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Total incoming funding: US$310,330,741
Filtered original requirements: US$360,133,462
Filtered current requirements: US$360,133,462
Coverage: 86.2%
Total pledges: US$0
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HSOM19-4-151359-1 Support disaster affected populations in Hiran and Bari regions to protect their livelihoods, support local food production and prevent adoption of crisis strategies Action Against Disasters Somalia Food Security 1,163,800 300,000 0
HSOM19-4-151684-1 Emergency response, recovery of livelihood assets to protect and strengthen Resilience of vulnerable populations in Somalia Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPI Food Security 1,017,900 400,000 0
HSOM19-4-151773-1 Life-saving, recovery and resilience project for vulnerable populations in Galmudug, Banadir and Lower Shabelle. Centre for Peace and Democracy Food Security 2,204,240 400,000 0
HSOM19-4-151204-1 Improved Food Security and Livelihoods resilience for affected populations in Bay, Bakool, Nugal, Mudug, Bari,Gedo, Galgaduud, Awdal, Togdheer regions in Somalia/ Somaliland. World Vision International Food Security 8,633,003 8,987,349 0
HSOM19-4-151796-1 Emergency Live-saving Support to the drought and conflict affected IDPs and host communities in Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer and Bari regions of Somalia Ocean Training and Promotion Food Security 524,300 300,000 0
HSOM19-4-151464-1 Food Assistance and livelihood support for crisis affected rural populations and IDPs in Galgaduud and Gedo regions. Social Life and Agricultural Development Organisation Food Security 839,858 300,000 0
HSOM19-4-151188-1 Livelihoods Development For Food Security Project in South Central and Banadir Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development Food Security 833,075 299,977 0
HSOM19-4;5;7;8-150808-1 Provision of Integrated Emergency Health, Nutrition, Food Security, Shelter and WASH services to populations living in the different states of Federal Republic of Somalia. Qatar Red Crescent Society Food Security | Health | Nutrition | Shelter and NFIs 841,052 288,344 0
HSOM19-4-151528-1 Improve access to life-saving unconditional cash transfer and livelihood support to crisis and emergency affected communities through facilitating recovery and resilience to the affected women,men,boys and girls households in Galgadud and L.Shabele (Afgooye) regions Somalia Development and Empowerment for Humanity formerly (DEH Relief and Development Organization) Food Security 309,200 249,524 0
HSOM19-4-151244-1 Improved access to food through provision of conditional and unconditional transfers, provision of seasonally appropriate agricultural inputs, rehabilitation and embankments of irrigation canals in all the states of Somali Federal Government Qatar Red Crescent Society Food Security 800,000 500,000 0
HSOM19-4;6-151698-1 Improving Livelihood Conditions, Protection and Dignity of Displace People in Burao town ActionAid International Food Security | Protection 1,203,369 399,999 0
HSOM19-4-150880-1 Emergency Food Security and Livelihoods Response Project in Somalia Mercy Corps Food Security 4,999,998 599,999 0
HSOM19-4-151162-1 Food security and livelihoods support to host populations and IDPs affected by recurrent shocks in Somalia Action Contre la Faim Food Security 3,984,997 750,000 0
HSOM19-4-151769-1 Food Access and Livelihood Asset Protection in Somalia (Gedo , Awdal, Maroodijeex and Bay regions) (FALAP) Vétérinaires sans Frontières - Germany Food Security 1,526,398 300,000 0
HSOM19-4-151086-1 Life saving assistance to crisis affected populations of Somalia through improving their access to food and promoting livelihood opportunities Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development Food Security 5,000,000 300,000 0
HSOM19-4-151368-1 Improving food security and resilience for the conflict and drought affected communities in Lower Shabelle region. AYUUB Organization Food Security 940,780 250,000 0
HSOM19-4-150967-1 Food and Cash-based Assistance for Vulnerable Populations in Somalia World Food Programme Food Security 148,902,666 213,071,358 0
HSOM19-4-150834-1 Addressing acute food insecurity in rural areas of Somalia Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Food Security 93,366,798 70,291,926 0
HSOM19-4-151577-1 Life-saving integrated food security and livelihoods support for Somaliland and Puntland communities Oxfam Novib Food Security 1,674,000 1,501,145 0
HSOM19-4-151694-1 Increased access to food through provision of conditional and unconditional cash transfers, provision of agricultural inputs, solar powered pump and drip irrigation equipment for small scale farmers, in south central regions Zamzam Foundation Food Security 2,125,000 79,770 0
HSOM19-4-151542-1 Lifesaving food assistance and recovery support for crisis and emergency affected populations in Somalia Save the Children Food Security 13,269,712 3,648,734 0
HSOM19-4;8;15-151302-1 Integrated Interventions in Food Security, WASH and Shelter for vulnerable host, disaster affected and displaced populations in Somalia Norwegian Refugee Council Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Food Security | Shelter and NFIs 3,333,000 4,383,406 0
HSOM19-4-150868-1 Integrated Life saving Humanitarian assistance is provided to disaster affected communities in Somalia Norwegian Refugee Council Food Security 8,470,000 2,729,210 0
HSOM19-4-151635-1 Assistance to immediate access to food for people in emergency and crisis and provide emergency livestock assets protection support. ACT Alliance / Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Food Security 1,200,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151048-1 Community resilience building of drought and flood affected populations in South Central Somalia. Active Development Aid Food Security 653,679 0 0
HSOM19-4-151721-1 Emergency food assistance to the vulnerable women, men, boys, girls and elders affected by disasters in Somalia Organisation of the Islamic Conference Food Security 8,626,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151016-1 Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Support to Vulnerable Populations in Somalia Islamic Relief Worldwide Food Security 1,700,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151731-1 Emergency life-saving and life sustaining livelihood assistance to drought and floods affected population in Bakol, Bay and Hiran region Hidig Relief And Development Organization Food Security 443,500 0 0
HSOM19-4-151041-1 Emergency Life Saving Food Aid and Livelihood Support Project Family Empowerment and Relief Organisation Food Security 151,458 0 0
HSOM19-4-151035-1 Emergency Lifesaving food security response and recovery of livelihoods production for disaster affected vulnerable Pastoral, Agro pastorals, returnees and internally displaced populations living in Banadir, and Lower Shabelle regions of South Somalia. Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid Organization Food Security 917,633 0 0
HSOM19-4-151271-1 Enhancing Food security and building resilience of the communities Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization Food Security 383,137 0 0
HSOM19-4-151156-1 Food Assistance and livelihood restoration among returnees and drought affected population in Buurhakaba disctrict, Bay region. Peace Action Society Organisation for Somalia Food Security 350,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151346-1 Food security and Livelihood support to IDPs and Host community in Dhusamareb District, Galgaduud region Somalia Towfiiq Umbrella Organization Food Security 624,750 0 0
HSOM19-4-151282-1 Improve access to food and livelihoods protection in Afmadow and Badhadhe district, Lower Juba region of Somali Wajir South Development Association Food Security 624,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151123-1 Improve access to food,Restore livelihood assets to protect & strengthen resilience of vulnerable communities in South central somalia Rasawad Welfare Association Food Security 661,580 0 0
HSOM19-4-151166-1 Improved Food Security and Restore Livelihoods for communities in Puntland and Somaliland International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Food Security 545,592 0 0
HSOM19-4-151226-1 Improve Food Security and Livelihood support Action - IFSLSA African Development Solutions Food Security 2,980,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151027-1 Improving access to food/Cash and restore livelihoods among the most vulnerable women .girls boys, and men in Somalia (Puntland, Somaliland and south central Danish Refugee Council Food Security 1,866,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151235-1 Improving access to food security and restoring livelihoods of food insecure communities of Lower Shabelle Region New Ways Organization Food Security 480,430 0 0
HSOM19-4-151570-1 Improving access to household food insecurity and livelihood recovery for drought and conflict affected communities in Somalia CARE Somalia Food Security 2,000,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151176-1 Improving Food Security and Building Resilience of communities affected by natural disasters and conflict ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church Aid Food Security 757,105 0 0
HSOM19-4-151306-1 Improving Lifesaving Food Security and Livelihood access to Crisis-Affected IDPs and Host Community in Banadir, Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle. Aid Vision Food Security 872,166 0 0
HSOM19-4-151729-1 Improving the food security and livelihoods for vulnerable host communities and displaced people in Somalia Sustainable Development and Peace Building Initiatives Food Security 1,500,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-150994-1 Increase access to food and boost livelihoods capacities of vulnerable households in South Central Somalia Rural Education and Agriculture Development Organization Food Security 600,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-150909-1 Increase access to food security and restore livelihoods of drought and armed conflicts affected agro pastoral populations in Marka district,Lower Shabelle region, Somalia Action for Women and Children Concern Food Security 648,150 0 0
HSOM19-4-151632-1 Increasing Lifesaving response and livelihood asset restoration for the vulnerable households in Awdal, W.galbeed and Sanaag regions. Agricultural Development Organisation Food Security 2,554,100 0 0
HSOM19-4;5;7;15-150839-1 Integrated life-saving and humanitarian support programme to drought-affected communities in Banadir and Lower Shabelle Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Food Security | Health | Nutrition 1,744,307 0 0
HSOM19-4;5;7;15-151296-1 Integrated life-saving and humanitarian support programme to drought-affected communities in Galmudug (Somalia) Cooperazione E Sviluppo - CESVI Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Food Security | Health | Nutrition 4,440,843 0 0
HSOM19-4-151470-1 Life-saving support and enhanced resilience of the vulnerable and food insecure populace of South Central and Nugaal region of Somalia. Southern Aid Food Security 850,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151289-1 Livelihood Restoration and Building the Resilience capacity of the most vulnerable households in Emergency, Crisis and Stressed situation in Cadale districts of middle Shabelle, IDPs and host communities in Galkcayo,Cabdwak and Dhusamareeb of Galgaduud Regions. Peace and Development Action Food Security 400,062 0 0
HSOM19-4-150965-1 Livelihoods assistance to save lives & protect assets for disaster affected populations in Hiran, Banadir and L/Shabelle Regions in south central Somalia. Wardi Relief and Development Initiatives Food Security 1,308,800 0 0
HSOM19-4-151242-1 Livelihood support for emergency assistance and resilience building for the most vulnerable communities in crisis and emergency in the south central zone of Somalia Women and Children Child Care Organization Food Security 370,260 0 0
HSOM19-4-151327-1 Livelihood support to Most Vulnerable IDPs, returnees and Host communities in Galgadud, Bakool, Bay and Lower Shabelle Regions, Somalia Iimaan Relief and Development Organization Food Security 634,100 0 0
HSOM19-4-151723-1 Livestock Assistance Project for Pastoralists and Agro-pastoralists in Gedo Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Suisse Food Security 690,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151410-1 Protect and Restore Livelihoods and Income Sources of Pastoral and Agro-Pastorals in Burhakaba and Dinsor districts in Bay Region African Development Trust Food Security 340,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-150879-1 Provide emergency Life Saving response, restoration of livelihood assets to protect, strengthen existing livelihood structures for both Rural, Urban Poor and IDP populations and host communities of selected districts in Lower Juba, Bay, Sanaag and Sool regions of Somalia Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services Food Security 885,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151614-1 Providing life-saving food assistance and livelihood support interventions for vulnerable population in Sanaag, Bari, Nugaal, Mudug and Galgadud regions of Somalia International Rescue Committee Food Security 3,542,110 0 0
HSOM19-4-151160-1 Provision of emergency livelihood Support to drought and conflict affected communities in Lower Juba, Galgaduud, Sool, and Mudug regions of Somalia through essential food security packages Himilo Organization for Development Food Security 566,334 0 0
HSOM19-4-150861-1 Provision of Emergency Live-saving integrated food and livelihood access to the conflict affected IDPs and host communities in Benadir and Lower Shabelle Region. Somali Young Doctors Association Food Security 893,879 0 0
HSOM19-4-151631-1 Provision of life-saving and life-sustaining to Food/Cash assistance for Relief and recovery, supporting transition and enhancing capabilities to ensure sustainable hunger solutions to reduce acute humanitarian needs among the most vulnerable people in Buurhakaba district. Burhakaba Town Section Committee Food Security 537,700 0 0
HSOM19-4-151033-1 Provision of lifesaving food assistance to the most vulnerable IDPs and Host community in Banadir District. Save Somali Women and Children Food Security 811,852 0 0
HSOM19-4-151275-1 Provision of livehood assistance and to strengthen resilience for IDPs and host communities. Community Development and Humanitarian Network Food Security 1,104,999 0 0
HSOM19-4-151365-1 Resilience building for the vulnerable marginalized IDPs and host communities against shocks through conditional transfer assistance Green Hope Food Security 600,250 0 0
HSOM19-4-151249-1 Seasonal farm input support to rainfed and irrigated farmer communities in Jalalaqsi district Somali Organic Agriculture Development Organization Food Security 620,000 0 0
HSOM19-4-151333-1 SHARDO Emergency provision of seasonal support to agropastoral and riverine farmers in Middle Shabelle Shabelle Relief and Development Organization Food Security 775,150 0 0

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