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HUKR19-8-151096-1 Integrated response to end gender based violence against vulnerable women and adolescent girls in Eastern Ukraine United Nations Population Fund Protection: Gender-based Violence (GBV) 1,743,726 409,804 0
HUKR19-6;​8-151061-1 Addressing protection concerns, building capacity and strengthening community cohesion of vulnerable conflict-affected people in Eastern Ukraine. Triangle Génération Humanitaire Protection: Gender-based Violence (GBV) | Protection: Protection 785,000 0 0
HUKR19-8-151140-1 Enhancing capacity of the community members to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence (GBV) International Organization for Migration Protection: Gender-based Violence (GBV) 800,000 0 0
HUKR19-8-151152-1 Provision of GBV reponse services for conflict-affected population in Luhansk and Donetsk oblast, Eastern Ukraine Médecins du Monde Protection: Gender-based Violence (GBV) 247,080 0 0

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