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NGA-18/GBV/120238/5524 Addressing the immediate needs of Gender Based Violence of Population affected by crisis in North East Nigeria Plan International Gender-Based Violence 1,213,096 1,213,096 413,366 0
NGA-18/GBV/121418/1171 Scaling Up Quality and Appropriate GBV Response and Prevention Services for Populations at Risk of Violence. United Nations Population Fund Gender-Based Violence 16,683,000 16,683,000 500,771 0
NGA-18/GBV/119913/18914 Respondng to and Prevention of GBV incidences affecting children and adolescents impacted by the prolonged conflict in Borno State Centre for Community Health and Development International Gender-Based Violence 467,717 467,717 262,324 0
NGA-18/GBV/120108/5527 Gender-based violence response and prevention to conflict-affected populations in Nigeria ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid Gender-Based Violence 619,000 619,000 938,692 0
NGA-18/GBV/120276/5645 Addressing Gender Based Violence Challenges faced by conflict Affected Population in North East Nigeria CARE International Gender-Based Violence 5,000,000 5,000,000 935,673 0
NGA-18/GBV/120464/298 Gender Based Violence Response in North-East Nigeria International Organization for Migration Gender-Based Violence 2,383,200 2,383,200 178,200 0
NGA-18/GBV/121460/1171 Engaging Men and empowering women and girls through bridging the humanitarian - development divide United Nations Population Fund Gender-Based Violence 3,860,000 3,860,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120382/5167 Increase access to comprehensive and well-coordinated SGBV prevention and response services for survivors and people at risk. Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPI Gender-Based Violence 950,000 950,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120457/120 Prevention and response to Sexual and Gender based Violence including Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Gender-Based Violence 5,150,000 5,150,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120371/123 Provision of Gender-based violence (GBV) protection and strengthening protective agricultural based livelihoods for conflict affected population in Borno State, North-East Nigeria Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Gender-Based Violence 250,000 250,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120371/1171 Provision of Gender-based violence (GBV) protection and strengthening protective agricultural based livelihoods for conflict affected population in Borno State, North-East Nigeria United Nations Population Fund Gender-Based Violence 416,460 416,460 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/119793/5660 Reduction and mitigation of risks of GBV and SGBV, enhancing prevention, access to services and response for conflict affected women, girls, men and boys INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Gender-Based Violence 755,000 755,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120591/18325 Strengthening justice systems for the prevention and response to GBV in the North International Federation of Women Lawyers Gender-Based Violence 705,000 705,000 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120376/14218 Supporting Community Based ProtectioSupporting Community Based Protection Response in conflict affected population of Borno State Secours Islamique France Gender-Based Violence 342,276 342,276 0 0
NGA-18/GBV/120997/5179 Women and Girls are protected from and treated for the consequences of gender-based violence (GBV) in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states International Rescue Committee Gender-Based Violence 1,465,579 1,465,579 0 0

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