Humanitarian appeal for US$20.1 billion in 2016

Launched in Geneva on 7 December 2015, Global Humanitarian Overview 2016 announced that UN and humanitarian partners would require just US$20.1 billion to respond to the needs of over 87 million people in 37 countries next year.

“Suffering in the world has reached levels not seen in a generation. Conflicts and disasters have driven millions of children, women and men to the edge of survival. They desperately need our help.” Stephen O’Brien, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, launching the Global Humanitarian Overview 2016. 

Global Humanitarian Overview 2016 - front cover

Conflict in Iraq, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen are expected to remain among the greatest drivers of prolonged humanitarian needs in 2016, triggering unprecedented displacement within countries and across borders.

The humanitarian appeal is the culmination of a global effort in which hundreds of organizations delivering food, shelter, medicine, protection, emergency education and other basic assistance to people in conflict- and disaster-affected regions come together to assess needs, decide response strategies and present their plans to the donors. At the start of 2016, 33 plans will have requirements spanning 37 countries

So far in 2015, international donors have provided US$9.8 billion to the humanitarian appeal 2015, covering just under 50% of current requirements. 

Humanitarian appeal funding requirements and coverage, 2000-2015
Year endOriginal requirements (US$bn)Revised requirements (US$bn)Funding (US$bn)

Funded  (%)

2015 (as at 4 Dec)

Source: Financial Tracking Service (FTS). See the data in a Google spreadsheet.

FTS, which works with government and private organizations, funds, recipient agencies and implementing partners to collect, curate and continuously update humanitarian funding data, will start to monitor funding progress against finalized 2016 plan requirements in the coming weeks. 

Global Humanitarian Overview 2016 was produced by the Partnership and Resource Mobilization Branch (PRMB), OCHA. The Global Humanitarian Overview 2016 documentation, including an online and PDF version of the appeal document and global funding map can be found at contact for further details and Jens, for press enquiries.

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