Response plan/appeal snapshot for 2016

US$72.8m total requirements of plan
37.8% funded through this plan
62.2% unmet requirements
US$45.4m total funding to ECUADOR - Earthquake - April 2016
60.7% funded through this plan
39.3% outside this plan

Largest sources of response plan/appeal funding

Funding for response plan/appeal (US$m)As a share of overall funding to the response plan/appeal (%)
Central Emergency Response Fund7.426.9%
Private (individuals & organizations)4.215.2%
European Commission3.914.2%
United States of America, Government of2.59.2%
US Fund for UNICEF1.55.6%
Japan, Government of1.44.9%
UNICEF National Committee/Spain1.14.1%
Canada, Government of0.93.3%
Switzerland, Government of0.72.4%
Start Fund0.51.7%

Funding progress by cluster

Funding progress by cluster/sector

Cluster/SectorRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
Cluster Not Yet Specified0.00.00.0%
Early Recovery3.52.675.4%
Food Security8.05.062.8%
Not specifiedn/a4.6n/a

About Appeals/Plans

Each UN coordinated inter-agency response plan and appeal has a page on FTS, which present all funding linked to the requirements of the response plan/appeal; this funding is a subset of overall funding to the affected country. The response plans/appeals are a key part of the humanitarian programme cycle (HPC) used by humanitarian country teams to plan and coordinate a response and to communicate the scope of response operations.