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NGA-18/MA/119639/16259 Community based improvised mines and explosive remnants of war risk education in Borno and Yobe States for conflict affected populations. Mines Advisory Group Early Recovery and Livelihoods 555,182 555,182 300,000 0
NGA-18/ER/121024/120 Provision of sustainable livelihoods assistance as a durable solution to the most vulnerable refugee returnees and IDPs in the Northeast of Nigeria United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Early Recovery and Livelihoods 4,620,000 4,620,000 699,452 0
NGA-18/ER/120853/298 Facilitating the Early Recovery of Populations affected by the Boko Haram crisis through Access to Short Term Income and Rehabilitation of Community Infrastructures in North East Nigeria International Organization for Migration Early Recovery and Livelihoods 1,265,810 1,265,810 179,250 0
NGA-18/ER/121508/5186 Emergency food assistance to meet the needs of the most vulnerable crisis affected populations, and fostering of resilience of affected communities through a multipronged approach in Borno and Yobe states of North East Nigeria, 2018 Action Contre la Faim Early Recovery and Livelihoods 10,431,562 10,431,562 0 0
NGA-18/ER/120972/5181 Improved knowledge on threat posed by explosive remnants of war in post-conflict communities of Adamawa and Yobe states Danish Refugee Council Early Recovery and Livelihoods 630,759 630,759 0 0
NGA-18/ER/120891/776 Integrated Community Recovery & Stabilization in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa State United Nations Development Programme Early Recovery and Livelihoods 9,445,680 9,445,680 0 0
NGA-18/ER/120986/18239 Livelihood stabilization for 1.750 extremely vulnerable families to ensure education and care of 4.200 affected children Street Child Organization Early Recovery and Livelihoods 630,000 630,000 0 0
NGA-18/ER/122561/5834 Support to Response, Recovery and Resilience in Borno State Norwegian Refugee Council Early Recovery and Livelihoods 1,957,318 1,957,318 0 0
NGA-18/ER/120107/5181 Supporting Early Recovery through Cash Transfer and Livelihoood Opportunities Danish Refugee Council Early Recovery and Livelihoods 1,168,800 1,168,800 0 0

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