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NGA-18/WS/122391/5834 WASH Emergency Rapid Response to Conflict Affected Populations in Borno State, North East Nigeria Norwegian Refugee Council Water and Sanitation 264,000 264,000 429,000 0
NGA-18/WS/122582/124 Sustaining and scaling up integrated humanitarian WASH services in North East Nigeria: alleviating suffering, maintaining human dignity and protection for crisis-affected people United Nations Children's Fund Water and Sanitation 19,448,000 19,448,000 7,716,738 0
NGA-18/WS/122618/16143 Emergency Assistance for Conflicted Affected Communities in MAFA and Rann Town, Borno state, Nigeria Terre des Hommes - Lausanne Water and Sanitation 500,000 500,000 495,703 0
NGA-18/WS/121519/5186 Multi-sectorial humanitarian emergency response for affected women, men, boys and girls in Borno and Yobe state Action Contre la Faim Water and Sanitation 8,052,000 8,052,000 259,000 0
NGA-18/WS/122515/5059 Provision of lifesaving WASH service to the crisis affected population in Borno state, North east Nigeria ACT Alliance / Christian Aid Water and Sanitation 1,035,000 1,035,000 200,000 0
NGA-18/WS/122382/298 Improved WASH Services to conflict affected population in North East Nigeria International Organization for Migration Water and Sanitation 2,345,868 2,345,868 426,619 0
NGA-18/WS/122264/7560 Immediate humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable populations affected by the ongoing emergency situation in the Northeast of Nigeria Malteser International Order of Malta World Relief Water and Sanitation 885,500 885,500 825,472 0
NGA-18/WS/120451/5157 Tearfund Nigeria Joint Response 4 (NJR4), Project January 2018 to June 30, 2019 TEARFUND Water and Sanitation 153,712 153,712 130,497 0
NGA-18/WS/122586/5633 IMPROVEMENT OF ACCESS TO WASH SERVICES FOR IDPS AND HOST COMMUNITIES, AND OUTBREAK PREPAREDNESS IN BORNO STATE Solidarités International Water and Sanitation 1,444,500 1,444,500 1,444,500 0
NGA-18/WS/120065/5181 Improve access to potable water supply and sanitation infrastructures and hygiene awareness Danish Refugee Council Water and Sanitation 1,130,808 1,130,808 1,130,808 0
NGA-18/WS/122559/5834 Enhanced access to safe water supply, dignified sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices Norwegian Refugee Council Water and Sanitation 600,000 600,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/121017/16475 Integrated WASH Assistance to IDPs /Returnees & Host Communities in the North East Nigeria Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria Water and Sanitation 1,304,000 1,304,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/122922/5362 Life saving humanitarian assistance through rapid WASH emergency response OXFAM Netherlands (NOVIB) Water and Sanitation 4,042,000 4,042,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/123863/18192 Life-saving assistance through provision of a comprehensive WASH response to IDPs and vulnerable host community members in Bolori II Ward of MMC Première Urgence Internationale Water and Sanitation 500,000 500,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/122111/5146 Multisectoral Support for Conflict-Affected Families in Borno and Yobe States Catholic Relief Services Water and Sanitation 1,000,004 1,000,004 0 0
NGA-18/WS/120415/17434 Providing Basic Sanitation and Hygiene service delivery (including Menstrual Hygiene Management Practice) to internally displaced people in Adamawa state International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development Water and Sanitation 301,000 301,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/123034/18357 Providing life saving WASH services through routine chlorination and hygiene promotion Centre for Integrated Development and Research Water and Sanitation 1,500,000 1,500,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/122627/5179 Provision of WASH servies to IDPs, host communitees and returnees in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, Nigeria International Rescue Committee Water and Sanitation 3,000,000 3,000,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/122604/5834 WASH Response to Conflict Affected Populations in New Areas of Retruns Norwegian Refugee Council Water and Sanitation 220,000 220,000 0 0
NGA-18/WS/122241/5150 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Emergency Response to Conflict Affected People In Ngala, Monguno and Jere LGAs, Borno State, Northeast Nigeria ZOA Water and Sanitation 1,000,000 1,000,000 0 0

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