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Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Emergency Seed and Livestock response to save lives and livelihoods of drought affected pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in three zones and 5 woredas (Assayita, Dalfagi, Dewe, Teru and Yalo,) of Afar region
Paid Contribution
Norway, Government of
ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid
Phase III - Support to a joint Norwegian emergency and recovery response aimed at saving lives and protecting livelihoods in Ethiopia. Three NGOs - NCA, DF and NRC - are cooperating within WASH, food security and shelter. The geographical focus is three z ETH-18/0014
Emergency Shelter and non-food items | Food | Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Paid Contribution
Norway, Government of
ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid
Phase II of Joint Norwegian Emergency Response for saving Ethiopian Lives and Livelihood (Norwegian Church Aid, Utviklingsfondet, Norwegian People's Aid and Norwegian Refugee Council
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