twic East (Jonglei) Mobile Theatre Team Protection 450,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189495-1 Prevention and response to S/GBV through Risk Reduction, Women Empowerment and Enhancement of Access to Services and Opportunities in Jonglei and Unity state INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Protection 700,000 0 0
HSSD22-EDU;PRO-189606-1 Promote equitable access to safe and protective education services to vulnerable children living in Jonglei, Unity, Upper Nile and Western Equatorial States through integrated Child Protection (CP) and Education response INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Protection | Education 1,870,497 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189271-1 Promoting access to safe and quality protection services to women, boys, and girls at risk of facing GBV and child abuse and exploitation in Jonglei State; Ayod and Fangak Counties. Universal Network for Knowledge and Empowerment Agency Protection 218,750 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189187-1 Promoting durable Housing, Land and Property Solutions in Ezo, Maridi, Mundri East, Tambura and Yambio counties Active Youth Agency Protection 400,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189160-1 Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusion by ending Gender Based Violence in South Sudan Plan International Protection 900,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189130-1 Protection and Legal Assistance for Displacement affected populations in South Sudan Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 2,173,698 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189666-1 Protection and peace in conflict-affected Community in Unity State (Leer, Parieng., counties) Greater Upper Nile Organization Protection 620,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189631-1 Protection monitoring and Assistance for Persons of Concern in Kapoeta East county, Eastern Equatoria State Adventist Development and Relief Agency Protection 400,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189314-1 Protection monitoring and Community engagement for Peaceful coexistence in Unity State Humane Aid for Community Organization Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189065-1 Provide EORE assistance to IDPs, returnees and Host community in Jonglei state (Canal/Pigi) and Eastern Equatoria (Magwi County) Community in Need Aid Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189623-1 Providing integrated and comprehensive GBV services to affected population in Nyirol and Pigi/Canal counties of Jonglei State and Tonj East County of Warrap State. Narrative Hub Protection 433,008 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189153-1 Provision of child protection services for UASC, OVC and Caregivers mostly affected by Humanitarian crisis in Central and Western Equatoria states of South Sudan. Confident Children out of Conflict Protection 900,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189195-1 Provision of Child protection services to vulnerable children and their caregivers in Central Equatoria, Western Equatoria and Jonglei States. Community Initiative for Development Organization Protection 1,200,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189699-1 Provision of comprehensive, lifesaving SGBV prevention and response interventions to the floods and conflict affected communities in Terekeka, Ayod and Duk Counties in Central Equatoria and Jonglei states. Smile Again Africa Development Organization Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189482-1 Provision of critical child protection related services to most vulnerable children, adolescents, youths and caregivers in conflict and flood affected counties of Wau, Aweil East, Nagero, Fangak and Pochalla of Western Bahr El Ghazal, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Western Equatoria and Jonglei States respectively Hold the Child Organisation Protection 1,965,600 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189673-1 Provision of Explosive Ordinances Education (EORE) to affected communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs), school children, women and men in Canal/Pigi and Twic East Counties in Jonglei State - South Sudan Mobile Theatre Team Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189173-1 Provision of GBV Prevention and Response for conflict-affected populations in South Sudan Health Link South Sudan Protection 900,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-188964-1 Provision of GBV prevention, mitigation and response services in Cueibet and Rumbek North county of Lakes state South Sudan Women Aid Vision Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189039-1 Provision of GBV services to communities affected by Conflict and Flooding in South Sudan American Refugee Committee (Alight) Protection 800,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189515-1 Provision of Gender Based Violence prevention services to vulnerable and affected populations in Tonj East and Tonj South Counties Touch Africa Development Organization Protection 350,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189226-1 Provision of General Protection, GBV prevention and Response, Housing, Land and Property (HLP) redress services in Unity State, Central Equatoria State counties of Juba, Terekeka, Kajo Keji, Yei, Upper Nile State counties of Longechuk, Maiwut, Ulang, Nasir, Malakal, Baliet, Manyo, Fangak, Pibor, Pochalla, Twic East, Ayod, Akobo, Uror, Bor, Aweil West, Aweil East, Aweil Centre, Aweil North, Tonj North, Tonj East, Tonj South, Yirol, Rumbek North, Rumbek East, Rumbek Center and Wulu counties of South Sudan. Coalition for Humanity South Sudan Protection 1,200,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189137-1 Provision of Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Assistance to IDPS, returnees and host community in Jonglei state ( Twic East, Bor South, Duk) and Eastern Equatoria (Magwi) Community in Need Aid Protection 300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189247-1 Provision of improved access to quality lifesaving child protection to vulnerable and at risk girls, boys, men and women including children with disabilities in Yei and Lainya Counties of Central Equatoria State Institute for Promotion of Civil Society Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-188969-1 Provision of improved access to quality lifesaving Community Based child protection & MHPSS services to girls , boys, men and women including children with disabilities affected by Floods,Covid-19 and conflicts in Koch, Leer, Mayendit and Rubkona counties Unity state. Universal Intervention and Development Organization Protection 1,200,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189680-1 Provision of integrated child protection assistance and services to unaccompanied children, separated children, children associated with armed groups and other vulnerable children at risk in Pibor, Kapoeta South, Kapoeta North, Kapoeta East and Bor South Counties Grassroot Empowerment and Development Organization Protection 900,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189679-1 Provision of integrated GBV response and strengthening communities to prevent and mitigate vulnerabilities of women and girls at risk of GBV in Juba, Bor South and Tonj South Counties Lulu Care - South Sudan Protection 250,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189344-1 Provision of integrated protection programming to vulnerable IDPs and host communities in 3 Counties in Upper Nile State National Relief and Development Corps Protection 387,470 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189116-1 Provision of lifesaving child protection in emergency services to vulnerable children and families in Duk, Bor South and Twic, (Jonglei State) and Awerial (Lakes State) Community in Need Aid Protection 750,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189418-1 Provision of lifesaving child protection services for the most vulnerable and at-risk children, parents and caregivers living in Fangak, Tambura and Ezo Counties of South Sudan Salvation and Light Development Action Protection 800,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189159-1 Provision of lifesaving GBV interventions for the crisis affected populations in Mayendit, Rubkona and Juba Counties International Rescue Committee Protection 1,000,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189156-1 Provision of lifesaving GBV response, prevention and mitigation to the most vulnerable women, men, girls and boys in Jonglei (Duk), Lakes (Yirol East) and Eastern Equatoria (Magwi) Community in Need Aid Protection 450,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189068-1 Provision of lifesaving services to vulnerable people affected by floods/ conflict in South Sudan (Pibor) Voice of the Peace Protection 1,100,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189746-1 Provision of protection assistance among most vulnerable communities in Jur River, Wau and Mundri West Counties. Sudan Evangelical Mission Protection 349,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189224-1 Provision of protection assistance to crises affected persons of concern in Jonglei (Duk, Twic East, Bor South) and Lakes States (Awerial, Yirol East and Yirol West) Community in Need Aid Protection 400,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189711-1 Provision of protection services to conflict affected populations in Pibor, Nyirol, Tonj North and Ayod Counties Hope Restoration South Sudan Protection 408,335 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189288-1 Provision of quality lifesaving child protection services to conflict and flood affected children in Nyirol, Twic East and Canal/Pigi counties of Jonglei State Narrative Hub Protection 402,120 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189090-1 Provision of quality Protection services to disasters affected children and their parents facing trauma in Ayod, Pigi, Fangak, Nyirol and Maiwut Counties of Upper Nile and Jonglei States. Africa Development Aid Protection 750,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-188962-1 Provisions of Emergency Integrated Protection Services in Unity Jongelie and Central Equatoria States. Mobile Humanitarian Agency Protection 1,606,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189198-1 Response to protection needs of GBV survivors living in Jonglei and Western Equatoria States Community Initiative for Development Organization Protection 403,200 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189629-1 Saving lives by reducing the impact of Explosive Remnants of War in affected communities in Central and Eastern Equatoria ACT Alliance / DanChurchAid Protection 1,550,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189216-1 Scaling-up provision of multiple protection services comprising GBV case management, PSS, medical, legal & livelihood assistance to the most vulnerable IDPs & returnees in Rubkona, Juba, Bor South and Magwi. Support the Empowerment of Women and their Rights for Development Protection 692,065 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189447-1 Strengthen Accountability for Gender-Based Violence and Enhancing Gender mainstreaming in multi-sector programs in Jonglie and Warrap States of South Sudan Action Against Hunger Protection 550,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189284-1 Strengthening and Provision of GBV and livelihood services to promote gender equality to vulnerable communities in CES (Kajokeji and terekeka), Lakes(Cuiebet and Rumbek north) state. Titi Foundation Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189525-1 Strengthening Community Resilience for Better Development Sustainability (SCORDS) Project “Through Impact-Oriented Approach to Explosive Ordinance” Operation Save Innocent Lives - Partners in Relief and Development Protection 1,300,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189197-1 Strengthening GBV prevention and response services for vulnerable , women, men, boys and girls in Fangak, Ayod and Pigi/ Canal Counties in Jonglei State Women Advancement Organization Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189463-1 Strengthening Prevention and Response Services to Women and Girls Affected by GBV in Juba and Terekeka Counties, CES, through Cash and Voucher Assistance The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid Protection 567,446 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189115-1 Strengthening protection, GBV and child protection response and prevention services in humanitarian settings in Eastern Equatoria and Lakes States Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale Protection 250,410 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189113-1 Strengthening Sustainable Local Mechanisms and provision of legal services for Protection of HLP Rights and SGBV survivals in Areas High Return of IDPs and Returnees in Western Bhar-El Ghazal, Raja, Wau, Jur River counties and Juba of CES state south Sudan United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189420-1 Strengthen lifesaving GBV prevention and response for vulnerable population in the Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South. Catholic Agency for Overseas Development Protection 500,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189285-1 Support for an inclusive quality Child Protection services to the conflict affected children in Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei and Lakes States Titi Foundation Protection 540,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189134-1 Support immediate lifesaving assistance by addressing key general protection, GBV and child protection needs of the most vulnerable populations in hard to reach areas through mobile and static responses across South Sudan. Polish Humanitarian Action Protection 550,000 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189553-1 Survey and Clearance of Hazardous Areas and the Provision of EORE Tailored for Specific Needs to Safeguard Vulnerable Populations Within South Sudan Against Landmines and Explosive Ordnance United Nations Mine Action Service Protection 1,414,545 0 0
HSSD22-PRO-189296-1 Upscaling Child Protection in Emergencies interventions in Eastern Equatoria and Jonglei States in South Sudan Save the Children Protection 1,000,000 0 0

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