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Total incoming funding: US$32,295,951
Filtered original requirements: US$124,435,964
Filtered current requirements: US$124,435,964
Coverage: 26.0%
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SOM-18/H/120255/15339 Provision of primary health care services for vulnerable Communities in Gedo,Lower Juba, and Middle Shabelle regions Action for Relief and Development Health 450,000 635,357 0
SOM-18/H/122274/5660 Provision of primary and secondary emergency health services supported by a strong referral system in Middle Shebelle, Bay and Lower Shebelle regions, integrated with components of nutrition, protection and WASH INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Health 2,443,196 852,879 0
SOM-18/H/120185/16271 Provision of Emergency primary health care to IDPs and vulnerable host communities in town and outreach villages of Barawe, Kurtunwarey, and Qoryoley districts through mobile teams New Ways Organization Health 390,721 408,532 0
SOM-18/H/118866/14048 Provision of Basic and Life Saving Primary Health Care service for conflict and drought affected vulnerable populations/IDPs in Benadir and Lower Shabelle Region Somali Young Doctors Association Health 723,589 149,205 0
SOM-18/H/118907/14755 Provision of integrated emergency live-saving primary health care interventions to the drought and conflict hit IDPs and the Host community in selected districts of Sool, Lower Juba Region. Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services Health 970,000 363,168 0
SOM-18/H/120558/8868 Provision of essential lifesaving primary and secondary health services to crisis affected populations in Galmudug, Hirshabelle, South West and Banadir states in Somalia. Centre for Peace and Democracy Health 2,458,996 99,997 0
SOM-18/H/119683/15078 Provide integrated emergency primary health care services in Galgadud and Mudug region central south Somalia Development and Empowerment for Humanity formerly (DEH Relief and Development Organization) Health 361,400 104,691 0
SOM-18/H/120071/15231 Emergency life saving health service for crises effected IDPs and Hosted Population in Merka,Qoryoley, Awdhegle and Kurtunwarey district, Lower Shabelle region AYUUB Organization Health 526,761 175,522 0
SOM-18/H/120024/15086 Provision of primary and basic secondary health services for vulnerable populations (IDPs, returnees and host communities) in Banadir and Lower Shablle region Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid Organization Health 975,050 169,996 0
SOM-18/H/122432/5271 Improved Access to Life Saving Basic Health Services for Vulnerable Conflict affected and Displaced Boys, Girls, Men And Women in Banadir, Bakool, Lower Shabelle and Nugal regions ACF - France Health 1,050,000 400,000 0
SOM-18/H/122022/8502 Essential health service improvement and health risk reduction project for host communities and displaced populations in Puntland, Somaliland and South Central Regions World Vision International Health 1,896,685 2,004,955 0
SOM-18/H/119794/6079 Integrated life saving interventions for IDPs and drought affected Population in Somalia Save the Children Health 1,000,000 1,232,001 0
SOM-18/H/120619/15103 Integrated emergency life -saving primary health care services to the drought affected vulnerable IDPs, returnees and host communities in Lower Juba regions Southern Aid Health 286,294 382,580 0
SOM-18/H/120099/15884 Provision of emergency reproductive, maternal, new born and child health services to crisis affected populations in Somalia Hidig Relief And Development Organization Health 1,000,950 180,000 0
SOM-18/H/119278/R/8896 Provision of essential life saving primary and Health services to crisis affected populations in Banadir, Lower Shebelle, Hiran and Galgadud states of SCZ Wardi Relief and Development Initiatives Health 2,111,378 120,000 0
SOM-18/H/121674/15866 Provision of emergency life-saving primary health care services to the drought affected and protracted IDPs and the host communities in Bardera, Beled-hawa and Garbaharey District of Gedo region Himilo Relief and Development Association Health 476,000 281,245 0
SOM-18/H/118978/14015 Provision of access to essential life saving emergency primary and secondary health care services for the crisis affected, most vulnerable male and female communities in Bay and Bakool regions Salama Medical Agency Health 617,000 148,389 0
SOM-18/H/120046/14834 Provision of Primary Health care service to the drought affected population of Bula Burte, Jalalasqi and Mahas districts of Hiran region Riverine Relief Program Health 267,000 99,942 0
SOM-18/H/120418/124 Provision of emergency reproductive, maternal, new born and child health services including disease prevention and strengthening national and regional emergency preparedness and response capacities United Nations Children's Fund Health 34,279,200 18,197,331 0
SOM-18/H/122371/5160 Mitigating excess morbidity, mortality, and disability in South Central Somalia through provision of integrated, lifesaving primary and secondary healthcare services in Galkacyo South, Mudug region, Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region, Baidoa, Bay region, Abudwak and Balambal, Galgaduud region and Mohadishu, Banadir region. International Medical Corps Health 1,475,150 2,453,988 0
SOM-18/H/121694/298 Emergency life saving primary healthcare for crisis affected populations including internally displaced persons (IDPs), migrants, returnees, and affected host communities in Somaliland, Puntland, and South Central Somalia International Organization for Migration Health 8,896,484 491,975 0
SOM-18/H/121414/1171 Comprehensive emergency reproductive health to IDPs, returnees and host community in drought affected areas at PHC and referral levels United Nations Population Fund Health 7,404,400 500,000 0
SOM-18/H/123435/122 Emergency health preparedness and response including prevention, detection and control to public health hazards for the vulnerable Somali population in collaboration with Somalia health authorities. World Health Organization Health 15,500,000 807,384 0
SOM-18/H/123719/122 Strengthening the health sector coordination and health information systems for effective health response in Somalia World Health Organization Health 1,963,920 407,150 0
SOM-18/H/122159/5492 Provision of integrated Health care services for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Host communities in Garbaharey Districts of Gedo region, Somalia. Trocaire Health 553,875 555,556 0
SOM-18/H/123720/15685 Provision of life-saving primary/secondry health care to returnees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and host communities in Kismayo and Daynile districts, lower Juba and Benadir regions Physicians Across Continents Health 962,340 1,074,108 0
SOM-18/H/120608/17380 Emergency and Lifesaving Health Project in Burhakaba district of Bay region Burhakaba Hospital District Committee Health 187,093 0 0
SOM-18/H/118997/16260 Emergency for health Improve access to life saving quality primary health care for crisis affected male and female vulnerable populations in Hudur and El berde districts of Bakool region. Mandher Relief and Development Organization Health 370,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120706/17471 Emergency Health Care Services in Shangani and Garasbaley of Banadir Region and Aden Yabal of Middle Shabelle Region, CSZ, Somalia. Aid Vision Health 700,555 0 0
SOM-18/H/122388/5167 Emergency Health Intervention for life savings services for affected and vulnerable population in Somaliland integrating the regional hospital services. Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPI Health 677,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120514/15104 Emergency Integrated Primary and secondary Health Care Services and Community Resilience in Bay, Lower Shabelle, Banadir and Galgaduud regions SWISSO - Kalmo Health 705,130 0 0
SOM-18/H/120910/R/15905 Emergency life saving healthcare services to the IDPs and most vulnerable men, women, boys and girls population in Bardera District Gedo Region, South Central Somalia Urban and Rural Development Organization Health 255,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120601/15091 Emergency primary healthcare services in Garbaharey and Burdhuubo district Gedo region Rainwater Association of Somalia Health 335,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/121649/18232 Ensure access to quality emergency health services in rural areas of Gedo Region Jubba Youth Association Health 247,548 0 0
SOM-18/H/121790/5095 Essential health services of improved quality for IDP and host populations in Banadir, Lower and Middle Shabelle and Lower Juba, through integrated primary health care services in health facilities and in the community MEDAIR Health 2,000,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120755/15102 Health Intervention to increase access to emergency lifesaving primary health care services to the most vulnerable people in Gedo and lower Juba region SomaliAid Health 687,850 0 0
SOM-18/H/119994/15338 Health Intervention to increase access to primary health care services to the most vulnerable people, including women, men, boys and girls through strengthening primary health service delivery, routine immunization and expand EMOC services among other services to host communities(urban poor), IDPs, Returnees and newly accessible populations in South Somalia Middle Juba Region, Jubaland State of Somalia. Society Development Initiative Organization Health 384,500 0 0
SOM-18/H/121105/R/6443 Improve access to Emergency and Life-saving health care services to vulnerable boys, girls, men and women for host community, IDPs and returnees through strengthening and scaling-up static and mobile/Outreach health clinics delivery in Lower Shabelle(Afgoye) and Middle Shabelle (Balad), Mudug (Galkayo, Galgodob), Nugal-(Garowe), Saanag-(Ceerigabo), and Sool (Laas Caanod). Qatar Red Crescent Society Health 1,266,032 0 0
SOM-18/H/122330/14014 improve access to essential lifesaving health services for crisis-affected and host populations aimed enhancing pre-hospital emergency response quality. Aamin Organization Health 1,713,180 0 0
SOM-18/H/122026/14585 Improve access to essential lifesaving health services (quality primary and secondary health care) for crisis-affected populations aimed at reducing avoidable morbidity and mortality in Hagar district of Lower Juba. Somali Relief and Development Society Health 225,800 0 0
SOM-18/H/119700/R/16668 Improve access to essential life saving primary health care services for the crisis affected male and female vulnerable populations in newly accessible areas and underserved locations of high priority in Qansah,Dhere, District, Bay regions Umbrella for Relief and Rehabilitation Organization Health 317,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120409/15637 Improved access to basic primary health care services to the IDPs and the Host community in Jamame (Kamsuma and Bandarjadiid) and Kismayu (Shaqalaha MCH, QamQam, Bulo Gaduud and Gobweyn) district of Lower Juba. Juba Foundation Health 445,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/121849/8498 Improved access to essential and quality primary health care for affected populations in Banadir and Lower Shabelle South Central - Bondhere, Daynile, and Wadajir South Central - Lower Shabelle – Afgooye. Concern Worldwide Health 403,064 0 0
SOM-18/H/121330/17530 Improve equitable access to essential life saving health services for male and female of crisis and emergency affected IDPs and vulnerable host populations in Baidoa district Relief and Development Initiative Health 319,800 0 0
SOM-18/H/121774/5128 Improving access to health and reducing diseases outbreaks in South Mudug, Hiraan, Banadir and Lower Shabelle Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Health 1,233,782 0 0
SOM-18/H/121246/8058 Improving access to primary health care services for IDPs and host communities in Balcad, Daynille and Bondhere in South Central Somalia. Islamic Relief Worldwide Health 556,468 0 0
SOM-18/H/120412/7037 Integrated emergency health, nutrition and WASH program in Sool, Sanag, Bari, Togdheer and Lower Juba regions of Somalia. CARE Somalia Health 1,638,650 0 0
SOM-18/H/121025/1171 Integrated emergency Reproductive health services within PHC to drought affected population United Nations Population Fund Health 6,505,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/119947/8396 Life-Saving Health Service Delivery and Promotion of Improved Health Practices in Somalia Mercy-USA for Aid and Development Health 1,310,750 0 0
SOM-18/H/121983/5370 Primary Health Care for IDPs, returnees and host communities Muslim Aid Health 543,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120147/14049 Provision of access to essential lifesaving and integration of health care services to Nutrition ficilities(OTPs)for crisis affected population groups in Elwak Gedo region Humanitarian Africa Relief Development Organization Health 385,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/119870/15084 Provision of basic life saving primary health care services for drought and conflict affected vulnerable populations and IDPs in Buloburte and Jalalaqsi districts of Hiraan region. Hadful Cooperative Construction and Development for Social Affairs Health 300,239 0 0
SOM-18/H/121638/18216 Provision of critical lifesaving maternal, newborn and child health care services to vunerable populations in Gedo and Lower Jubba regions of South Central Somalia Community Development and Humanitarian Network Health 333,664 0 0
SOM-18/H/119849/R/5586 Provision of emergency and life-saving primary health care services to vulnerable communities American Refugee Committee (Alight) Health 1,949,144 0 0
SOM-18/H/122245/17579 Provision of emergency lifesaving health services to vulnerable population (IDPs and Host community) in Afgoye, Wanlaweyn and Brava in Lower Shabelle and Garasbaley and Hodan districts in Banadir region Organization for Somalis Protection and Development Health 332,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/122410/15082 Provision of emergency, preventive and curative health services at primary level integrated with nutrition activities in Garbahrey and Burdgubo districts of Gedo region. Gedo Women Development Organization Health 360,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/119720/8937 Provision of emergency primary health care and mother and child health services in Balcad district, Middle Shabelle region Women and Children Child Care Organization Health 450,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120912/15868 Provision of Integrated Emergency lifesaving health services including clinical managements of sexual assault victims for crisis affected populace ( men, women, boys & girls) in Lower juba, Bay and Middle Juba regions of SCZ. Solutions for Humanity International Health 653,100 0 0
SOM-18/H/119497/5179 Provision of integrated life saving and life sustaining health and nutrition services to IDP and host community populations in Daynille and Kaxda districts, Benadir region and Gaalkayo South district, Mudug region. International Rescue Committee Health 1,070,064 0 0
SOM-18/H/121351/13159 Provision of integrated lifesaving primary health care services in Puntland state of Somalia. KAALO Aid and Development Health 433,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120398/14602 Provision of integrated primary health care services for vulnerable populations and most affected people in middle Juba and Galgadud regions. Zamzam Foundation Health 509,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120096/6971 Provision of Life Saving, Emergency Healthcare in Hirshabelle, Banadir and Gedo Regions of Somalia Relief International Health 992,880 0 0
SOM-18/H/120797/15092 Provision of life saving emergency Primary Health Care (PHC) services to IDPs and host communities in Kismayo in lower Juba, Dhankenley(Kahda) in Banadir , Hobyo and Jariban in Mudug Skills Active Forward Health 890,027 0 0
SOM-18/H/120334/14050 Provision of life saving primary health care to returnees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and host communities Active Development Aid Health 670,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/121277/17423 Responding to Health-related Emergencies in Populations of Humanitarian Concern in Buurhakaba district of Bay region-Somalia Burhakaba Town Section Committee Health 493,500 0 0
SOM-18/H/121727/5146 Scale-up of integrated basic health services for IDP populations in Baidoa Catholic Relief Services Health 736,868 0 0
SOM-18/H/121118/R/8940 SHARDO Health Care project Proposal for Middle Shabelle Shabelle Relief and Development Organization - SRDO Health 360,000 0 0
SOM-18/H/120378/5816 Strengthening provision of lifesaving Health Care Services in rural and IDP population in and out of camps, Host communities, returnees and vulnerable populations in Banadir, Lower Shabelle, Galgaduud and South Mudug Regions Comitato Internationale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli Health 1,027,887 0 0
SOM-18/H/120017/8871 To: Improving access to essential live-saving primary health care services , IDP and Host Community Populations for vulnerable boys girls men and women in Baidoa town Bay Region. Deeg-Roor Medical Organization & Trauma Counseling Centre Health 422,000 0 0

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