Response plans and appeals snapshot for 2001

Total funded: US$1.42bn

Total requirements: US$2.55bn

Number of organizations with project requirements: 64

Number of organizations receiving contributions: 21

Number of donor organizations contributing: 71

Trends in response plan/appeal requirements

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Funding progress

AppealRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
Afghanistan 20010.02.10.0%
Angola 2001233.2116.650.0%
Burundi 2001111.553.347.8%
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2001122.983.167.7%
DPR of Korea 2001384.0248.064.6%
Eritrea 2001133.279.759.8%
Ethiopia 2001250.8102.140.7%
Great Lakes Region and Central Africa 200128.19.835.0%
Maluku Crisis 20010.03.30.0%
Northern Caucasus (Russian Federation) 200142.537.287.4%
Republic of Congo 200132.512.137.2%
Sierra Leone 200174.259.580.2%
Somalia 2001140.430.521.7%
Southeastern Europe 2001413.2220.553.4%
Sudan 2001252.0155.761.8%
Tajikistan 200178.058.675.1%
Tanzania (United Republic of) 2001110.490.782.2%
Uganda 200179.835.544.4%
West Africa 200161.720.332.9%

Other Appeals

AppealRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
Djibouti Drought 200111.20.00.0%
Drought in the Horn of Africa 20014.00.512.7%
Kenya Drought 2001182.1114.562.9%
Tanzania (United Republic of) Drought 20016.63.349.6%

Largest sources of response plan/appeal funding

Overall funding to response plans/appeals in year (US$m)As a share of total response plan/appeal funding (%) (US$m)
United States of America, Government of702.749.5%
Japan, Government of176.412.4%
European Commission96.56.8%
Netherlands, Government of55.73.9%
Sweden, Government of44.13.1%
Italy, Government of29.62.1%
Norway, Government of25.71.8%
Germany, Government of22.81.6%
Canada, Government of21.21.5%
United Kingdom, Government of20.91.5%
We have not constructed beta profile pages for Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), private (individuals and organizations), or country-based pooled funds yet, so where these sources of funding are listed in the above table, they are not hyperlinked. Carryover and allocations of unearmarked funds are also not hyperlinked.

Largest organizational recipients of response plan/appeal funding

Recipient organizationFunding received (US$m)
World Food Programme909.4
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees280.0
United Nations Children's Fund112.3
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations30.2
United Nations Development Programme23.5
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs23.2
World Health Organization13.7
International Organization for Migration8.0
United Nations Population Fund6.4
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights3.7

Funding progress by sector

CERF Allocations by response plan

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