Response plan/appeal snapshot 2016

US$137m overall funding to CARIBBEAN - Hurricane Matthew - October 2016 in 2016

of which US$84.9m appeal funding received
of the US$139m requested

US$54.1m still needed
to fund this response plan/appeal

Trends in response plan/appeal requirements

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Funding trends inside and outside the response plan/appeal

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Largest sources of response plan/appeal funding

Funding for response plan/appeal (US$m)As a share of overall funding to the response plan/appeal (%)
United States of America, Government of42.950.5%
Central Emergency Response Fund10.412.2%
United Kingdom, Government of44.8%
Canada, Government of44.7%
Belgium, Government of3.84.4%
Sweden, Government of3.13.7%
US Fund for UNICEF2.32.6%
Ireland, Government of2.12.5%
Australia, Government of1.92.2%
European Commission1.61.9%

Funding progress by cluster/sector

Cluster/SectorRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
Emergency shelter and essential nfis179.254.3%
Coordination and support services1.40.430.2%
Sector not yet specified000%
Early recovery and livelihoods6.61.217.9%
Logistics and emergency telecommunications6.39142.6%
Food security, nutrition and emergency agriculture56.227.749.2%
Displacement tracking matrix (dtm)1.50.320.7%
All refugee response000%
"All refugee response" represents requirements which are a subtotal of all projects identified as being part of refugee response, irrespective of their associated clusters. Therefore, these values are excluded from all cluster requirements.