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HUKR19-12-152279-2 Providing lifesaving multi-purpose cash assistance to conflict-affected populations in areas of high concern, Ukraine GCA (Donetsk and Luhansk) Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Multipurpose Cash Assistance 570,000 570,000 244,751 0
HUKR19-12-152306-1 Securing of basic needs of people affected by conflict in Ukraine with multi-purpose cash assistance, 2018-2019 (funded by GFFO) Caritas Germany (DCV) Multipurpose Cash Assistance 361,856 361,856 69,211 0
HUKR19-12-152283-1 Provision of multi-purpose cash (MPC) grants to conflict affected population of front-line locations in Donetsk region People in Need Multipurpose Cash Assistance 636,429 636,429 221,631 0
HUKR19-12-152280-1 Assisting conflict affected communities to meet the basic needs and reduce the use of negative coping mechanism Save the Children Multipurpose Cash Assistance 2,000,000 2,000,000 186,684 0
HUKR19-12-152282-1 Contribute to improve the living conditions of vulnerable conflict affected people through enhanced purchasing power, reduced use of negative coping mechanisms and strengthened economic security in Donbass Triangle Génération Humanitaire Multipurpose Cash Assistance 520,000 520,000 0 0
HUKR19-12-151984-1 Increasing the capacity of most vulnerable conflict affected populations to cover critical expenses of households residing in areas of high concern close to contact line of Donetsk and Luhansk GCA International Organization for Migration Multipurpose Cash Assistance 1,700,000 1,700,000 0 0
HUKR19-12-150996-1 Multi-Purpose cash assistance for the most vulnerable conflict affected girls, boys, men and women in Donetsk region Dorcas Aid International Multipurpose Cash Assistance 746,302 746,302 0 0
HUKR19-2;​6;​11;​12-151125-2 Protection and humanitarian assistance to highly vulnerable conflict affected older people living in Donetska and Luhanska Oblasts Polish Humanitarian Action Multipurpose Cash Assistance | Protection: Protection | Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) | Food Security and Livelihoods 0 917,370 0 0

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