Total incoming funding: US$6,527,248
Total requirements: US$551,876,643
Coverage: 1.2%
Outgoing funding: US$0
Incoming minus outgoing funding: US$6,527,248
Total pledges: US$0
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Flow ID Source org. Destination org. Project code Description Field Cluster Amount (US$) Funding status Boundary
Norwegian Refugee Council
Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to protect the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank including East Jerusalem affected by displacement
$4,000,000 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Preventing and mitigating conflict-related violence in the West Bank including East Jerusalem (SM170501)
$20,652 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Providing safe water and sanitation to the most vulnerable communities affected by access restrictions to WASH facilities in Gaza.
$2,506,596 Paid Contribution Incoming
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