We are redesiging the FTS website, testing it out on this beta platform as we go with a view to rolling out a brand new site in the middle of 2016. Please take a look around and let us know what you think by using the 'Help us improve' feature on the right-hand side of the page.  

FTS Beta will run alongside the existing FTS site so that we can test some new functionality and ways of sharing data and information as we develop them. The underlying data is fundamentally the same on both sites. However, while on occasion the existing FTS site might be refreshed several times during the day, FTS Beta is just updated once a day (between 02h00 and 07h00 Central European Time (CET)).   

What can I find on FTS Beta?

In July 2015 we released an initial set of FTS pages in beta. We focused on: creating re-usable, shareable information in the form of graphs, tables and charts; making the basic headline figures more accessible to a wider range of users; and creating a communication as well as information platform. FTS Beta features:

  • a new home page, with a click-through map that displays how much humanitarian funding government donors have reported, how much affected countries have received and the funding progress on response plans and appeals in the current year
  • a visual summary of total funding reported to FTS since 2000
  • a visual overview of the funding response to humanitarian response plans and appeals – switch years and navigate to each plan since 2000  
  • individual response plan and appeal pages that allow you to toggle between a visual summary and an enhanced data search
  • a visual summary of humanitarian funding reported for or by each government donor since 2000
  • a visual summary and enhanced data search function showing reported contributions to each country affected by a humanitarian emergency since 2000
  • 'about' pages that explain data sources, inclusions, exclusions and processes
  • fully downloadable charts, graphs and tables in .png (image) and data (.xls, .csv) formats
  • an In Focus section where we can feature articles on humanitarian reporting, data and other issues. 

What can't I find on FTS Beta yet?

FTS is a work in progress. In addition to functional improvements, we are focusing on developing additional content (e.g. private contributions and pooled funds) and the custom search function. 

Behind the scenes we are redesigning our data structure, database architecture and information systems. These changes should support our drive to manage, structure and process incoming data as well as to allow our users much more flexibility in terms of data manipulation and search capabilities. Meantime, you can still use the very powerful custom search on 'FTS classic'.

All content and features will remain fully accessible on FTS classic until we've rolled out all of its existing functionality.

What has the feedback been on FTS Beta so far?

  • Generally positive feedback on the overall look and feel.
  • Some difficulties navigating within the site (appeals, overall funding and across years) and also between sites – e.g. documentation on appeals is hosted on another platform (humanitarianresponse.info).
  • Difficulties accessing requirements and project data as easily as on existing site.
  • Difficulties with data downloads. [fixed!]
  • Concerns that we have not yet tackled the custom search (which unlocks a much wider potential in terms of data analysis and interpretation) – it is coming but will be based on our new data model, which is still being developed. We hope to roll it out in 2016. Meantime, you can use the custom search on the existing FTS site.

Please keep the feedback coming. We are working through it and will use this space to keep you posted on progress.