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HSDN19-2;​4;​9;​13-157144-1 Provision of Integrated lifesaving Nutrition, Education, Protection and WASH Assistance to vulnerable Internally Displaced, Returnee and Resident boys, girls, women and men in Sudan United Nations Children's Fund Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Nutrition | Education | Protection: Child Protection 93,617,998 49,864,705 0
HSDN19-2;​4;​13-157192-1 Improving the effectiveness of life saving , child protection and quality education for IDPs and host communities in Blue Nile , South Kordofan and West Kordofan States Alsalam Organization for Rehabilitation and Development Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Education | Protection: Child Protection 341,174 399,884 0
HSDN19-4;​10;​13-157040-1 2019 IAS Resilient Life Saving Provision for Sudan International Aid Services Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Protection | Education 1,528,854 537,911 0
HSDN19-2;​4;​13-157311-1 WASH, Education and Child Protection assistance for IDPs, returnees and Host communities in selected localities in North Dafur and South Kordofan Plan International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Education | Protection: Child Protection 2,368,570 4,312,270 0
HSDN19-2;​4;​7;​9;​11;​13-157145-1 UNICEF Refugee Multi-Sectoral United Nations Children's Fund Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Refugee Response | Nutrition | Health | Education | Protection: Child Protection 28,698,230 5,003,968 0
HSDN19-4-157309-1 Saving Access to Education Services for the most Affected and Vulnerable new IDPs Children in new accessible areas at 4 basic schools at Deribat Admin Unit, East Jebel Marra Locality (EJML), South Darfur State (Envelope 1). Peace Bridge Association Education 298,264 215,912 0
HSDN19-1;​4;​5;​12;​13-157070-1 Multi-sector project in WASH; FSL; NFI-IES; EDUCATION, RRR to ensure life-saving and sustainable responses to IDPs, returnees, and vulnerable residents in West and Central Darfur Triangle Génération Humanitaire Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items | Education | Recovery, Returns and Reintegration | Food Security and Livelihoods 5,287,589 784,414 0
HSDN19-4-157276-1 Education Support for Displaced Children in Blue Nile, South Darfur, East Darfur and South Khordofan World Vision International Education 750,000 165,164 0
HSDN19-4-157228-1 Provision of Quality Education for Host Communities and IDP Children in Three Localities (Rokero, Golo and Nertiti) in Central Darfur Catholic Relief Services Education 499,827 557,964 0
HSDN19-1;​4;​13-157087-1 Integrated Emergency WASH, Food Security and Education Services in Blue Nile and Central Darfur States Islamic Relief Worldwide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | Education | Food Security and Livelihoods 2,069,336 2,178,253 0
HSDN19-4-157267-1 Supporting extremely vulnerable and food insecure crisis-affected children in Sudan to access education services through school feeding activities World Food Programme Education 15,261,876 13,343,452 0
HSDN19-4-157101-1 Providing safe, inclusive, equitable and quality education to vulnerable boys and girls in Sudan Save the Children Education 500,000 1,112,347 0
HSDN19-4-157365-1 Compacted Education Project for Returnees, IDPs and Under Served Population in 6 Basic Schools,in Kalamindo in North Darfur State. Network Organization of Best Life Education 197,775 0 0
HSDN19-2;​4-157057-1 Comprehensive Package of Education and Child Protection for West Kordofan South Kordofan and Abyei Global Aid Hand Education | Protection: Child Protection 662,781 0 0
HSDN19-4-157127-1 Education for Women and Children Adventist Development and Relief Agency Education 500,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157137-1 Enhancing Access to Primary Education for Conflict Affected Children in Adilla , Abu Jabra, Assalaya,Sheria and Bahr Alarab Localities of East Darfur ACT Alliance / United Methodist Committee on Relief Education 488,800 0 0
HSDN19-2;​4-157275-1 Improve access to child protection services for risk boys and girls and basic education for vulnerable enrolled and out of school children in 3 locality of Abbassiya, Toladi and Kadugli in South Kordofan State. Organization for Voluntary Humanitarian Assistance Programme Education | Protection: Child Protection 1,094,626 0 0
HSDN19-4-157336-1 Improve access to fomal and informal education for residents in Joda Aljabalain locality White Nile State Business and Professional Women Organization Education 200,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157172-1 Improve Access to Quality and Life- saving Education for Newly and Internally Displaced Persons in South Kordofan and Central Darfur. Labena Organization for Women Development Aid Capacity Building Education 450,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157282-1 Improve access to quality basic education services for most vulnerable population in ND (Dar Alsam) and BN in (Damazine & Tadamon)localities. Gayat for Peace and Development | El Ruhama Organization for Development and Humanitarian Aid Education 300,000 0 0
HSDN19-4;​11-157083-1 Improved access to quality education for refugees in El Salaam locality, White Nile Sate Catholic Agency for Overseas Development Refugee Response | Education 250,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157212-1 Increase access to education for the conflict affected school age children in Darfur and South Kordofan United Peace Organization Education 720,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157187-1 Increase access to quality livesaving education for school age IDPs and the vulnerable residants in Kutum FPDO Education 404,352 0 0
HSDN19-4-157284-1 Increasing access and quality of education in jebel marra targeting areas of (Bardani,jeockosti,killing,tiro,dugo,kernai,dirgo) and golo in particular. Sudanese Organization for Relief and Recovery (formerly Sudanese Organization for Rehabilitation and Construction) Education 420,000 0 0
HSDN19-2;​4-157333-1 Increasing safe access to education and protection services for vulnerable, internally displaced and returnee boys and girls in Central Darfur State Hope and Friendship for Development Organization Education | Protection: Child Protection 300,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157265-1 Integrated assistance to improve accessibility and availability of quality basic education in West Darfur Sudanese Organization for Combating Violence Against Women and Children | Al Zubair Charity Organisation Education 428,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157248-1 Provision of access to Inclusive quality basic education and child protection services in saraf Omra returnees, of saraf omra and vulnerable residence in Klimendo Localities of North Darfur state. Darfur Organization for Peace and Development Initiative Education 165,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157194-1 Provision of Basic Emergency Education for affected children in Blue Nile state. Almassar Charity organization for Nomad’s Development and Environmental Conservation Education 279,470 0 0
HSDN19-2;​4;​6;​10-157227-1 Provision of Education and Protection assistance for conflict affected communities in SD, SK, WK, and BN states Sudanese Development Call Organization Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection | Education | Protection: Child Protection 1,800,000 0 0
HSDN19-4-157360-1 Saving access to education services for effected and vulnerable population,host community,returnees and IDPs in Nertiti and Rekero - Center Darfur state. Almasheesh for Peace and Development Organization Education 208,667 0 0

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