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HPSE19-SHL-150673-1 Adequate temporary shelter solutions for most vulnerable Gazan households who are displaced/evicted or at immediate risk of displacement/eviction Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 524,830 524,830 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150648-1 Emergency Preparedness by upgrading PA public schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post-emergency Collective Centers Gruppo Volontariato Civile Shelter/NFIs 542,633 542,633 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150660-1 Increasing access of vulnerable women to safe and secure shelters through shelter rehabilitation and winterization assistance Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Shelter/NFIs 652,467 652,467 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150558-1 Preparedness of Designated Emergency Shelters in Gaza and North Gaza Governorates Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 1,131,969 1,131,969 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150603-1 Promotion and enhancement of emergency service knowledge and capacity within communities Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 255,730 255,730 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150148-1 Reinforce the capacities of protection from natural, man-made hazards and conflict escalations of acutely vulnerable Palestinian households Gruppo Volontariato Civile Shelter/NFIs 604,210 604,210 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150500-1 Shelter assistance for herders and Bedouins in Area C and vulnerable families in Hebron city’s H2 area, West Bank Action Against Hunger Shelter/NFIs 600,000 600,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150758-1 Shelter rehabilitation & adaptation support to households in Gaza with protection concerns and exhausted coping capacity. Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 992,490 992,490 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150755-1 Shelter/NFI emergency response to vulnerable households affected by natural disasters in Gaza Strip Norwegian Refugee Council Shelter/NFIs 598,130 598,130 0 0
HPSE19-SHL;WSH-150762-1 Strengthen WASH and Shelter preparedness and response capacity for the most vulnerable families in the North Gaza Governorate Gruppo Volontariato Civile WASH | Shelter/NFIs 1,248,839 1,248,839 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150532-1 Supporting Safe and Adequate Shelters in Gaza: NFIs, Winterization and Rehabilitation Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (Caritas Canada) Shelter/NFIs 1,500,000 1,500,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150297-1 Upgrading PA schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as Post-Emergency Collective Centres OXFAM Netherlands (NOVIB) Shelter/NFIs 1,010,591 1,010,591 0 0

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