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HPSE19-SHL-150590-1 Emergency Housing Rehabilitation for Women Headed Households and Vulnerable Families in Area C Palestinian Housing Council Shelter/NFIs 316,895 316,895 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150573-1 Emergency Housing Rehabilitation for Women Headed Households and Vulnerable Families in East Jerusalem Palestinian Housing Council Shelter/NFIs 224,686 224,686 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150777-1 Emergency Preparedness Upgrading PA public schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post-emergency Collective Centers Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 907,471 907,471 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150294-1 Emergency shelter support for the most vulnerable households in the Jordan Valley. MA'AN Development Center Shelter/NFIs 416,215 416,215 0 0
HPSE19-EDU;SHL;FSC;HEA;NUT;PRO;WSH-150367-1 Humanitarian Support to Protect Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Forcible Transfer NGOs Education | Health and Nutrition Cluster | Food Security Sector | Shelter/NFIs | Protection | WASH 8,193,533 8,193,533 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150507-1 Improve the lives of the most vulnerable families in the Gaza Strip through rehabilitating their houses NGO Development Center Shelter/NFIs 868,769 868,769 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150690-1 Improving, rehabilitating and winterization of vulnerable and inadequate shelters in Area C for the women and men in herding and farming communities in order to increase their resilience Agricultural Development Association Shelter/NFIs 350,000 350,000 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150661-1 Protect the Health and Safety of IDPs and Hardship Cases through Emergency Shelter Responses MA'AN Development Center Shelter/NFIs 430,458 430,458 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150734-1 Protection of acutely vulnerable households affected by the deteriorated socioeconomic situation and people affected by harsh weather conditions in Gaza Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 551,164 551,164 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150524-1 Rehabilitation of dilapidated houses for women headed families in eastern Khan Younis governorate Bait Almostaqbul Association Shelter/NFIs 176,904 176,904 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150759-1 Upgrade of Substandard Shelters and provision of protective assets to households located in Area C in the North of the West Bank Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 398,254 398,254 0 0

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