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OPT-18/H/116053/8817 Enhancing protection through provision of specialized mental health services and psychosocial support to the affected men, women, girls and boys living in vulnerable areas at Gaza Strip Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Protection 292,556 398,877 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116369/14588 Promoting human rights -based approach to protect the rights of women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip AISHA Association for Woman and Child Protection Protection 216,396 537,931 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116154/19020 World Council of Churches/Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) ACT Alliance / Dan Church Aid - Norwegian Church Aid Joint office in Palestine Protection 1,511,676 1,070,263 0
OPT-18/GBV/114210/18784 Strengthening the protection mechanism and the community-based response for GBV survivors in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Alianza por la Solidaridad Protection 870,000 199,998 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115078/16721 Protection women the victims of violence in Gaza Strip Center for Women’s Legal Research and Consulting Protection 217,610 129,936 0
OPT-18/CP/116180/16143 Meeting the Protection Needs of Vulnerable Children in Gaza and North Gaza Governorates through Child Protection Case Management System Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Protection 168,000 250,002 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115077/14391 Promoting prevention and protection responses to acutely Vulnerable Women and Girls Victims and Survivors of SGBV in the Marginalized Localities of Gaza Strip. Women's Affairs Center Protection 171,580 250,010 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116023/5834 Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to protect the rights of Palestinians and others in the Gaza Strip affected by displacement, access restrictions and lack of legal identity Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 1,061,564 60,000 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115770/13084 Promoting improved respect, protection and fulfilment of the right to the highest attainable standard of health in the Gaza Strip Palestinian Center for Human Rights Protection 200,130 198,654 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114061/17505 Protective environment for most vulnerable women and children in Gaza Strip Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Protection 295,618 239,076 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115636/5834 Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to protect the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) affected by displacement, and Palestinians facing Movement Restrictions between Gaza and the West Bank Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 7,987,990 1,517,251 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114856/5116 Mitigation of the threat posed by explosive hazards in Gaza United Nations Mine Action Service Protection 1,400,000 1,604,615 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115419/7634 Increase respect and accountability for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) ACT Alliance / Diakonia, Sweden Protection 65,000 1,104,345 0
OPT-18/GBV/115613/1171 Gender-based violence response to the most vulnerable communities affected by the humanitarian situation United Nations Population Fund Protection 1,107,000 2,042,419 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114135/5125 Provision of Emergency Preparedness Safety & Risk Education in the Gaza Strip Norwegian People's Aid Protection 710,631 181,730 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115766/14812 Coordinated and multi-sectoral Responses to Address the Needs of Vulnerable Women and Girls in Gaza UN Women Protection 1,155,598 200,000 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114796/124 Coordinated and integrated child protection and psychosocial support services for the most affected boys and girls in Gaza strip United Nations Children's Fund Protection 1,594,080 341,709 0
OPT-18/CP/116247/6079 Psycho-social Support and Increased Resilience for Vulnerable Children in oPt through Community-Based Child Protection Mechanism Save the Children Protection 799,174 983,691 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116320/6079 Rehabilitation and reintegration of Palestinian child ex-detainees Save the Children Protection 218,854 218,854 0
OPT-18/H/114326/5593 Emergency Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Bedouin communities United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 458,277 55,494 0
OPT-18/CP/115792/16143 Protection of Vulnerable Children Victims of Child Labour in the Gaza Strip Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Protection 267,000 112,263 0
OPT-18/CP/115475/18098 Promoting a Child Safe Environment in the Gaza Strip through Enhancing Child Protection Response Mechanisms Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children Protection 200,260 11,000 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114274/5593 Protection of Palestine Refugees Affected by the Occupation and Forced Displacement in the West Bank United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 1,924,999 1,158,868 0
OPT-18/CSS/116394/8835 Protecting the human rights of Palestinians in the oPt: Monitoring, Documentation and Advocacy B'Tselem - the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Protection 236,178 236,178 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115840/16732 Enhanced access to legal services and remedies for victims of IHL/IHRL violations in Gaza, particularly in ARA Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Protection 173,480 104,348 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116229/5678 Increase the access and facilitate the right to protection and mental health in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Medicos del Mundo Spain Protection 557,244 777,085 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115300/8772 Enhance the Protection of vulnerable communities in the North-West Bank affected by Conflict related violence through MHPSS support, community resilience and advocacy Médecins du Monde France Protection 601,528 383,463 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116222/14917 Addressing the Culture of Impunity within Israel's Security Forces Personnel Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights Protection 250,000 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116150/14812 Addressing the needs of women with residency rights issues in East Jerusalem UN Women Protection 211,168 0 0
OPT-18/H/115917/5593 Community Mental Health Programme (CMHP), Gaza United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 9,500,936 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116299/6458 Emergency response to psychosocial, safety and security needs in East Jerusalem’s Old City and Silwan neighbourhoods Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Protection 617,267 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115990/16280 Empowering and Supporting Vulnerable Groups and Victims of Gender-Based Violence in East Jerusalem and Area C Sawa Organization Protection 100,000 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115121/16283 Enhanced protection of vulnerable adolescent schoolgirls and schoolboys from Gaza refugee camps through inclusive and emergency responsive drama activities. Theatre Day Productions Protection 70,862 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115875/16296 Enhancing protection, access to services and accountability for women survivors of GBV in Rafah Governorate Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care Protection 164,580 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114309/8822 Enhancing the protection for girls and women with disabilities Protection in the Gaza access restricted areas National Center for Community Rehabilitation Protection 188,250 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116340/19050 Enhancing the protection of vulnerable Palestinians in East Jerusalem through a legal, psycho-social and advocacy response Community Action Center - Al Quds University Protection 427,321 0 0
OPT-18/H/116169/18206 Health and psychosocial support for breast cancer survivors in the Gaza Strip Basmet Amal for Cancer Care Protection 186,100 0 0
OPT-18/GBV/116420/19096 Improve women and girls access to GBV multi -sectoral services by ensuring advocacy, economical opportunities and resiliency Red Crescent Society for Gaza Strip (NNGO) Protection 205,440 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114793/124 Informing humanitarian programmatic and advocacy response through documentation of grave violations against children affected by armed conflict United Nations Children's Fund Protection 324,000 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115957/8808 Monitoring torture and ill-treatment in detention and prison Public Committee Against Torture in Israel Protection 69,400 0 0
OPT-18/GBV/115385/17492 Project title :Combating gender based violence against women and girls including women and girls with disability Psycho Social Counselling Center for Women Protection 129,196 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114625/5349 Promoting inclusive responses to foster resilience of the most vulnerable communities in Gaza Handicap International / Humanity & Inclusion Protection 703,143 0 0
OPT-18/CP/116085/6750 Protecting children in No Man’s Land – Improved Child Protection and Psychosocial Support in Jordan Valley War Child Holland Protection 257,400 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115393/8814 Protecting Freedom of Movement and Access in Palestine Center for the Defence of the Individual Protection 214,000 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114899/16730 Protection of vulnerable communities in Area C and Gaza via provision of MHPSS and advocacy initiatives Rebuilding Alliance Protection 207,880 0 0
OPT-18/GBV/115069/17505 Protective Environment from GBV against Most Vulnerable Women and Children in the West Bank. Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Protection 179,880 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/114797/124 Reaching out to the most vulnerable children exposed to conflict related violence with protection and prevention services in East Jerusalem and Hebron. United Nations Children's Fund Protection 420,660 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116153/5593 Responding to the protection needs of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Gaza (GBV and child labour) United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Protection 500,000 0 0
OPT-18/CP/116049/6750 Supporting community-based child protection and psychosocial care, contributing to improved coping and resilience among girls, boys, and their caregivers in Gaza. War Child Holland Protection 257,500 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/115999/1171 Supporting Vulnerable Young People United Nations Population Fund Protection 963,360 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116012/16283 The Collective Power of Women's Voices – storytelling as a community-based approach to fight GBV caused by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza Theatre Day Productions Protection 52,665 0 0
OPT-18/P-HR-RL/116189/12733 Working together for Change: Protecting Women & Girls victims of Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV). and expanding access to Services Culture and Free Thought Association Protection 224,600 0 0

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