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HPSE19-SHL;PRO-150363-1 Protection of Palestine Refugees Affected by the Occupation and Forced Displacement in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Shelter/NFIs | Protection 2,615,098 2,615,098 1,122,334 0
HPSE19-SHL-150673-1 Adequate temporary shelter solutions for most vulnerable Gazan households who are displaced/evicted or at immediate risk of displacement/eviction Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 524,830 524,830 0 0
HPSE19-SHL;PRO-150560-1 Comprehensive Protection Response through provision of psychosocial, mental health, case management and transitional shelter assistance for Female Headed of households (neglected women, wives of mental health patients, addicts, WWDs and women with cancer), GBV survivor’s victim of violence in the Gaza strip. AISHA Association for Woman and Child Protection Shelter/NFIs | Protection 573,100 573,100 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150590-1 Emergency Housing Rehabilitation for Women Headed Households and Vulnerable Families in Area C Palestinian Housing Council Shelter/NFIs 316,895 316,895 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150573-1 Emergency Housing Rehabilitation for Women Headed Households and Vulnerable Families in East Jerusalem Palestinian Housing Council Shelter/NFIs 224,686 224,686 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150777-1 Emergency Preparedness Upgrading PA public schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post-emergency Collective Centers Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 907,471 907,471 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150648-1 Emergency Preparedness by upgrading PA public schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post-emergency Collective Centers Gruppo Volontariato Civile Shelter/NFIs 542,633 542,633 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150294-1 Emergency shelter support for the most vulnerable households in the Jordan Valley. MA'AN Development Center Shelter/NFIs 416,215 416,215 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150588-1 House Upgrading of Most Vulnerable Families in Middle and Southern of Gaza Strip The Arab and International Commission to Build Gaza Shelter/NFIs 792,000 792,000 0 0
HPSE19-EDU;SHL;FSC;HEA;NUT;PRO;WSH-150367-1 Humanitarian Support to Protect Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Forcible Transfer NGOs Education | Health and Nutrition Cluster | Food Security Sector | Shelter/NFIs | Protection | WASH 8,193,533 8,193,533 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150507-1 Improve the lives of the most vulnerable families in the Gaza Strip through rehabilitating their houses NGO Development Center Shelter/NFIs 868,769 868,769 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150690-1 Improving, rehabilitating and winterization of vulnerable and inadequate shelters in Area C for the women and men in herding and farming communities in order to increase their resilience Agricultural Development Association Shelter/NFIs 350,000 350,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150660-1 Increasing access of vulnerable women to safe and secure shelters through shelter rehabilitation and winterization assistance Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Shelter/NFIs 652,467 652,467 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150558-1 Preparedness of Designated Emergency Shelters in Gaza and North Gaza Governorates Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 1,131,969 1,131,969 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150603-1 Promotion and enhancement of emergency service knowledge and capacity within communities Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 255,730 255,730 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150661-1 Protect the Health and Safety of IDPs and Hardship Cases through Emergency Shelter Responses MA'AN Development Center Shelter/NFIs 430,458 430,458 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150734-1 Protection of acutely vulnerable households affected by the deteriorated socioeconomic situation and people affected by harsh weather conditions in Gaza Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 551,164 551,164 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150524-1 Rehabilitation of dilapidated houses for women headed families in eastern Khan Younis governorate Bait Almostaqbul Association Shelter/NFIs 176,904 176,904 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150148-1 Reinforce the capacities of protection from natural, man-made hazards and conflict escalations of acutely vulnerable Palestinian households Gruppo Volontariato Civile Shelter/NFIs 604,210 604,210 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150500-1 Shelter assistance for herders and Bedouins in Area C and vulnerable families in Hebron city’s H2 area, West Bank Action Against Hunger Shelter/NFIs 600,000 600,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150758-1 Shelter rehabilitation & adaptation support to households in Gaza with protection concerns and exhausted coping capacity. Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 992,490 992,490 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150755-1 Shelter/NFI emergency response to vulnerable households affected by natural disasters in Gaza Strip Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 598,130 598,130 0 0
HPSE19-SHL;WSH-150762-1 Strengthen WASH and Shelter preparedness and response capacity for the most vulnerable families in the North Gaza Governorate Gruppo Volontariato Civile WASH | Shelter/NFIs 1,248,839 1,248,839 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150532-1 Supporting Safe and Adequate Shelters in Gaza: NFIs, Winterization and Rehabilitation Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (Caritas Canada) Shelter/NFIs 1,500,000 1,500,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150759-1 Upgrade of Substandard Shelters and provision of protective assets to households located in Area C in the North of the West Bank Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 398,254 398,254 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150297-1 Upgrading PA schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as Post-Emergency Collective Centres OXFAM Netherlands (NOVIB) Shelter/NFIs 1,010,591 1,010,591 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150198-1 Upgrading PA schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post emergency Collective Centres United Nations Development Programme Shelter/NFIs 448,581 448,581 0 0

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