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The new FTS has been available in beta, alongside the old site, since late 2015. However, with the switch to the new FTS database infrastructure, we are no longer updating the old site, and so we're asking all our users to move with us to the new site. For those of you making the switch with us now, we know that your experience will be a bit different to before. But - everything available on the old FTS website is also available here, along with many new charts and tables for you to download and use.

Here's how you can quickly find the key things you are looking for.

Headline figures

If you are looking for summary figures, you will find some of the most important ones on the site homepage, as well as summary information on response plan funding progress by year on Response Plans and Appeals or on overall humanitarian funding by choosing Overview, both under Reported Funding.

Headline funding figures example

Data on a donor country, affected country or response plan

If you are looking for information on a particular country or response plan, there are several paths you can navigate to reach the page you need. First of all, there is our clickable map on the home page.

Clickable map

Please note the three tabs at the top right, one providing access to pages by donor, one to pages by recipient country and one providing direct access to pages for each response plan/appeal. Each dot on the map provides access to (one or more) page(s) on this site.

In addition to the map, there are several other navigation pathways:

  • For information on response plans/appeals, you can click the main menu item Response Plans and Appeals under Reported Funding. The Funding progress table on this page gives an overview of response plan funding for the selected year, but also links through to each appeal page.
  • For information on a specific country, see the choices under the main menu item Reported Funding.
  • Wherever you are, you can jump from a plan to the relevant country or vice versa, by using the links in the sidebar at right.

Country page or appeal page?

FTS tracks flows of humanitarian aid worldwide with a particular focus on response plans and appeals. For affected countries with an active humanitarian response plan or flash appeal, this means that there are two pages which may be relevant to you: the country page and the appeal page. The former summarizes and provides access to all humanitarian funding to actors in the country, both within and outside of the scope of any response plan(s). The appeal page focusses on the response plan, and adds coverage data to the offering, showing requirements, funding and gaps. The following is worth keeping in mind:

  • If you are looking for coverage data on a particular plan or part thereof, use the appeal page
  • If you are looking for all funding to a given country, or a breakdown of what is ‘inside’ vs ‘outside’ the response plan/appeal, use the country page
  • As response plan/appeal funding is a subset of country funding, filtering a view on a country page by a particular plan will give the same results as viewing the unfiltered view on the relevant respone plan/appeal page.

I’ve found the right page – now what?

Each country or response plan page follows a standard layout, with a Summary tab and one or two Data tabs. The Summary tab shows headline figures in a snapshot, and provides several dynamically updated charts and tables. These are all instantly downloadable for your use, either as images or as tables of the underlying figures in several formats (click here for information on acceptable use).

Summary tab 

The Data tab(s) provide greater detail, with several views aggregating financial data by e.g. donor, recipient, cluster etc. You can filter these using a wide variety of filters on the right hand side. They also provide a fully customizable granular table of individual contribution records, accessible via View By Contribution (on Data or Contributions Data tabs) or via View By Projects (on Coverage Data tabs). Click Customize this table above the table to add, reorder or remove columns to your liking. You will find a download button below the tables, allowing you to download the selected records for your own offline analysis. (Note that any filters set will persist and affect the download.)

Data tab

If you have any questions at all relating to site navigation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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