occupied Palestinian territory 2019 (part of 2018-2020 HRP)



Total incoming funding: US$8,248,320
Filtered original requirements: US$37,934,083
Filtered current requirements: US$37,934,083
Coverage: 21.7%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
HPSE19-2-150501-1 WASH assistance for herders and farmers in Area C and vulnerable families in Hebron city’s H2 area, West Bank Action Against Hunger WASH 2,204,010 399,704 0
HPSE19-1;2-150499-1 Integrated Protection Approach to address WASH and GBV Concerns of Vulnerable Groups in Wadi Al Salqa Area MA'AN Development Center Protection | WASH 875,956 1,191,165 0
HPSE19-2-150749-1 Improving the Access to Domestic water for Vulnerable Community in area C in Zatara and Beit Tamir in Bethlehem Governorate Arab Agronomist Association WASH 568,800 288,511 0
HPSE19-2-150718-1 Comprehensive WASH and protection support to vulnerable underserved households in Wadi al Saqa Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development WASH 727,928 535,268 0
HPSE19-2-150295-1 Improving water access for unconnected communities and most vulnerable groups in the West Bank Gruppo Volontariato Civile (until 2018) WASH 1,131,418 387,675 0
HPSE19-2;6-150762-1 Strengthen WASH and Shelter preparedness and response capacity for the most vulnerable families in the North Gaza Governorate Gruppo Volontariato Civile (until 2018) WASH | Shelter/NFIs 1,248,839 299,999 0
HPSE19-2-150691-1 Installation of solar panels to private desalination plants to increase the access to sustainable, adequate and safe drinking water for vulnerable communities in the Gaza Strip Gruppo Volontariato Civile (until 2018) WASH 617,604 398,307 0
HPSE19-2-150559-1 Household WASH services for the most vulnerable families in Gaza United Nations Children's Fund WASH 3,028,334 3,391,612 0
HPSE19-2-150557-1 Emergency WASH interventions for unconnected vulnerable communities in Area C United Nations Children's Fund WASH 2,666,863 600,000 0
HPSE19-2-150708-1 Accessible clean and potable water and improved hygiene practices in vulnerable communities in the Gaza Strip Save the Children WASH 747,121 756,079 0
HPSE19-2-150785-1 Build the capacity of local communities at risk of flooding in emergency preparedness and enhance the resilience of vulnerable affected population in the Gaza Strip Première Urgence Internationale WASH 533,408 0 0
HPSE19-2-150746-1 Emergency Environmental Health Programme United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East WASH 1,100,000 0 0
HPSE19-2-150531-1 Enhanced Access to Water and Hygiene for Households in Areas of Arabbuna, Abdallah Younes and Barta'a Al’ard for Agricultural Development WASH 1,081,488 0 0
HPSE19-2-150527-1 Enhanced Access to Water and hygiene for Households in Bait Hasan Al’ard for Agricultural Development WASH 516,976 0 0
HPSE19-2;4-150552-1 Enhancing the Livelihood of the Vulnerable Community of Fera’a in Hebron Al’ard for Agricultural Development WASH | Food Security Sector 159,976 0 0
HPSE19-2-150183-1 Ensuring that acutely vulnerable Palestinian Bedouins and herders' communities in area C in the West Bank have access to water supply and appropriate WASH facilities Comitato Internationale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli WASH 940,530 0 0
HPSE19-2;3-150655-1 Humanitarian Response to deteriorated WASH situation in Beit Lahiya and Al Shoka areas ACT Alliance / Dan Church Aid - Norwegian Church Aid Joint office in Palestine Health and Nutrition Cluster | WASH 1,102,011 0 0
HPSE19-1;2;3;4;5;6-150367-1 Humanitarian Support to Protect Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Forcible Transfer NGOs Health and Nutrition Cluster | Protection | WASH | Food Security Sector | Education | Shelter/NFIs 8,193,533 0 0
HPSE19-2-150421-1 Humanitarian WASH Response to Improve Water Access to Vulnerable Unserved and Under-Served Communities in Ramallah and East Jerusalem Governorates Global Communities WASH 1,805,000 0 0
HPSE19-2-150685-1 Improved essential WASH services in schools in the Gaza Strip Gruppo Volontariato Civile (until 2018) WASH 527,550 0 0
HPSE19-2-150503-1 Improving WASH conditions in the Southern Governorates of Gaza Strip Palestinian Hydrology Group WASH 590,000 0 0
HPSE19-2-150147-1 Improving WASH Situations in marginalized rural Area “C’” of the West Bank Palestinian Hydrology Group WASH 450,000 0 0
HPSE19-2-150731-1 Provision of solar energy sources to critical WASH facilities located in vulnerable and under served communities the Gaza Strip. Oxfam Novib WASH 657,997 0 0
HPSE19-2-150671-1 Renewable Solar Energy for Al Bakkara Wastewater Pumping Station in Gaza City Mercy Corps WASH 1,173,270 0 0
HPSE19-2-150384-1 Solar Systems for Public Desalination Plants, Northern the Gaza Strip Human Appeal UK WASH 250,000 0 0
HPSE19-2-150414-1 Towards drinking of safe water and end of open defecation in unconnected communities in Area C Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI WASH 597,027 0 0
HPSE19-2-150683-1 Urgent response to increase access to safe water and improve WASH services in public facilities to prevent public health risks Norwegian Refugee Council | Action Against Hunger WASH 3,602,180 0 0
HPSE19-2;7-150601-1 WASH Cluster Coordination & Information Management United Nations Children's Fund Coordination and Support Services | WASH 285,696 0 0
HPSE19-2-150203-1 WASH Support to Vulnerable Gaza Population in Fragile Unserved and Under-Served Communities Oxfam Novib WASH 550,568 0 0