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Flow ID Sort descending Source org. Destination org. Description Sector Amount (US$) Funding status Boundary
United Nations Children's Fund
Protected and safe access to schools as an emergency response for vulnerable communities in the State of Palestine (SM170047)
191,191 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Emergency preparedness and psycho social support training to adolescents volunteers as psychological first aid responders through recreational activities in crisis (SM170047)
376,674 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Emergency learning packages and catch up classes for children suffering from low learning capacity due to the effect of stressful war experiences (SM170047)
185,483 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Coordinated and integrated psychosocial support and child protection services for the most affected boys and girls in Gaza (SM170047)
456,575 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Informing humanitarian programmatic and advocacy response through documentation of grave violations against children affected by armed conflict (SM170047)
114,144 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Preventing and mitigating conflict-related violence in the West Bank including East Jerusalem (SM170047)
57,071 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Essential and life-saving child health interventions in most conflict affected communities in Gaza and West Bank - Reducing neonatal mortality (SM170047)
878,906 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
WASH Cluster Coordination (SM170047)
Coordination and support services
271,205 Paid Contribution Incoming
United Nations Children's Fund
Humanitarian response to improve access to the essential structures for hygienic services for the most vulnerable girls, boys, women and men in the Gaza Strip (SM170047)
Water Sanitation Hygiene
607,701 Paid Contribution Incoming
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