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NIG-18/MS/122802/120 Multisectorial Response - Nigerian Refugees in the Diffa region United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Multi-Sector for Refugees 32,246,906 8,633,978 0
NIG-18/GBV/122796/1171 Prevention and response to GBV for refugees in camps and hostcommunities United Nations Population Fund S/Cluster VBG 1,190,000 150,040 0
NIG-18/GBV/120232/5524 Addressing the immediate needs of Gender Based Violence of Population affected by crisis in North East Nigeria Plan International S/Cluster VBG 1,105,704 46,403 0
NIG-18/GBV/122758/1171 Prevention and response to GBV in Hosting communities, displaced and retunees persons in the conflict affected region of Diffa in Niger United Nations Population Fund S/Cluster VBG 1,555,000 0 0
NIG-18/GBV/121763/7950 Prevent,respond and reintegrate children (girls and boys) and young adolescents survivors of sexual and gender based violence as a result of conflict in Diffa region. Plan Niger S/Cluster VBG 830,000 0 0
NIG-18/GBV/120368/5167 Projet de prevention et de prise en charge des cas de violence basée sur le genre dans la région de Tillaberi. Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPI S/Cluster VBG 300,000 0 0

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