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HSDN19-6-157209-1 Strengthening Lifesaving, Comprehensive, and Multi Sectoral Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence in Sudan (Darfur states, Blue Nile, South Kordofan and Abyei area) United Nations Population Fund Protection: Gender-based Violence 7,500,000 1,151,071 0
HSDN19-2;​6-157181-1 Strengthening resilience and empowerment of displaced and vulnerable women, girls and boys in East & South Darfur States Alshrooq Organisation for Social and Cultural Development Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection: Child Protection 211,318 100,050 0
HSDN19-1;​2;​6;​10-157170-1 Improved Food Security, Livelihoods, and Protection Outcomes in Jebel Mara Danish Refugee Council Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection | Food Security and Livelihoods | Protection: Child Protection 600,000 2,304,803 0
HSDN19-6-157334-1 Addressing GBV and provide protection services to vulnerable women in south Darfur (SD)and South Kordofan (SK)) El Ruhama Organization for Development and Humanitarian Aid Protection: Gender-based Violence 300,000 0 0
HSDN19-6;​10-157260-1 Enhancing Protection and GBV interventions for the Conflict affected communities (IDPS, Returnees, HC) in South Kordofan, South, East and North Darfur States and Abyie PCA. Global Aid Hand Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection 750,000 0 0
HSDN19-6-157344-1 Establishment of Women Centers to advocate GBV prevention and Promote Women Empowerment & Protection in North and West Darfur Al Zubair Charity Organisation | Sudanese Organization for Combating Violence Against Women and Children Protection: Gender-based Violence 370,000 0 0
HSDN19-6;​10-157320-1 Improving access to community based protection for PSNs and GBV services for non Survivors and Survivors in Kadugli, Abbassiya and Abujebaha locality in South Kordofan State Organization for Voluntary Humanitarian Assistance Programme Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection 913,598 0 0
HSDN19-2;​6;​10-157116-1 Increase access to quality protection services for vulnerable women and children in Golo & Nertiti localities in Jebel Mara and Umdukkun, Central Darfur. Sudanese Organization for Relief and Recovery (formerly Sudanese Organization for Rehabilitation and Construction) Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection | Protection: Child Protection 613,550 0 0
HSDN19-6;​7-157271-1 Increased capacities and opportunities of women and girls in order empowerment and protected them from treated and consequences of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in their communities. Rural Community Development Organization Health | Protection: Gender-based Violence 265,311 0 0
HSDN19-6-157049-1 Protection monitoring and assistance for extremely vulnerable conflict-affected IDPs in Central Darfur Labena Organization for Women Development Aid Capacity Building Protection: Gender-based Violence 219,495 0 0
HSDN19-2;​4;​6;​10-157227-1 Provision of Education and Protection assistance for conflict affected communities in SD, SK, WK, and BN states Sudanese Development Call Organization Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection | Education | Protection: Child Protection 1,800,000 0 0
HSDN19-6;​10-157306-1 Provision of Support to Vulnerable People and Communities Affected by Displacement in South Kordofan State Almanar Voluntary Organization Protection: Gender-based Violence | Protection 467,370 0 0
HSDN19-6-157353-1 Responding to GBV for the displaced Vulnerable Populations in South Darfur and East Darfur States World Vision International Protection: Gender-based Violence 250,000 0 0

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