Report a contribution

If your organization does not already have an FTS reporting focal point, does not report through EDRIS, and wants to report multiple contributions at one time, please use our standard excel template* by sending an email to  

You can also report a humanitarian contribution to FTS through the Kobo online reporting form**

Funding contributions reports shall respect the following minimum requirements:

  • Source organization – All acronyms spelled out
  • Recipient organization– All acronyms spelled out
  • Destination Country
  • Response plan or appeal name (and project code, if applicable)
  • Brief project description
  • Type of funding (financial, in-kind)
  • Status (pledge, commitment, paid contribution)
  • Amount in original currency
  • Amount in US $
  • Annual portions in US$ for Multi-year (MY) grants (Year 1, Year 2...)
  • Decision date
  • Sector/field cluster
  • Anonymize recipient organization name? (Yes/No)
  • Please specify if the contribution is related to: cash-transfer programming; multiyear award (provide the amount per year breakdown); un-earmarked/core funding (see the earmarking modalities in the Glossary)

* Please note that contributions reports are manually entered in the database by FTS team

** Kobo online reports are processed by FTS on monthly basis


European Union Member States: 
use the EDRIS reporting system. Reports entered in EDRIS are automatically sent to FTS.


CERF, CHF, and ERF contributions:
do not need to be reported to FTS through the online reporting form or the excel file because FTS receives them directly through the CERF Secretariat and other OCHA systems.