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Total incoming funding: US$76,030,004
Filtered original requirements: US$253,760,785
Filtered current requirements: US$253,760,785
Coverage: 30.0%
Total pledges: US$0
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SOM-18/N/123373/561 Reducing Malnutrition and Strengthening Resilience to shocks for a Food Secure Somalia World Food Programme Nutrition 137,636,902 33,537,560 0
SOM-18/N/119490/8937 Prevention and treatment of acute Malnourished children under five years of age, pregnant and lactating women through Outpatient Therapeutic feeding Programme with stabilization center services to avert nutrition related morbidity and mortality in Balcad district. Women and Children Child Care Organization Nutrition 747,600 463,970 0
SOM-18/N/120520/14602 Reduction of morbidity and mortality related to malnutrition among children under five and PLW in Middle Shabelle and Hiraan region through enhancing integrated nutrition humanitarian response Zamzam Foundation Nutrition 422,000 240,478 0
SOM-18/N/120215/16271 Provision of basic nutrition package services including IMAM, targeting children <5 and PLW in IDP camps and vulnerable host communities in town, and in outreach villages in Barawe, K/warey districts through mobile teams . New Ways Organization Nutrition 564,905 195,381 0
SOM-18/N/118964/14048 Provision of Live Saving Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition among vulnerable drought affected IDPs and Host Communities of Under Five Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women in Benadir and South West -Lower Shabelle Region Somali Young Doctors Association Nutrition 636,080 149,249 0
SOM-18/N/121089/6079 Integrated lifesaving treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition among children under five and pregnant and lactating women in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia Save the Children Nutrition 29,467,816 1,793,415 0
SOM-18/N/120585/8868 Provision and strengthening of lifesaving preventive nutrition services for vulnerable and crisis affected population groups focusing on prevention and management of malnutrition, appropriate infant and young child feeding practices in emergency, micro nutrient interventions and optimal maternal nutrition in Galmudug, HIrShebelle, South West and Banadir states in Somalia. Centre for Peace and Democracy Nutrition 1,359,170 99,997 0
SOM-18/N/119682/15078 Provision of integrated management of acute malnutrition among boys, girls and pregnant and lactating women in Ceelbur,Haradheere, Cadadho district in Galgadud and Mudug region Somalia. Development and Empowerment for Humanity formerly (DEH Relief and Development Organization) Nutrition 300,073 104,691 0
SOM-18/N/122912/15106 Provision of Integrated Nutrition Service Package to children under five years (boys andgirls) as well as pregnant and lactating women in IDP camps in Hargeisa, Berbera, Borama, Burao and Oodweine districts of Somaliland African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect Nutrition 1,123,500 476,591 0
SOM-18/N/120097/15231 Emergency Nutrition Support and treatment of acute malnutrition in children under 5, pregnant & lactating mothers in crises affected areas of Merka and Qoryoley Districts of Lower Shebelle Region,Somalia AYUUB Organization Nutrition 456,997 157,270 0
SOM-18/N/119866/15086 Provision of live saving nutrition services to the most drought and Conflict affected population (IDPs and host community) in Wanlaweyn,Afgoye of lower shabelle and Banadir regions Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid Organization Nutrition 460,100 164,996 0
SOM-18/H/122293/5660 Provision of integrated lifesaving nutrition services to reduce prevalence of acute malnutrition and, build resiliency of crisis affected population living in Middle Shebelle and Bay regions of South Central Somalia. INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization Nutrition 413,600 287,431 0
SOM-18/N/121589/8502 Enhancing integrated nutrition humanitarian response among the host community, IDPs and Refugee returnees in Somaliland, South West and Puntland Regions. World Vision International Nutrition 2,139,252 108,270 0
SOM-18/N/120613/15103 Provide emergency life-saving therapeutic intervention to vulnerable <5 children and pregnant and lactating women among the host communities, returnees and IDPs in lower Juba region Southern Aid Nutrition 339,400 288,613 0
SOM-18/N/118959/R/15884 Prevent risk associated with acute malnutrition among boys, girls and PLWs in Bakool, Bay and Hiraan regions Somalia. Hidig Relief And Development Organization Nutrition 362,730 180,000 0
SOM-18/N/118908/14755 Emergency Integrated management of acute malnutrition to conflict and drought affected communities; children 6 59 months (Boys and girls) and pregnant and lactating women, in Sool, and Lower Juba, regions of south central Somalia Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services Nutrition 465,000 335,774 0
SOM-18/N/120785/R/8896 Provision of life saving nutrition services for acutely malnourished Children 6-59 Months, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers in IDP and Vulnerable Host Communities in Hiraan, Lower Shebelle and Banadir regions. Wardi Relief and Development Initiatives Nutrition 1,409,498 120,000 0
SOM-18/N/120105/14015 Provision of equitable access to and utilization of quality, high impact essential life saving mother and child nutrition services for the crisis affected IDPs and vulnerable communities in Bay and Bakol regions Salama Medical Agency Nutrition 439,770 89,033 0
SOM-18/N/120047/14834 Emergency Nutrition Support Program In Buloburte And Mahaas District Of Hiran Region Southern Somalia Riverine Relief Program Nutrition 310,000 74,956 0
SOM-18/N/119210/124 Sustaining and expanding coverage of quality lifesaving nutrition therapeutic treatment to boys and girls with severe acute malnutrition including pregnant and lactating women in areas of greatest need including IDP settlements and host communities and the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in hard to reach areas United Nations Children's Fund Nutrition 32,200,000 34,995,043 0
SOM-18/N/121794/5128 To provide integrated treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition at community level for both host community and IDPs in Gaalkacyo South, Rural Hobyo and Rural Beledweyne, Banadir and Lower Shabelle districts, Somalia. Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Nutrition 1,396,332 1,739,130 0
SOM-18/N/121450/5492 Strengthening integration of Health and Nutrition services for marginalized riverine community of Gedo, Somalia Trocaire Nutrition 408,156 408,156 0
SOM-18/N/119045/15080 Management of Acute malnutrition and building community resilience for children underfive, pregnant and lactating mothers through treatment of girls,boys,PLWs in TSFP,MCHN,BSFP and IYCF in Belethawa District Gedo Region Somalia Direct Aid Nutrition 510,960 20,000 0
SOM-18/N/121778/8498 CMAM and Therapeutic nutrition support in South Central Somalia (Banadir and Lower Shabelle) through community based management of acute malnutrition Concern Worldwide Nutrition 811,136 0 0
SOM-18/N/119731/R/5586 Emergency assistance of establishing and sustaining integration of acute malnutrition interventions (OTP,TSFP & IYCF/NHHP) to the drought effected communities of IDPs, Returnees and Host community of children under five, pregnant and lactating women American Refugee Committee (Alight) Nutrition 2,600,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119101/R/15905 Emergency Management of acute malnutrition among women and children 6 59 months, in cooperating resilience activities and multispectral approach in Bardera Gedo Somalia. Urban and Rural Development Organization Nutrition 362,200 0 0
SOM-18/N/120660/6048 Emergency Nutrition and Livelihood response in Afmadow District Lower Juba Somalia. Wajir South Development Association Nutrition 453,070 0 0
SOM-18/N/119637/17471 Emergency Nutrition Care Service in Shangani of Banadir Region and Raage Ceele of Middle Shabelle Region, CSZ, Somalia. Aid Vision Nutrition 461,548 0 0
SOM-18/N/121295/15394 Emergency Nutrition Interventions for IDPs in Somaliland 2018 (NutriSom) Health Poverty Action Nutrition 797,230 0 0
SOM-18/N/120379/R/15905 Emergency Nutrition Support and treatment of acute malnutrition among children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women in Sakow District of Middle Region – Somalia Urban and Rural Development Organization Nutrition 658,100 0 0
SOM-18/N/118996/16260 Emergency Provision of Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition among vulnerable IDPs and Host Communities of Under Five Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women in Hudur District,Bakool Region. Mandher Relief and Development Organization Nutrition 250,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/121917/5095 Essential Nutrition services of improved quality for IDP and host populations in Banadir, Lower and Middle Shabelle and Lower Juba, through primary health care services in health facilities and in the community MEDAIR Nutrition 2,784,300 0 0
SOM-18/N/120644/16154 Immediate lifesaving nutrition support to vulnerable <5 children boys, girls and PLWs In Wajid, bakoo region - Somalia African Relief and Development Nutrition 200,500 0 0
SOM-18/N/120759/8384 Improving malnutrition status among the children under 5 years, pregnant and lactating mothers and vulnerable groups through integrated nutrition, IYCF and micronutrient support in Buurhakaba district, Bay region. Peace Action Society Organisation for Somalia Nutrition 463,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/122027/123 Improving the nutritional status of vulnerable, shock affected households through nutrition sensitive programming and food based approaches Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Nutrition 5,180,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119476/15567 Integrated community based nutrition surveillance linked to resilience, and capacity building in project, and integrated management of acute malnutrition, of partners in Jubaland, Banadir and Puntland Sage Organisation Nutrition 385,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120235/15091 Integrated lifesaving nutrition intervention to the drought affected children under five boys,girls and PLWs in Gedo region Rainwater Association of Somalia Nutrition 267,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119698/8871 Integrated management and prevention of acute malnutrition among male and female children under 5 years, pregnant and lactating women from IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host households in Baidoa town and two main villages in north of Baidoa, Bay Region. . Deeg-Roor Medical Organization Nutrition 850,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120098/6971 Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition in Banadir and Hiraan Regions of South Central Somalia and in Puntland Relief International Nutrition 808,210 0 0
SOM-18/N/119924/16212 Integrated mutisectorial nutrition, health, hygiene (NHHP) preventative, food-security and promotional support and MCHN/IYCF support (promotional and preventative) especially support to caregivers for feeding the sick child in Bardera Gedo Region Somalia Somali Vulnerable Actors Nutrition 401,800 0 0
SOM-18/N/119487/15092 Integrated Nutrition Program aimed at reducing morbidity and Mortality related to malnutrition and build resilient communities through Facility and strong community based approach in Kismayo of lower Juba, Dharkenley in Banadir and Hobyo and Jariban in Mudug region in Somalia. Skills Active Forward Nutrition 779,027 0 0
SOM-18/N/120411/15637 Management of acute malnutrition amongst the vulnerable IDPs and host communities of Jamame districts in Lower Juba Region. Juba Foundation Nutrition 505,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/122891/5160 Mitigating mortality and morbidity related to acute malnutrition in children and pregnant and lactating women through integrated treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition in Galgaduud, Mudug, Middle Shabelle and Bay regions International Medical Corps Nutrition 341,250 0 0
SOM-18/N/119943/8396 Nutrition and Routine Immunization Support Program in Somalia Mercy-USA for Aid and Development Nutrition 930,900 0 0
SOM-18/N/120039/8887 Nutrition Education and Awareness as well as Treatment of Severely acute and Moderate Malnourished children aged 6-59 months and PLWs in through Facility and community support in South Galkayo and Hobyo Districts, Mudug Region, Somalia Somali Development and Rehabilitation Organisation Nutrition 252,096 0 0
SOM-18/N/119673/15583 Prevention and treatment of severely acute and moderately malnourished <5 children boys,girls and PLWs in Teeyaglow district Golweyne Relief and Rehabilitation Nutrition 241,590 0 0
SOM-18/N/121855/14584 Provide basic nutrition needs to children and PLW Rasawad Welfare Association Nutrition 301,500 0 0
SOM-18/N/121079/1171 Provision and scale up of emergency maternal nutrition services for pregnant and lactating women in IDP settlements, host communities and other marginalised, hard-to-reach areas United Nations Population Fund Nutrition 2,166,669 0 0
SOM-18/N/120625/17380 Provision of an Integrated Facility based Basic Nutrition service package to promote maternal Nutrition, child survival, growth and development in Burhakaba District Burhakaba Hospital District Committee Nutrition 191,580 0 0
SOM-18/N/120590/17423 Provision of basic life-saving nutrition activities and community resilience-building activities among vulnerable (boys, girls, women and men) in host and newly accessible communities in the rural and urban areas of Burhakaba district of Bay region in South West State of Somalia. Burhakaba Town Section Committee Nutrition 315,200 0 0
SOM-18/N/119654/15685 Provision of basic nutrition services including IYCF, as well as treatment of Acute Malnutrition for children (Boys and girls) under 5 years and PLW in Daynile distric, Banadir region, South central Somalia. Physicians Across Continents Nutrition 339,877 0 0
SOM-18/N/120560/15104 Provision of basic nutrition services including IYCF, as well as treatment of Acute Malnutrition for children (Boys and girls) under 5 years and PLW in Merka, Afgoi, Kurtunwarey and Qoryoley districts of Lower Shabele region and Dusamareb district of Galgaduud region SWISSO - Kalmo Nutrition 482,570 0 0
SOM-18/N/121673/15866 Provision of Emergency integrated management of acute malnutrition among children between 6- 59 months and pregnant and lactating women, in Bardhera District Of Gedo Region Himilo Relief and Development Association Nutrition 520,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119898/5816 Provision of Integrated Basic Nutrition Services Package for children under 5 years and PLW IDPs in camps and out of the camps, host communities, returnees and newly populations of Banadir, Galgaduud and South Mudug Regions. Comitato Internationale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli Nutrition 960,933 0 0
SOM-18/N/122397/15101 Provision of integrated Community-based Prevention and Management of Acute Malnutrition among 60,000 boys and girls aged 6 to 59 months and pregnant and lactating women in Harishabelee, Hiraan, Bulo Burto. Sustainable Development and Peace Building Initiatives Nutrition 930,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120626/R/6443 Provision of integrated life-saving curative and preventive nutrition intervention to with priority to under 5 boys and girls and Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) in Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Mudug, Nugaal, Sool and Sanaag regions covering 7 districts-Afgoye, Balad, Galkayo, Galdogob, Garowe, Ceerigabo, and Laas Canood. Qatar Red Crescent Society Nutrition 1,474,927 0 0
SOM-18/N/119767/14050 Provision of integrated nutrition services for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Host communities in Bay, Lower Shabelle, Gedo, Lower Juba and south west state regions of Somalia. Active Development Aid Nutrition 335,464 0 0
SOM-18/N/122409/5271 Provision of Integrated Nutrition treatment and prevention services to conflict affected host community and internally displaced under five boys, girls and caregivers In Hodan, Abdiaziz and Kahda districts in Banadir region, Afgoye district in Lower Shabelle, Elbarde and Hudur districts in Bakool and Eyl district in Nugaal region ACF - France Nutrition 2,800,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/122723/R/17461 Provision of life-saving and life-sustaining through integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition among vulnerable and conflicts affected under 5 children in Qoryoley, Marka and Kuntunwarey districts of lower shabelle region Shabelle Humanitarian and Relief Organization Nutrition 274,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120429/7037 Provision of lifesaving integrated nutrition and health basic services to 43,100 children under 5 and PLW in Sool, Sanag, Bari, Togdheer and Lower Juba regions of Somalia. CARE Somalia Nutrition 4,197,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119499/8890 Provision of life saving nutrition interventions to boys, girls, lactating and pregnant women in Jalalaqsi district, Hiran region Somali Organic Agriculture Development Organization Nutrition 339,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/119577/15102 Provision of lifesaving nutrition intervention to boys and girls with severe acute malnutrition including pregnant and lactating women focusing on IDP settlements and host communities in Kismayu and Badhadhe districts of Lower Juba Region Somali Aid Nutrition 300,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120195/15084 Provision of lifesaving nutrition intervention to boys, girls, pregnant and lactating women in Beledweyne district of Hiraan region Hadful Cooperative Construction and Development for Social Affairs Nutrition 217,950 0 0
SOM-18/N/119908/14049 Provission of Integrated management of acute malnutrition among children 6 59 months(Boys and girls) and pregnant and lactating women, in cooperating resilience in Elwak and Baardhere districts, Gedo region, of south central Somalia Humanitarian Africa Relief Development Organization Nutrition 580,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/121506/15082 Reduce emergency levels of acute malnutrition through integrated multi-sectorial response to prevent deteriorating nutrition conditions of children and women of Garbarharey district of Gedo region Gedo Women Development Organization Nutrition 407,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/121242/15339 Reduce morbidity and mortality related to malnutrition rate among children under five and Pregnant and Lactating Women in Gedo Region. Action for Relief and Development Nutrition 423,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/120908/14852 Reducing acute malnutrition among drought displaced persons in Sool regions. Himilo Organization for Development Nutrition 220,000 0 0
SOM-18/N/121402/5146 Scale-up of critical nutrition services to IDP populations in Afgooye Corridor and Baidoa Catholic Relief Services Nutrition 992,148 0 0
SOM-18/N/120923/14581 Strengthening Infant Young Child Feeding Practices and micronutrients supplementation for the vulnerable groups in the district of Hodan, Dharkenley, Wadajir, Wardhigley, Waaberi, Shangani, Daynille, and Hamarweyne with special attention to IDP settlements Somali Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Organization Nutrition 239,169 0 0
SOM-18/N/119940/15667 Title – Nutrition and treatment support to the severely affected boys, girls, pregnant women and lactating women by the humanitarian crisis in Kisimayo District, Jubbaland State, Somalia Mother and Children Development Aid Nutrition 400,000 0 0

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