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SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119711/8937 Scaling up on the existing activities on child protection and Prevention and Response to Violence against Women and Girls by providing referral to medical health care, Psycho social , material assistance, providing life saving information through awareness raising and capacity building and working towards durable solutions by providing livelihood to survivors and vulnerable individuals in somalia Women and Children Child Care Organization Protection 600,000 600,000 766,127 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119014/14048 Provision of Emergency Protection Assistance and Basic life saving Services for Drought and Conflict Affected IDPs and Host Populations in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle Region. Somali Young Doctors Association Protection 543,890 543,890 224,980 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119383/5181 Enhancing the protection of children and women in areas of high displacement in Somalia through community based protection and systems strengthening. Danish Refugee Council Protection 2,177,000 2,177,000 609,671 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121703/8884 Improving the protection environment for vulnerable GBV survivors and children affected by drought and conflict in Galmudug Somalia Save Somali Women & Children Protection 1,200,000 1,200,000 300,000 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119727/6079 Enhancing the protection environment for vulnerable children affected by drought and conflict in Somalia Save the Children Protection 3,500,000 3,500,000 1,284,294 0
SOM-18/MS/119063/120 Favourable Protection Environment for Refugees and Asylum Seekers United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Multi-Sectoral Assistance 52,952,577 52,952,577 28,549,301 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122099/8140 Strengthening access to protection for Gender Based Violence and child survivors in Hiraan Region Humanitarian Integrity for Women Action on Advocacy for Peace and Human Right Protection 350,500 350,500 249,592 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120041/R/5834 Supporting recovery and durable solutions for IDPs in Somalia through preventive and responsive HLP interventions. Norwegian Refugee Council Protection 3,000,000 3,000,000 650,788 0
SOM-18/GBV/121101/15881 Strengthening Protection and GBV Response in Afgoye Corridor , Baidoa and Lower shabelle Women Pioneers for Peace and Life Protection 1,216,570 1,216,570 279,959 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121252/15884 Strengthening protection for GBV survivors and children victim of violence through comprehensive case management and mentoring Hidig Relief And Development Organization Protection 407,305 407,305 300,000 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/118910/14755 Strengthening community based systems in Women and Children Protection monitoring and reporting women and children abuses in Dolow, Afmadow, Kismayo, Dhobley Districts of Lower Juba Region. Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services Protection 487,080 487,080 200,011 0
SOM-18/GBV/120553/17518 Integrated Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response for Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Host Communities in Gedo/Lower Jubba Rergion of Somalia Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization Protection 462,230 462,230 205,258 0
SOM-18/MA/122366/5147 Enhancing Security and Stability of At Risk Populations in Hirshabelle State by Strengthening Communities’ Explosive Remnants of War Awareness and Clearance Capabilities HALO Trust Protection 987,579 987,579 987,579 0
SOM-18/GBV/119615/124 Prevention and response intervention for survivors of gender based violence (women, men, girls and boys) in emergencies United Nations Children's Fund Protection 5,484,891 5,484,891 2,102,619 0
SOM-18/GBV/121648/17705 Prevention and Response to GBV in Nugaal, Sool, Bannaadir, Middle and Lower Shabele regions of Somalia Somali Humanitarian and Development Action Protection 202,300 202,300 25,835 0
SOM-18/MS/120342/124 Unconditional cash assistance for drought and conflict affected communities in central and southern regions of Somalia, supporting immediate lifesaving needs, crisis recovery and resilience building. United Nations Children's Fund Multi-Sectoral Assistance 15,000,000 15,000,000 4,507,728 0
SOM-18/MS/122154/5834 Integrated Multi-sectoral Response to Disaster Affected Communities in Somalia Norwegian Refugee Council Multi-Sectoral Assistance 4,000,000 4,000,000 5,433,608 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122065/5125 Capacity Enhancement of the Somali National Mine Action Programme Norwegian People's Aid Protection 2,500,000 2,500,000 207,213 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119022/R/120 Protection for vulnerable displacement and conflict-affected persons United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Protection 26,981,196 26,981,196 335,610 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122083/8502 Provision of GBV and Child Protection services in displacement affected areas in Somaliland; Puntland and South West State World Vision International Protection 790,810 790,810 811,947 0
SOM-18/MS/121717/298 Facilitating Safe and Dignified Return of stranded Somali nationals to Somalia International Organization for Migration Multi-Sectoral Assistance 23,304,600 23,304,600 2,000,000 0
SOM-18/CP/120779/124 Protecting Children affected by conflict and other emergencies in Somalia United Nations Children's Fund Protection 5,583,600 5,583,600 1,166,594 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119222/15897 Stregthening of prevention and response protection mechanisms for vulnerable populations in Jubaland state of Somalia Kismayo,Garbahaarey and South west state of Ceelbarde and Baidoa 43,000 people 20,000 are women Girls 13000,Men 30000 and Boys 7000 Solidarity Group of Jubbaland Protection 300,500 300,500 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120413/15637 Access to essential safe, protected and habitable services to children and GBV survivors affected IDPs and the host community hit by drought through child protection, GBV prevention and response interventions from IDPs and the host community in Jamame district of Lower Juba Region and AbdiAziz, Karaan of Banadir region in South central somalia. Juba Foundation Protection 530,000 530,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121591/16212 Awareness raising and campaigning of communities against risk of drought and create for them protective environments through GBV Prevention and Response to the displaced communities in the outskirts of Bardera and Sakow districts of Gedo and Middle Juba Regions Somali Vulnerable Actors Protection 407,632 407,632 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122295/14603 Building a Safer Future for Children and youth in Puntland affected by persistent drought and protracted displacement. Enhancing Community Based mechanism for family reunification and reintegration, case management and psychosial support of vulnerable children and youth including vocational skills development Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali Protection 711,532 711,532 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120204/6971 Combating Gender-based Violence among IDPs through Community Mobilization and Livelihoods Support in Puntland and South Central Somalia Relief International Protection 839,039 839,039 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121736/5146 Community-focused protection for IDPs in Afgooye Corridor and Baidoa Catholic Relief Services Protection 1,818,048 1,818,048 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/119536/1171 Comprehensive Gender-based Violence Multi sectoral Prevention, Mitigation and Responses for Enhanced Service Delivery in Somalia United Nations Population Fund Protection 4,999,999 4,999,999 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122147/5128 Contribute to reduction in gender based violence through prevention, mitigation and response in Banadir, Lower Shabelle, Hiraan and Mudug Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Protection 992,768 992,768 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121710/16259 Durable solutions for enhancing human security and employment opportunities for vulnerable people across Somalia Mines Advisory Group Protection 1,888,920 1,888,920 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/122428/19231 Effective GBV Legal response services to displaced populations and Host community. Motherland Somalia NGO Protection 470,000 470,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121091/17543 Emergency Integrated Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response for Drought Affected Households in Baidoa, District Bay Region for South West State of Somalia. Southern Family Support and Child Protection Protection 500,000 500,000 0 0
SOM-18/MS/121994/8502 Enhanced multi-sectoral collaboration and integration of WASH, Health, nutrition, Livelihood, Education and food security assistance among the Host communities and IDPs in Puntland, Somaliland and South West Regions of Somalia. World Vision International Multi-Sectoral Assistance 2,266,030 2,266,030 0 0
SOM-18/MA/121714/5181 Enhanced protective environment for conflict affected populations in Somalia through provision of mine action activities Danish Refugee Council Protection 2,000,000 2,000,000 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/122250/15092 Enhancing Gender Responsive Community Safety Mechanisms for Protection of Women and Children against Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Kismayu and Kahda Mogadishu. Skills Active Forward Protection 385,000 385,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122465/17981 Enhancing protection, increasing safety and promoting dignity of drought- affected women, men, girls and boys in Elwak and Baardhere districts of Gedo Region. Northern Frontier Youth League Protection 328,400 328,400 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119543/1171 Enhancing the Protective Environment through coordination, accountability and capacity building of GBV service providers and stakeholders in Somalia United Nations Population Fund Protection 349,890 349,890 0 0
SOM-18/MA/121247/5116 Explosive Hazard Management in Somalia United Nations Mine Action Service Protection 3,468,143 3,468,143 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/121961/298 Improve access to gender based violence (GBV) prevention and response services among crisis affected populations including internally displaced persons (IDPs), migrants, returnees and affected host communities in Somaliland, Puntland, and South Central Somalia. International Organization for Migration Protection 1,338,410 1,338,410 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121868/5660 Improve access to protective environment and services for the most vulnerable internally displaced populations/returnees and host communities through prevention of, as well as response to (GBV), mitigation to CP risks including support to recovery for children affected by armed conflict (CAAC) and or separated from their families requiring tracing and reunification in areas affected by drought and conflict in Baidoa, Dinsoor, Wajid, Mogadishu, Afgoye, Jowhar, Warsheikh and Galkacyo. INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Protection 990,000 990,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120911/8871 Improve access to protective environment and services for the most vulnerable people through prevention and response to gender based violence (GBV), mitigation to child protection risks including support to recovery for children affected by armed conflict and separated from their families requiring tracing and reunification in areas affected by drought in Baidoa, Distric , Bay Region. Deeg-Roor Medical Organization & Trauma Counseling Centre Protection 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121639/14015 Improve equitable access to protective environment and life saving basic services for crisis affected male and female IDPs and vulnerable host community members in high priority areas in Bay and Bakool regions Salama Medical Agency Protection 360,590 360,590 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121158/8058 Improve safety and dignity of displaced and host communities in drought affected area of Somalia Islamic Relief Worldwide Protection 512,000 512,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121646/16271 Improved protection of vulnerable community groups women, girls, men and boys New Ways Organization Protection 343,024 343,024 0 0
SOM-18/MA/121296/16259 Improving Human Security through training and support of the Puntland Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team to manage ERW Mines Advisory Group Protection 464,113 464,113 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122461/5160 Improving access to quality and lifesaving care for survivors and mitigating GBV among vulnerable displaced and host communities in Mogadishu, Banadir region, Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region, Baidoa, Bay region and Galkacyo South, Galmudug region. International Medical Corps Protection 344,000 344,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119701/5179 Increasing Accessibility and Quality Provision of GBV Services through Community-Based Response and Prevention Mechanisms in Nugaal and Banadir Regions International Rescue Committee Protection 609,900 609,900 0 0
SOM-18/CP/119269/15545 Increasing capacities of community based child protection systems and structures to prevent and respond to child protection risks in 7 drought affected districts in Gedo Region Somali Youth Development Foundation Protection 361,100 361,100 0 0
SOM-18/MS/119314/15104 Integrated emergency life saving health, nutrition and WASH project in Bay, Lower Shabelle and Galgaduud regions of South Central Somalia SWISSO - Kalmo Multi-Sectoral Assistance 1,343,920 1,343,920 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122462/15103 Integrated response to strengthen Child protection and GBV interventions for IDPs and other vulnerable groups in Lower Juba Region Southern Aid Protection 358,000 358,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119275/15545 Open training courses for young people about life skills training, Organize a campaign with IDPs family to discuss birth control and personal hygiene and the risk of early marriage for girls in South Central Somalia Somali Youth Development Foundation Protection 844,444 844,444 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/121345/13159 Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence GBV in drought affected regions in Puntland state of Somalia KAALO Aid and Development Protection 437,000 437,000 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/121154/15339 Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence in Garbaharey ,Bal'ad and Kismaayo Districts Action for Relief and Development Protection 390,000 390,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120765/17519 Prevention and response to child abuse, including Community dialogue and reunification of separated and unaccompanied girls and boys Gedo Youth Rescue and Development Council Protection 190,000 190,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119775/17518 Prevention of and Response to GBV and family separation affecting children in Gedo and Lower Juba including hard to reach rural villages and IDP camps through integrated life-saving responses and community-based prevention strategies. Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization Protection 491,000 491,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119752/14050 Promote essential emergency GBV prevention & response, strengthen community, CSOs, Local authorities’ capacity to prevent and respond rights violations and contribute to protective environments for IDPs and other vulnerable groups in Juba, Lower Shabelle and Gedo Regions Active Development Aid Protection 689,000 689,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119378/16095 Protection and Emergency Support to vulnerable and Internally displaced communities in Benadir and Lower Shabelle regions New Dawn Protection 460,000 460,000 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/122088/5370 Protection services for vulnerable GBV victims in Garowe and Bosaso, Puntland Muslim Aid Protection 312,400 312,400 0 0
SOM-18/MS/124118/6048 Provide emergency livestock integrated intervention in Afmadow District. Wajir South Development Association Multi-Sectoral Assistance 308,494 308,494 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/119914/5586 Provide timely and effective GBV prevention and response services to displaced populations American Refugee Committee Protection 530,335 530,335 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/119086/16843 Provision of advocacy and awareness rising on protection and women rights in Luuq district, Gedo region Jubbaland State, Somalia United Somali Women Root Organization Protection 148,967 148,967 0 0
SOM-18/MS/119341/14048 Provision of emergency integrated live-saving primary health care service, Nutrition interventions and basic WASH services to internally displaced persons and drought-affected populations in Benadir and Lower Shabelle Somali Young Doctors Association Multi-Sectoral Assistance 677,579 677,579 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121054/17561 Provision of legal aid assistance to IDPs and Returnees in South Central Regions of Somalia. Association of Somali Women Lawyers Protection 288,579 288,579 0 0
SOM-18/CP/122425/17981 Provision of lifesaving, specialized Child Protection services to extremely vulnerable children in hard to reach and underserved locations in Lower Shebelle Region. Northern Frontier Youth League Protection 449,650 449,650 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121241/19194 Provision of protection services to the drought and conflict displaced women, girls, boys and men as well as vulnerable marginalized community members in Baidoa and Wajid Districts, Bay and Bakool Regions, Somalia Kanava Youth Development Organization Protection 267,700 267,700 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/120530/R/8896 Reduce risk of Gender Based Violence GBV through strengthening community capacity and local staff to prevent and response to violations related to GBV in Hiran, Lower Shabelle and Banadir regions. Wardi Relief and Development Initiatives Protection 605,000 605,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122421/17535 Reduced GBV risk of IDP women and girls in Dhusamareeb in Galgaduud region through grant and Shariah compliant microcredit Server Women And Children Empowerment Development Agenda Protection 300,000 300,000 0 0
SOM-18/MA/121516/16259 Reducing Explosive Hazard Risks for Returnees, IDPs, and Resident Communities through Risk Education in South West State and Jubaland State Mines Advisory Group Protection 714,443 714,443 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/121177/18216 Reducing risk of GBV through awareness raising, community capacity building and service providers by working towards durable solutions through prevention and response to violence towards GBV in Gedo and Banadir SC Regions of Somalia Community Development and Humanitarian Network Protection 202,500 202,500 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/121617/8868 Reduction of the vulnerability of displaced populations in Dhusa-mareeb, Adado and Abudwak districts through the prevention and response to Gender Based violence Center for Peace and Democracy Protection 370,993 370,993 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120828/16271 Strengthening Community Protection Support Systems in Middle and Lower Shabelle New Ways Organization Protection 541,600 541,600 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122282/18233 Strengthening Community based gender based violence (GBV) prevention and response services for women, children and men in Beledweyne District of Hiran Region, Afgoye of Lower Shabelle region, Dharkenley and Daynile of Banadir Region of South Central Somalia Great Hope Foundation Protection 227,161 227,161 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/119271/R/15093 Strengthening Community through gender based violence (GBV) prevention and response services for women, children and men in Daynile, Dharkaynley and Kahda districts of Banadir and Afgoye of lower Shabelle Region. Somali Community Concern Protection 405,840 405,840 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120974/5816 Strengthening Prevention and Response mechanisms for survivors of GBV and UASC in in drought and conflict affected regions of South Central, Somalia. Comitato Internationale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli Protection 1,421,064 1,421,064 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121443/15231 Strengthening and Promoting Dignity for the conflict and drought affected women and girls through Protection mechanism, GBV Risk Mitigation, Provision of GBV and HLP Services in Merka, Baraawe, Kuntuwarey, Qoryooley, WanlaWeyn districts of lower Shabelle Region AYUUB Organization Protection 643,141 643,141 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122373/14603 Strengthening protection mechanisms for high risk groups and survivors of Gender Based Violence among the displaced persons and host community in Puntland. Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali Protection 458,222 458,222 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/120831/15338 Strengthening resilience and protection mechanisms of at risk communities through a comprehensive, prevention strategies and timely response in Diinsoor and Baidoa districts, Bay Region Society Development Initiative Organization Protection 400,000 400,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122296/17579 Strengthening the protection of and access to durable solutions for vulnerable IDPs, returnees and host populations in ,Afgoye, Wanlaweyn, Lafole of Lower shabelle a Adado distric in Galgadud region Organization for Somalis Protection and Development Protection 567,000 567,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/121688/5527 Strengthening the protection, prevention and response mechanism for women,men,boys and girls affected by or at risk of Gender Based Violence in Puntland and Gedo, Somalia ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid Protection 773,809 773,809 0 0
SOM-18/GBV/122468/17450 Strengthening the resilience and Increasing the prevention mechanism of GBV Protection Response in in Banadir Region and Afgoye, Baidoa, Lower Shabelle of South West State in Somalia. Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association Protection 720,375 720,375 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122118/16194 Support for Enhanced Protective Environment for IDPs and Refugee Returnees in Lower Juba Horn of Africa Peace Network Protection 406,600 406,600 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122351/15082 Support protection services provision to conflict affected communities to respond and mitigate protection risks including Gender based violence and child related violations in Gedo region of South central Somalia. Gedo Women Development Organization Protection 310,000 310,000 0 0
SOM-18/P-HR-RL/122129/5162 The Provision of Services to Strengthen the Community Resilience toward Protection Violations (GBV & CP) in Kismayo and Mogadishu areas Mercy Corps Protection 595,406 595,406 0 0
SOM-18/CP/122413/15904 To improve conducive environment for children through community based child protection engagement Tadamun Social Society Protection 281,001 281,001 0 0
SOM-18/MS/122445/7491 Voluntary Return Program for IDPs Organisation of the Islamic Conference Multi-Sectoral Assistance 6,251,996 6,251,996 0 0

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