Total funding to the Syrian Crisis 2017
(plans and other reported funding*)

Total funding to the appeals

Requirements: US$ 8,984,093,054

Funding received: US$ 1,580,499,481

Coverage: 18%

Unmet Requirements: US$ 7,403,593,573

Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 2017

Requirements: US$ 3,407,792,269

Funding Received: US$ 302,503,316

Coverage: 9%

Unmet Requirements: US$ 3,105,288,953

View the Syria HRP 2017 page

Syria regional refugee and resilience plan (3RP) 2017

Requirements**: US$ 5,576,300,785

Funding Received: US$ 1,277,996,165

Coverage: 23%

Unmet Requirements: US$ 4,298,304,620

View the Syria 3RP 2017 page

* This funding includes donor commitments and contributions towards the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 2017 and the Syria regional refugee and resilience plan (3RP) 2017, as well as contributions outside these frameworks (to UN agencies, NGOs or the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement) in Syria and neighbouring countries, as reported to FTS and UNHCR.

**US$ 5.57 billion includes US$ 943 million of multi-year funds already received for 2017, making the total 2017 unmet requirements US$ 4.63 billion appealed for under the 3RP.  (UNHCR, January 2017)

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