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SOM-18/E/119144/15231 Improved access to Basic Education for the vulnerable children, IDPs, host communities in drought and conflict affected areas of Merka, Qoryooley, Awdhegle and Kurtunwarey districts, Lower Shabelle region AYUUB Organization Education 612,600 612,600 479,363 0
SOM-18/E/120136/17471 Improving Access to lifesaving quality Education to drought and Conflict-Affected School-aged Children (Boys and Girls) in Bal’cad and Jowhar Districts of Middle Shabelle Region, Hirshabelle State of Somalia. Aid Vision Education 396,883 396,883 484,451 0
SOM-18/E/121878/5816 Increased access to quality education and emergency response to boys and girls afffected by drought and conflicts with a focus on IDPs and vulnerable host communities in Banadir, Galgaduud, Mudug and Hiran Comitato Internationale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli Education 700,000 700,000 424,109 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121405/6458 Enhanced Coordination and improved information management in camps and settlements in order to improve the living conditions of IDPs in Somalia Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,500,000 1,500,000 821,035 0
SOM-18/E/121773/5660 Promoting access and transition to quality education for vulnerable IDP children in crisis and emergency situations in Bay and Bakool Regions (Baidoa,Dinsor and Wajid)of South West Somalia INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Education 1,000,000 1,000,000 349,821 0
SOM-18/CCCM/119423/5181 Enhancing the coordination and delivery of humanitarian assistance with full participation of displaced populations in sites and settlements in Baidoa and Mogadishu Danish Refugee Council Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,407,000 1,407,000 659,715 0
SOM-18/E/121271/15866 Provision of Education in Emergency Response for Drought Affected populations in Bardhere, Dolow Districts of Gedo region Himilo Relief and Development Association Education 511,727 511,727 159,991 0
SOM-18/E/121974/R/18219 Integrated emergency education response to increase enrollment and retention of vulnerable children in Baidoa IDP camps. Bay Regional Education Committee Education 300,000 300,000 139,999 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121605/15915 Enhancing the living conditions of IDPs and ensure equitable access to services and durable solutions African Volunteers for Relief and Development Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,379,294 1,379,294 44,994 0
SOM-18/CCCM/120689/R/5834 Improved coordination of the integrated multi-sectorial response at site level to raise the quality of interventions and monitoring of humanitarian services Norwegian Refugee Council Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,000,000 1,000,000 225,000 0
SOM-18/E/121337/6579 Emergency Education Support (EES) Adventist Development and Relief Agency Education 522,100 522,100 788,199 0
SOM-18/E/120512/5834 Education in Emergencies for children and youth affected by crisis in Somalia Norwegian Refugee Council Education 4,000,000 4,000,000 1,740,483 0
SOM-18/E/119993/6971 Improved access to quality education for children in Somalia affected by emergencies through integrated response. Relief International Education 2,398,306 2,398,306 396,823 0
SOM-18/E/121258/6079 Basic Education Support for Drought Affected Communities Save the Children Education 3,000,000 3,000,000 725,011 0
SOM-18/CCCM/122020/8884 Establishment of Camp Coordination and Camp Management services to Internally Displaced Person's Camps in Galmudug region. Save Somali Women & Children Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,423,100 1,423,100 250,002 0
SOM-18/E/120450/124 Supporting access to inclusive quality basic education for the most vulnerable children and adolescents (girls and boys), with special focus on IDPs communities, in drought and conflict affected regions. United Nations Children's Fund Education 19,000,000 19,000,000 6,838,238 0
SOM-18/CCCM/119012/120 Improving provision of services and protection responses through strengthened camp coordination and camp management United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 14,779,402 14,779,402 11,682 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121949/298 Provision of Camp Coordination and Camp Management services to men women boys and girls in displacement sites in Somalia International Organization for Migration Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 6,955,000 6,955,000 300,000 0
SOM-18/E/121043/14000 Access to emergency education to drought affected IDPs, returnees and host communities in Galgudud region of Galmudug state. Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development Education 299,934 299,934 0 0
SOM-18/E/119139/120 Education support to Refugee Returnee, IDP and Host Community Children United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Education 10,202,273 10,202,273 0 0
SOM-18/E/121614/R/7037 Emergency Basic Education Support project for IDPs, Returnees and Drought affected population in Kismyo, Bosasso, Dhusamareeb and Galkayo South and Sool and Sanaag. CARE Somalia Education 999,950 999,950 0 0
SOM-18/E/119048/14579 Emergency Education Programme for Conflict and Drought affected school Aged Children in Banadir, Lower and Middle Shebelle regions of Somalia Formal Education Network for Private Schools Education 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/E/121808/15583 Emergency Education Programme for the Conflict, Drought and AWD/Cholera affected IDPs/Returnees and Vulnerable Host Communities in Tiyeglow District, Bakool Region–South West State of Somalia Golweyne Relief and Rehabilitation Education 413,366 413,366 0 0
SOM-18/E/119138/R/15093 Emergency and sustainable Education interventions to drought and conflict affected IDPS and vulnerable urban poor populations in Banadir and Lower shabelle regions. Somali Community Concern Education 317,368 317,368 0 0
SOM-18/E/121733/16385 Enhanced access to education and retention of internally displaced children of vulnerable households (boys and girls) affected by drought and conflict in IDP camps in Banadir, Lower Jubba, Lower Shabele, Hiraan, Galgaduud, Muduug-South, Bay and Gedo regions Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Education 1,000,000 1,000,000 0 0
SOM-18/E/120117/15104 Ensure continued access to education and retention of children in learning spaces in Marka district of lower Shabelle and Dhusamareb district of Galgadud region. SWISSO - Kalmo Education 300,000 300,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121901/16385 Ensure coordination and socially coherent self-management of IDP camps that facilitates the delivery of humanitarian serves and timely response to disasters and conflict to new and protracted Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Banadir, Lower Shabelle, Hiraan, Galgaduud and Mudug-South, and then in Bay, Lower Jubba and Gedo Regions, Somalia Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,359,563 1,359,563 0 0
SOM-18/E/121693/8498 Ensure emergencies and crises affected children and youth have access to safe and protective learning environments, Garasbaley and Kahda Districts, Mogadishu. Concern Worldwide Education 86,136 86,136 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121632/15101 Improve the living conditions and protection of IDPs in sites and ensure equitable access to services and assistance of all persons in need through effective camp coordination and management. Sustainable Development and Peace Building Initiatives Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,210,000 1,210,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/119527/15894 Improving the living conditions for IDP by facilitating the effective provision of protection and strengthened services in camp of Baidoa and Afgoye in South Central Somalia Rural Education and Agriculture Development Organization Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,330,000 1,330,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/122189/298 Informing humanitarian planning of and response to the needs of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Somalia through population based surveys International Organization for Migration Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 3,000,000 3,000,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121748/5146 Integrated CCCM for IDPs in Afgooye Corridor and Baidoa Catholic Relief Services Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 2,062,233 2,062,233 0 0
SOM-18/E/121735/8502 Integrated Education, WASH and Food Security support to crises affected children in Somalia World Vision International Education 697,615 697,615 0 0
SOM-18/E/119816/8396 Integrated Emergency Response for Schools in Drought- and Conflict-Affected Areas of Somalia Mercy-USA for Aid and Development Education 649,816 649,816 0 0
SOM-18/E/122210/5768 Integrated response for education in emergency for vulnerable children affected by drought and displacement crises in IDPs and host community Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale Education 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/E/121435/R/5527 Promoting access to quality education for most vulnerable school aged children in volatile and drought affected areas in Gedo region. ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid Education 1,410,153 1,410,153 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121880/298 Provision of Cluster Coordination for the Camp Coordination and Camp Management Sector International Organization for Migration Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,182,350 1,182,350 0 0
SOM-18/E/120629/5162 Provision of Emergency Educational Support to school children in emergency affected areas (droughts, flooding and conflicts) of Galgadud (Cadado, Abudwak, Dhusamareeb), Mudug (Galkacyo, Galdogob, Hobyo), Lower Juba (Kismayu, Afmadow ) and Banadir/ Lower Shabelle (Afgooye Corridor) regions to ensure continued access to education. Mercy Corps Education 849,295 849,295 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/118958/14048 Provision of Improved coordination and self-management of IDP camps for newly displaced and protracted internally IDPs in Benadir and Lower Shabelle Regions Somali Young Doctors Association Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 867,000 867,000 0 0
SOM-18/E/119877/R/8940 SHARDO Emergency Education Project for Affected Learners, Teachers and CECs in Middle Shabelle. Shabelle Relief and Development Organization - SRDO Education 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/E/120598/19191 Support access for primary education in emergency for 3000 children from 7 to 17 in age who from IDP camps in Dhusamareeb, Guric-el and Adaado of Galgaduud region –central Somalia Daryeel Bulsho Guud Education 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121699/17570 Support for Camp Management and IDPs Basic Needs in Galgadud Region Integrated Youth and Relief Development Association Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 654,000 654,000 0 0
SOM-18/CCCM/121390/8868 Support for Camp Management, Basic Improvement Works and Provisions for IDP Camps in Mogadishu, Bay and Galmudug Regions Center for Peace and Democracy Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) 1,600,800 1,600,800 0 0

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