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SOM-18/MS/120342/124 Unconditional cash assistance for drought and conflict affected communities in central and southern regions of Somalia, supporting immediate lifesaving needs, crisis recovery and resilience building. United Nations Children's Fund Multi-Sectoral Assistance 15,000,000 15,000,000 4,507,728 0
SOM-18/MS/119314/15104 Integrated emergency life saving health, nutrition and WASH project in Bay, Lower Shabelle and Galgaduud regions of South Central Somalia SWISSO - Kalmo Multi-Sectoral Assistance 1,343,920 1,343,920 0 0
SOM-18/MS/124118/6048 Provide emergency livestock integrated intervention in Afmadow District. Wajir South Development Association Multi-Sectoral Assistance 308,494 308,494 0 0
SOM-18/MS/119341/14048 Provision of emergency integrated live-saving primary health care service, Nutrition interventions and basic WASH services to internally displaced persons and drought-affected populations in Benadir and Lower Shabelle Somali Young Doctors Association Multi-Sectoral Assistance 677,579 677,579 0 0
SOM-18/MS/122445/7491 Voluntary Return Program for IDPs Organisation of the Islamic Conference Multi-Sectoral Assistance 6,251,996 6,251,996 0 0

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