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HPSE19-SHL-150777-1 Emergency Preparedness Upgrading PA public schools in the Gaza Strip to serve as Designated Emergency Shelters and as post-emergency Collective Centers Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 907,471 907,471 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150734-1 Protection of acutely vulnerable households affected by the deteriorated socioeconomic situation and people affected by harsh weather conditions in Gaza Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 551,164 551,164 0 0
HPSE19-SHL-150759-1 Upgrade of Substandard Shelters and provision of protective assets to households located in Area C in the North of the West Bank Première Urgence Internationale Shelter/NFIs 398,254 398,254 0 0

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