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NGA-18/P-HR-RL/121003/120 Protection monitoring and response to identified protection risks/incidents in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 4,336,000 4,336,000 868,947 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120983/120 Increasing access to justice for internally displaced persons and returning refugees United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 3,300,000 3,300,000 300,000 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120460/298 Protecting and Promoting Mental Health and Psychosocial wellbeing of conflict affected population in North East Nigeria International Organization for Migration Protection 4,237,200 4,237,200 704,310 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120118/5181 Emergency protection response for persons in displacement, to strenghten their community-based protection environment in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States Danish Refugee Council Protection 790,000 790,000 969,325 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/119677/5116 Protection of the civilian population and humanitarian actors through explosive threat awareness and avoidance in north-east Nigeria United Nations Mine Action Service Protection 700,000 700,000 650,000 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120980/120 Repatriation and reintegration of returning refugees and IDPs in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 16,372,809 16,372,809 -792,308 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/122648/5834 ACCESS TO SERVICES FOR RETURNESS Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 40,000 40,000 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/122617/5834 FACILITATING ACCESS TO LEGAL IDENTITY DOCUMENTATION IN THE AREAS OF RETURN IN BORNO Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 275,000 275,000 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/122666/5834 HOUSING LAND AND PROPERTY CORDINATION Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 40,000 40,000 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/121021/16475 INITIATIVE FOR PROTECTION AND RECOVERY IN THE NORTH EAST ( iPR ) Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria Protection 985,000 985,000 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/122543/5834 Improving Housing Land and property rights of displacement affected population in Borno State Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 425,000 425,000 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120423/5179 Protection of conflict affected populations in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states, North East Nigeria. International Rescue Committee Protection 1,036,500 1,036,500 0 0
NGA-18/P-HR-RL/120404/5362 Protection,Empowerment and improved access to the most vulnerable conflict affected populations in Damboa,Gwoza,Pulka,Mubi and Rann. OXFAM Netherlands (NOVIB) Protection 1,149,600 1,149,600 0 0

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