Total incoming funding: US$4,725,493
Total requirements: US$551,876,643
Coverage: 0.9%
Outgoing funding: US$0
Incoming minus outgoing funding: US$4,725,493
Total pledges: US$0
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Flow ID Source org. Destination org. Project code Description Field Cluster Amount (US$) Funding status Boundary
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
Fuel provision to support the health and WASH primary services in Gaza Strip
$2,010,700 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Immediate response to basic life-saving water, sanitation and hygiene needs in Gaza
$1,193,478 Paid Contribution Incoming
World Health Organization
Reducing the impact of the electricity crisis on hospitals in Gaza by ensuring access to life-saving healthcare
Health and Nutrition
$1,034,241 Paid Contribution Incoming
War Child Holland
War Child Holland
Protecting Children in Area C’
$259,186 Paid Contribution Incoming
War Child Holland
War Child Holland
Three wars later: Helping children in Gaza heal Sector protection
$223,601 Paid Contribution Incoming
UN Foundation
occupied Palestinian territory Humanitarian Fund
oPt - CBPF [OCT 5926] $4,287 Paid Contribution Incoming
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