Response plan and appeal snapshot as at 20 July 2017

Total funded: US$8.5bn

Total requirements: US$23.2bn

Number of organizations with project requirements: 806

Number of organizations receiving contributions: 311

Number of donor organizations contributing: 149

Trends in response plan/appeal requirements

The percentage labels shown in each bar represent the global appeal coverage for each year. Amounts shown in the latest year (far right bar) are figures for the year to date.

Funding progress

AppealRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
Afghanistan 2017550.2151.527.5%
Burkina Faso 201761.119.231.5%
Burundi 201773.733.245%
Cameroon 2017309.678.625.4%
Central African Republic 2017497.3118.423.8%
Chad 2017588.6145.324.7%
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2017812.6195.224%
Djibouti 2017436.715.6%
Ethiopia 2017948.6258.927.3%
Haiti 2017291.556.219.3%
Iraq 2017984.6450.645.8%
Kenya Flash Appeal 2017165.837.722.7%
Libya 201715142.928.4%
Madagascar Flash Appeal 201720.17.336.4%
Mali 2017293.172.824.8%
Mauritania 201774.52634.8%
Mozambique Cyclone Dineo Flash Appeal 201710.22.928.3%
Myanmar 2017150.365.343.5%
Niger 2017271.3168.262%
Nigeria 20171,054.4442.942%
occupied Palestinian territory 2017551.922841.3%
Peru Flash Appeal 201739.5717.7%
Republic of Congo 201703.70%
Republic of South Sudan 20171,639.7862.152.6%
Senegal 201715.81.710.7%
Somalia 20171,508.861140.5%
Sudan 201780415118.8%
Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 20173,407.81,103.332.4%
Syria regional refugee and resilience plan (3RP) 20175,575.92,224.539.9%
Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2017214.144.320.7%
Yemen 20172,067.787642.4%
See also: Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan (Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania), Central African Republic Regional Refugee Response Plan and Nigeria Regional Refugee Response Plan. Their financial requirements are included in part or in whole in the plans within the above table and also in the total requirements. Not included in the year's response plan total but being tracked by the FTS team in 2015 is the DPRK needs and priorities 2015 plan.

Other Appeals

AppealRequired (US$m)Funded (US$m)Coverage (%)
2017 Europe Situation - Regional Refugee and Migrant Response690.9322.546.7%
DPR Korea Needs and Priorities 2017113.526.523.3%

Largest sources of response plan/appeal funding

Overall funding to response plans/appeals in year (US$m)As a share of total response plan/appeal funding (%)
United States of America, Government of2,007.923.6%
European Commission94811.2%
Germany, Government of918.810.8%
United Kingdom, Government of5917.0%
World Food Programme524.76.2%
European Commission - EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey4595.4%
Japan, Government of362.14.3%
Canada, Government of335.74%
Central Emergency Response Fund219.12.6%
Sweden, Government of217.92.6%
We have not constructed beta profile pages for Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), private (individuals and organizations), or country-based pooled funds yet, so where these sources of funding are listed in the above table, they are not hyperlinked. Carryover and allocations of unearmarked funds are also not hyperlinked.

Largest organizational recipients of response plan/appeal funding

Recipient organizationFunding received (US$m)
World Food Programme2,749.3
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees979
United Nations Children's Fund949.2
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East278.8
World Health Organization232.8
Norwegian Refugee Council176.1
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations167.2
International Organization for Migration132.3
Save the Children104.5
Catholic Relief Services81

CERF Allocations by response plan