Burundi 2018



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Flow ID Sort descending Source org. Destination org. Project code Description Field Cluster Amount (US$) Funding status Boundary
Gruppo Volontariato Civile (until 2018)
Assistance médico/nutritionnel aux demandeurs d'asile en provenance de RDC dans la zone du Sud de BURUNDI (ECHO/COD/BUD/2018/91007)
Nutrition | Santé
$122,699 Commitment Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Emergency WaSH and Nutrition services for refugees in hosts communities and transit centers
$149,976 Paid Contribution Incoming
World Food Programme
World Food Programme
Assistance nutritionnelle pour les enfants, les femmes enceintes et les mères allaitantes dans les provinces affectées par l’insécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle
$3,563,885 Paid Contribution Internal
United Nations Children's Fund
Prévention et traitement de la malnutrition aigüe sévère chez les enfants de moins 5 ans dans les 11 provinces les plus vulnérables au Burundi (USAID/FFP)
$2,436,487 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Emergency support to affected populations
$113,580 Paid Contribution Incoming
World Vision International
Emergency assistance in the sectors food security, health, water and sanitation in the provinces Cankuzo, Karusi and RutanaTop up financial year 2017 2 450 000 2018: 396.916,29 € (2017 portion)
Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement | Nutrition | Sécurité Alimentaire
$444,475 Commitment Incoming
Concern Worldwide
Airlift of stocks from the UN Humanitarian Response Depot in Accra of 23.83 metric tonnes of Irish Aid's stockpiled emergency relief items and distribution by Concern Worldwide to DRC refugees
$159,626 Commitment Incoming
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