Total incoming funding: US$12,118,029
Filtered original requirements: US$45,703,030
Filtered current requirements: US$45,703,030
Coverage: 26.5%
Total pledges: US$0
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Project code Sort descending Description Appealing org. Cluster Current requirements US$ Funding US$ Pledges US$
HLBY19-1-151704-1 Improving Access of Vulnerable People to Infectious Disease Management Services World Health Organization Health 2,333,059 2,054,795 0
HLBY19-1-151846-1 Provision of essential Child health care and nutrition services in Libya United Nations Children's Fund Health 3,858,600 680,664 0
HLBY19-1-152083-1 Saving Lives through Timely Provision of Basic and Advanced Life Support World Health Organization Health 3,784,499 1,248,934 0
HLBY19-1-152077-1 Decreasing Premature Deaths from Chronic Diseases World Health Organization Health 1,825,113 568,828 0
HLBY19-1;2-151935-1 Emergency Health and Protection Response for Vulnerable, Crisis Affected Persons in Libya Humanity & Inclusion - Handicap International Health | Protection 2,483,330 1,727,913 0
HLBY19-1-152093-1 Supporting Disease Surveillance, Rapid Response and Consolidation of Critical Health Information World Health Organization Health 3,521,678 569,039 0
HLBY19-1-151962-1 Improving acces for the most vulnerable populations to essential health care services Première Urgence Internationale Health 5,340,000 1,445,526 0
HLBY19-1-151980-1 Supporting the revitalization of health services for vulnerable migrants, IDPs, returnees and host communities in Libya. International Organization for Migration Health 7,100,000 3,272,275 0
HLBY19-1-151968-1 Supporting Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn health care services in hard-to-reach areas and for all vulnerable people in Libya United Nations Population Fund Health 6,330,118 550,055 0
HLBY19-1-152130-1 Health assistance to the most vulnerable population groups United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Health 5,066,635 0 0
HLBY19-1-152020-1 Provision of Lifesaving healthcare to vulnerable individuals in Libya International Rescue Committee Health 2,599,998 0 0
HLBY19-1;2-151950-1 Provision of multi-sectoral Assistance to IDPs, migrants and Affected Population by the Libyan Crisis Terre des Hommes - Italy Health | Protection 1,460,000 0 0